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Updated: January  1  2012 at 3pm

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HAIFA AREA (see also North area )


 Art Center, 24 Shabtai Levi St, Maalot, 04-8531585:
"Installation Of Feelings" - Tvika Kantor
Hanoch Piven - Piven's Zoo, interactive for children
"A Lady's World" - Rina Horowitz

Art Gallery, City Center, 6 Ben Gurion Avenue., Haifa:
Sunday-Thursday: 5-9 pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 8-10:30pm

Art Gallery, Oranim, Tivon 04-9530488:

ArtLeah Jewelry Online Store , Derech Ha Yam 209 Haifa, 0777062415, 052- 3586763 :
Leah Gerber
By phone or by e-mail appointment .

Artists' Town Gallery, Kiryat Tivon Cultural Center, 12 Hadganiot St., Kiryat Tivon, 04-9835308:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 8am-noon

<>Association of Painters & Sculptors in Haifa & the North, Marc Chagall Artists' House, 24 Hazionut St., Haifa, 04-8522355:
Varda Berger - Asphalt and acrylics paintings (till Tuesday, January 18)
"Clear Light" - Alice's Arbel, Jerusalem veiw, (till Thursday, May 27)


Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 4-7pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm

Beit Habad Gallery, Ein Hod:
"Sculptures, Little Women" - Sara Levin, 30 ceramic sculptures of large size women

Beit Hagefen Gallery, 2 Hagefen St., Haifa, 04-8525251, 064-418080:
Antique And Collectors Fair - With experts for assessments, (till Saturday, December 31)
"{Light And Shadow" - Group show by Arab artists (till Tuesday, July 13) 

"Soft As Iron" - Irit Segal Israeli
"Hard As Wool" - Manar Zuabi
sunday-Thursday: 8am-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm; Saturday: 9am-1pm

Beit Meiri Gallery, Yuvalim,Misgav, 04-9990020, 04-9800248:
Dalia Meiri, drawings and  sculptures in stone, wood, metal & poliester (in gallery)
Dalia Meiri, stone, wood & iron sculptures (sculptures park at entrance of village)

Castra Gallery, 8 Filman St, Castra center (Arts , buy center) Haifa 04-8500329, 04-8590004, 04-8590005, 04-859000:
Safed Artists - Celebrating 50 years of the colony
Permanent Archaelogy Exhibition - Which was found in South Haifa, Bizantit Castra Town

new exhibition
"Line And Wash" - Shmuel Bunim, drawings
highlights of former exhibitions:
"Alice In Wild Land" - Ilana Raviv, painting
Alice2    Alice # 2, 1999

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sunday,Thursday and Saturday: 10am-10pm;  Friday and holiday: 10am-4pm;

Cinemtheque Gallery, 142 Hanassi, Haifa 04-6290556:
"Joint ffort" - Art Group

Efod Art Embroidery,  P.O.B. 8798, Nahariya, 22341, Phone: 04-9828304; Fax: 04-9827163;
Curtain for the Holy Ark at the Ahavat Israel Synagogue, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem
Adina Gatt - Judaica embroidery (Wallhangings, Chuppah, Parochet, Torah Mantle, Chalah and Matza
covers, Talit and Tefilin bags, Atara, etc.), permanent exhibition in the artist's studio

Eiaous Gallery, City Center, 55 Ben Gurion Avenue., Haifa,  04-8507504:
Sunday-Fridy: 10am -1 pm; Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 5-8pm

Ein Hod Artists' Gallery, Ein Hod Artists' Village, 04-9842548, 04-9842029:
"The Magic Life" - Betty Rubinstein, paintings (opening Saturday, May 26  till Thursday, June 14)
more information at
Spirit Of Nature 3

"Conflict Art" - Paintings with the Israeli Palestian conflict
"Friend Bring Friend" - Group Exhibition, Liza Manula-Oil painting, Valentina Bresilovskia- Sculpture
main building:
old olive oil refinery building:
no exhibition at the moment
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-4pm;  Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 11am-4pm

G. O. Art Gallery, 93b Hanassi Blvd., Haifa, 04-8378613:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 6-9pm; Saturday: 6:30-10pm

Gallery And Artist Workshop,Nahum Miller Stairs, St, Haifa 04-8625269:

<>Gallery in Cabri, Kibbutz Cabri, 04-9952252:
Asi Meshulam - Two Shows
Nelly Agassi And Hila Ban Ari - New works (till Saturday, May 14)
Ori Reisman - Small fortmat works (till Saturday, December 11)
"Glory" - Efrat Gal - Nur - oils on wood (till  Saturday, October 23)
Ruth Schloss and Micha Baram - Paintings and photographs (till Saturday, April 24)

Tsibi Geva - Installations
"Me You And Me" - Dan Kreiger, mixed media
Friday: 7:30-9pm; Saturday: 12:30am-2pm and by phone appointment

Haifa Theater Gallery, 50 Pevzner St., Haifa, 04-8600555:
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 5-8pm

