Avi Biran - gallery  

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(Torah finials)

Tractor for the clearing of "Chametz" (leaven) before the advent of Passover.

Tzedakah Box with Outstretched Hand Design
(Charity-alms box)

The Belly Dancer Dreidel

The King of Spain Seder Plate

Bureucracy Grogger
(Noise maker)

Tzedakah Box with Kaparah (atonement) Fowl in mind
(Charity-alms box)

(Hanukah lamp)

Lighted Book
(Hanukah lamp)

(Natla for washing hands)

Laver for "Maim Achronim"
(Fingerbowl water)

Torah Crown  

Peace Wine Goblet

Wine Goblet

Torah Pointer (Yad)
With Pomegrantes

Yad for Torah

Etrog Box

Talit Clip

Baby Spoon

Hamsah Amulets

Hamsah Necklace/Amulet

The Door Mezuzah

Wine Cup with your own text

Perpetual Light
(Eternal light / Ner Tamid)

(Hamsah and Mezuzah)

A Spicebox for Havdalah

Honey Dipper

Circumcision Wine Goblet

Knobs and Flowers Hanukah Menorah

Breast Plate for the Torah

Our Matriarchs Shabbat Candle Holder

Dreidel (Sevivon) for Elazar the Horani



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