Avi Biran was born in Israel in 1964.

  He enrolled and studied in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel.

  Avi Biran graduated with honors from the Department of Gold and Silversmithing in 1990. His academic excellence was exemplified by winning the Bezalel Prize for Outstanding Achievements and the prestigious Lucman Prize for Judaica.

  Since graduating Avi Biran resides and creates in Jerusalem and continues to grow and excel in the designing arts.

  In a small period of time, Avi Biran has established a quality workshop noted for its unique designs of contemporary Jewish ritual articles. His Creations are completely integrated both into the works of Jewish Halachah and Hiddur Mitzva (meticulous performance of a commandment "in all its glory"). Avi Biran's items are flawlessly finished. His designs comply with all the principles of harmony, proportion and placement. Lines, shapes and colors fit or blend with each other in a way that only an artist can render. Extremely prolific, his works cover practically the whole gamut of Jewish ritual and custom. And much of it is ... humorous. "As far as I know, nowhere is it written that you are forbidden to add humor to ritual items", he emphasizes. "I do not mock. I offer joy."

  Avi Biran's works and creations have received local and international acclaim both by fellow artists and critics. They are exhibited in Israel and all over the world in prestigious galleries, museums and private collections. In addition to artistic exposure in galleries, Avi Biran's works and creations appear in several professional publications and won prizes and honors in several competitions.

Avi Biran was awarded by the Israel museum with the prestige Jesselson Prize for Design of Contemporary Judaica.

Avi Biran can be reached at
The Jerusalem House of Quality,
12 Hebron Rd., 93542 Jerusalem, Israel
Tel: 972-2-6735242 Fax: 972-2-6726242

Works are exhibited in the gallery and special customized commissions can be ordered.

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