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Born: Siberia Russia, October, 1950

 Art Education:

 1974-1979 -The Academy for Monumental, and Art Design in Lvov , Ukraina

GRADUATION: Artist of Painting and Graphics

Artistic Achievements:

 1979-1981 - A Teacher of painting and composition at the school of art design, Lvov.

 1981-1989 - General art exhibitions all over USSR including international exhibitions.

 Alexander Klevan's water color paintings, are a multi-colored paean to creation. In subtly varied compositions often daringly - natural colors, Klevan creates works of the finest aesthetic harmony and formal perfection.

In his exquisitely delicate musical renderings of floral arrangements, the atmosphere is one of intense and pure joy which appears to rise from blooming fruitful earth to the highest spheres.

 Clowns with their spontaneity, their translucent quality, their color combination are uniquely Klevan, testimony to the artist's mastery of the watercolor medium and to his ability to say so much with an economy of brush strokes.

The Cellist1 Rabbi On The Move The Cellist2
Speeding Patriach The Harlequin
Lost In Love Fiddler On The Roof The Cellist2