Eleazar "saw that one of the beast was equipped with royal armor. It was taller than all the others, and he supposed that the king was upon it. So he gave his life to save his people and to win for himself an everlasting name. He courageously ran into the midst of the phalanx to reach it; He killed men right and left, and they parted before him on both sides. He got under the elephant, stabbed it from beneath , and killed it; But it fell to the ground upon him and there he died"
(1 Maccabees 6:43-46)

Copyright 1997 by Avi Biran

Eleazar the Horani, one of the leaders of the Maccabian revolt against the Roman, was the son of Mattitiahu the Hashmonai and the brother of Judah the Maccabi.
In the year 163 b.c.e., near beit Zechariah, was fighting against the Syrian forces of Anthiocus which were nearing Jerusalem.
Four elephants surround the forlorn and overturned helmet of Eleazar. When the sevivon is spinning the outline of the helmet in accentuated while the images of the elephants are completely blurred.
At the end of the spin, which symbolizes the chaos of war, the elephants fall onto their sides and one of the words, "A great miracle happened here/nes gadol haya po", will be seen as elevated on the side of the elephant which faces upward.

Gold plate on Sterling Silver, 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.3".


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