Medium: Installations, Sculpture, Photography
Location: 02 - Jerusalem
Address: 4 Moshav Beit Zait
Phones: (972-2)-5336877; (972-52)-408409





1962               Born in Switzerland
1981               Immigrated to Israel. 
1982-1986     BA in  International Relations and History of Muslim Countries, Hebrew University,
1987-1991     BFA with honours, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem. 
1991-1994     Assistant Curator of Contemporay Art, Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 
1996- 1998    Bezalel Program for Young Artists, Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem 
1998               Teacher at the Hadassah School of Technology, Jerusalem 
1999               Teacher at the Youth Department, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Solo Shows

2000  "Core-2000", Installation, photos and spacial partition, Noga Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.
1997  "A Voyage into the Sublime", Herzliya Museum of Art. 
1995  "Virgin of Israel and her Daughters", The Artists' House, Jerusalem. 
1992  "Nature Morte", Bograshov Gallery, Tel-Aviv. 

Group Shows

1999  Art Focus 99, "The Spirit of the Time and the Spirit of the Place", Teddy's Stadium, 
1999  "Wasteland", The New Gallery & Artists' Studios, Teddy's Stadium, Jerusalem.
           "Six Set Up a Table", The House in Mousrara, Jerusalem. 
1998  "In the Name of the Land, In the Name of the Lord, art and realities in Jerusalem", The 
           Artists' House, Jerusalem.
           "Long Memory - Short Memory", William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum, Atlanta, 
           Georgia, USA. 
           "Twelve Artists from Bezalel: Graduates of the Bezalel Program for Young Artists", Bezalel
           Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem 
           "After Rabin: New Art from Israel", The Jewish Museum, New-York, USA. 
           "Between Beauty and Destiny: Three Generations of Israeli Art", Cleveland Center for
           Contemporary Art, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 
           "Desert Cliche: Israel Now - Local Images", NEXUS Contemporary Art Center, Atlanta,
           Georgia; Yerba Center for the Arts, San Francisco, California, USA.
           "Young Israeli Art", Ministry of Economic Affairs of North Rheinland-Westfallen,
           Duesseldorf, Germany. 
           "To the East, Orientalism in the Arts in Israel", Israel Museum, Jerusalem. 
           "A Point of View", Department of Education of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv.
1997  "Home", Anadiel Gallery, The Old City, Jerusalem. 
           "Desert Cliche: Israel Now - Local Images", The Bass Museum, Miami Beach; Grey Art 
           Gallery & Study Center of the New York University,  New York City, USA.
           "Out of  Senses", Muhka, Antwerpen, Belgium.
            "O Mama - the representation of motherhood in Israeli Contemporary Art, Museum of
            Israeli Art, Ramat Gan.
1996   "Woman Time", Marc Chagall Artists' House, Haifa.
            "Station Transformation, Project # 3", The New Central Bus Station, Tel Aviv. 
            "Desert Cliche: Israel Now - Local Images", Arad Museum; Museum of Art, Ein Harod.
            "Long Memory - Short Memory", City Gallery, Raleigh, North Carolina.
            "Marks, artists work throughout Jerusalem", Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
1995   "New Works", Noga Art Gallery, Tel Aviv. 
            "Sculpture, Installation 95", Israel Festival, Jerusalem. 
1994   Art Focus 94, "Bograshov the Street - Export Surplus", Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv;
            Tel Hai 94, Upper Galilee.
            "90-70-90", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Helena Rubinstein Pavillion for Contemporary Art. 
            "Meta-Sex 94", Mishkan Le'Omanut, Ein Harod; Bat Yam Museum.
            "From the Collection", Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
            "Bograshov 3, the Suitcase", Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv. 
1993   "Sharett Foundsation Grant Winners", The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery,
            Tel Aviv.
            "Third Person", Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv 
            "The Range of Realism", Tel Aviv Museum of Art. 
            "Who is signed on the duck?", Bograshov Gallery, Tel Aviv. 
1991   "Bezalel Graduates Exhibition", Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem. 

1992   Awarded the "America-Israel Cultural Foundation Grant for a Young Artist". 
1991   Awarded the "Bezalel Academy Marie Fisher Memorial Prize for the Advancement of a
            Young Artist". 

 Israel Museum, Jerusalem 
 Herzliya Museum of Art 
 The Jewish Museum, New-York 
 Jerome Stern, New-York 
 Gil Brandeis, Tel Aviv