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The Complete Guide to Art in Israel, listing thousands of artists, is being built here. You can already browse through a partial list and home pages with detailed biographies and pictures of the work of Israeli artists. For specific interest in Fine Arts, Galleries, Museums, Judaica, Design, Jewelry, Ceramics, Crafts, Photography, Books or Antiquities go to:

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"...Another must-have Web link for art lovers is the Israel Art Guide. Within minutes of visiting the site for the first time, I was overwhelmed by its exciting resources. A great many Israeli artists are represented here, and for most of them there is biographical information as well as examples of their works. This is a well laid out, rapidly expanding site, that promises eventually to cover thousands of artists, which I find very exciting..."

( Aharon Shapiro The Jerusalem Post, April 16, 2000)


Jerusalem in God’s Hands

"Jerusalem in God’s Hands"

Elisha Ben - yitzhak
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Featured artists: 
Painting: Merle Pinhas  Betty Rubinstein  Aharon Yakobson Elisha Ben-Yitzhak   Alejandro Fefer   Pamela Silver   Nick Danilov   Rona Boyarski   Sonia Gurfein   Jacob Porat   Yefim B. Ladizhinsky   Ilana Raviv   Alexander Klevan   Alexander (Sasha) Okun   Moshe Hoffman   Emmanuel Ronkin   Miriam Neiger   Lior Neiger   Tova Berlinski  David Rakia   Michael Kovner   Larry Abramson    Alexander Gurevich    Shmuel Katz   Yakov Feldman   Lea Zarembo   Dina Toledano David Sharir   Shraga Weil   Yefim Lifshitz   Miriam Yisrael   Rifkah Goldberg     Olivier Cohen  
Israeli Landscape Painting: Merle Pinhas  Betty Rubinstein  Pamela Silver  Michael Kovner   Moshe Hoffman   Shmuel Katz   Lior Neiger   Miriam Yisrael  Rifkah Goldberg    
Judaica Painting: David Rakia   Lea Zarembo   Shraga Weil   David Sharir  Miriam Yisrael      
Sculpture:  Eilat Goldenzweig    Paul H. Taylor  Sonia Gurfein   Daniel Kafri   Moshe Hoffman   Gaby Salzberger   Jamal Dawani  Mark Yudell  Igor Polsky  Yuval Mahler 
Art Galleries: Vision Photography Gallery   Greenvurcel Gallery,   David Art Gallery, Jerusalem   Safrai Art Gallery, Jerusalem   Yona Dar Gallery, Jerusalem   Cadim - Ceramic Art Gallery  Joy Art Gallery
Judaica Art: Leah Gerber     Gaia - Ceramic Judaica Art   Yaakov Davidoff   Avi Biran   Yaakov Greenvurcel   Sara Ben Yosef   Amnon Israeli  Yona Dar   Jamal Dawani   Dan Givon  Laura Cowan
Ceramics & Pottery: Mark Yudell    Gaia - Ceramic Judaica Art  Miriam Flesch   Cadim - Ceramic Art Co-operative   Irit Gabrieli Amitai   Sara Ben Yosef    Amnon Israeli   Yona Dar
Photography:  Neil Folberg   Eliezer Klagesbrun   Gaby Salzberger   Yosi Alon
Jewelry Design: Leah Gerber   Michal Kirat  Dorit Joelson
New Additions: Leah Gerber  Merle Pinhas  Betty Rubinstein  Aharon Yakobson  Elisha Ben-Yitzhak   Eilat Goldenzweig   Paul H. Taylor  Rona Boyarski  Sonia Gurfein   Michal Kirat   Miriam Flesch   Miriam Yisrael   Rifkah Goldberg  Olivier Cohen  Yuval Mahler  
Under construction:        Etzion Judaica Center    Max Epstein  Zahara Schatz (1916-1999)   Sara Pelly (Wartsman)   Oshrit Raffeld   Hana Bahar Paneth  Dorit Joelson   Ariane Littman-Cohen   Hedva Shemesh



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