"He who creates peace in his celestial heights, may he create peace for us and all Israel; and say Amen."

Copyright 1996 by Avi Biran

The goblet was designed in honor of the Israel-Jordan peace agreement. The goblet is standing upon three feet in the shape of the peace dove's feet. (Foot-"Regel"- in Hebrew also represent Israel's free pilgrimage holidays, where pilgrims made the ascent to the holy temple in Jerusalem.)

Sterling Silver, 3.5" x 3.5" x 9"



Copyright 1996 by Avi Biran

Can be used for Havdalah ceremony or as Elijah's Cup.
The bottom of the goblet displays 3 lions, symbolizing the lion of Judea, the symbol of the modern city of Jerusalem and the lions mentioned in the Havdalah hymn "Elijah the prophet ... will save us from the jaws of the lions ..." The whole hymn is etched all around the bottom of the goblet. The lions support the top of the goblet shaped as a well, suggests the well of wisdom which does not lose a drop (Ethics of the Fathers 2.11). The cover of the wine goblet contains the last verse of the Havdalah ceremony and the blessing "... Who createst the fruit of the vine."

Sterling Silver, Semi precious stones, 3.5" x 3.5" x 7.5"


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