Please note:

* Additional works are in the collection. Contact me for more information.

* All works are handmade and minor difference could appear from illustration.

* As all works are handmade and not always in stock, please allow up to 42 days for delivery especially for the large scale works.

* All prices are marked in US Dollars.

* Prices include shipping by regular airmail.

* Courier service may be available with additional charge.

* Local customs and duties will be the responsibility of the customer.

* Check and credit cards are accepted. Customers may send the full price or half of it as a down payment. Upon completion of order notified by Avi Biran the second check will be sent. The order will be shipped after cashing both checks.

* You can print this form and send it to fax number: 972-2-6726242 or mail it to my address.

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Order form:

Rimonim $4,000
Steamroller $2,650
Hand Tzedakah Box $1,450
Fowl Tzedakah Box $2,000
Matchbook Hanukah Lamp $2,800
Matchbook Hanukah Lamp (small) $1,400
Lighted Book Hanukah Lamp $2,800
Ewer for Washing Hands $1,900
Maim Acharonim $2,450
Torah Crown $9,500
Peace Wine Goblet $1,650
Wine Goblet $1,850
Yad for Torah $750
Torah Pointer (Yad) With Pomegrantes $750
Etrog Box $2,000
Talit Clip $190
Baby Spoon (Boy) $150
Baby Spoon (Girl) $150
Hamsah Amulet   Example A $100
Example B $100
Example C $60
Example D $60
Hamsahs Necklace/Amulet enamel $165
Hamsahs Necklace/Amulet without enamel $165
Hamzuzah   Example A $30
Example B $30
Example C $30
Wine cup with your own text $800
Circumcision wine goblet $1,600
The belly dancer Dreidel $600
Bureucracy Grogger $1,450
The King of Spain Seder plate $20,000
The door Mezuzah $500
Perpetual light - Ner Tamid $2,400
Knobs and flowers Hanukah Menorah $3,200
Brest plate for the Torah $2,400
Spicebox for Havdalah $1,600
Honey Dipper (Silver plate & Gold plate) $140
Honey Dipper (All Sterling Silver) $280
Our Matriarchs Shabbat Candle Holder
Single candle holder
Our Matriarchs Shabbat Candle Holder
Two candle holders
Dreydel (Sevivon) for Eleazar the Horani $550

If in Israel add 17% V.A.T.

I wish courier delivery.
(The amount for this service will depend on the size and weight of the package and the destination to which it should be sent).


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