<>Haifa University Gallery, Art Dept, Main Building, 700 Floor 04-8240660, 04-8240402,  04-8240092:
"Not Alone" - Group exhibition of art couples (till Thursday, February 2)
"Following Shemi" - Mixed media group show (till Tuesday, April 19)
"Berlin" - Dror Naayan, personal journey, photographs (till end December)

"Living Tradition" - Folk Artists from the American South
Philip Pearlstein - Recent workks by American realist
"Retrospective" - Joseph Hirsch
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4pm;

Hamoud El- Kara Gallery, Daliat al-Carmel, 04-8393790:
Meir Steingold - Works by late painter

Hottentot, 8 Amos St. (entrance from 11 Herzel St.), Hadar Hacarmel, Haifa, 04-8661336 054-821982:
Zeev Vilem Herz And Ro David Herz - Father and son show of photographs (till Sunday, June 20)
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-midnight; Friday: 11am-2pm, 8pm-midnight

Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot Art Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot, 04-9933742:
"Paintings" - Exhibition of works by Aviva Uri from the collection of Givon Gallery in Tel Aviv.
The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Avi Horowitz, member of the Kibbutz and founder of the gallery
Friday: 7-9pm

Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra Art Gallery, Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, 04-9857288, 04-9857304, 04-9857205:
Friday: 7:30-9pm; Saturday: 12:30am-1:30pm; or by phone appointment

<>Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center Art Gallery, Hamigdal St., Tivon, 04-9835506, 04-9837432:
"Festival Of Olives" - Student photographs and drawings (till Saturday, April 30)
Jennifer Bar- Lev, Eliyahu Erik Bokobaza, Asad Azi - Cultural associations(till Tuesday, March 1)
"Pulla Rabbit From A Hat - Group show (till Saturday, January 1)
"Milk And Wine" - Nurit David, paintings (till Saturday, October 30)
Dalia Meiri - Landscape, installation art (till Friday, July 9)

Anat Berman And Tzachit Goldman - New Work by young artists (till Saturday, February 21)
Beno Kalev - Works on paper from his collection (till Saturday, January 10) 
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday: 8-noon; Saturday: 11am-1pm

Kohler Visitors' Center, California Bldg, Ha'Technion Campus, Haifa:
Aviva Shemer - Painting and Sculpture
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-3:30pm

Lady Rosalyn Lions Art Gallery, ORT Braude College, Carmiel, 04-9901995:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-2pm

<>Morel Derfler Gallery - Wizo , Haifa, 04-8562555:
Michal Chelbin, photographs (till Monday, January 2)
Ruti Agassi - Photographs

<>Naomi Faran Art Gallery, Kibbutz Yagur, 04-9848596:
Naomi Faran, sculptures in stone, wood and bronze - permanent exhibition
All week: 10am-4pm

New Gallery - Aba Hushi, 71 Aba Hillel Silver St., Haifa, 04-8229278:
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm

New Studio Boch & Lavendel, Entrance to Ein Hod Artists' Village, 04-9841475:
"Karibu" - Michal Tesel, paintings
Friday & Saturday: 10am-10pm

<>Oranim College Art Gallery, Tivon, 04-9838750, 04-8237449, 04-9838811, 04-9838780, 04-9838751:
Abramson, Blich, Golombek, Yahalom - Works from the '80s (till Friday, May 27)
Azi, Ben Zvi, Heiman, Barel - Works from the 80s (till Friday, January 21)
"Art Of The '80s" - Eli Shamir, Doron Livneh, Israel Rabinowitz, Anat Ben Shaul  (till Thursday, December 16)
Arieh Berkowitz, David Reeb, Drori Domini, Idit Lkevavi Gabai - Works from the 80s (till Thursday, November 18)   
Graduates - Oranim college of education (till Saturday, July 24)
Gary Goldstein, Maya Cohen - Levy, Chaim Maor, Pinchas Tsinovitz - Works from the '80s 
Nurit David, Nahum Tevet, Tamar Geter - New works (till Monday, February 2)
Ibrahim Nubani, Dorit Yakobi, Yuval Shaul - The 80s in Israeli art (till Wednesday, January 7) 
Miriam Cabessa - Paintings

Osafim Art Gallery, 115 Hanassi Blvd., Haifa, 04-8389983:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-3pm; Saturday: 6-10pm

Picasso Gallery , Castra Art Center , Haifa, 04-8235424: 
David Maestro  Photographs 1983 - 2004 (till Thursday, May 6)

Piramida - Association for Contemporary Art, 6 Nahum Miller Stairs, Wady Salib, Haifa, 04-825269, 04-8644455,050-517617:
"Mortal" - Basar Vedam, an exhibition commemorating 40 years of the work of Avraham Eilat, dealing with the subject of the human body (till Friday, January 31)
Sunday & Monday: 10am-2pm; Tuesday: 10am-2pm, 2-5pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 2-5pm; Friday & Saturday: by phone appointment

Sara Pelly (Wartsman) - Ceramic Art & Judaica Studio, Ein Hod,
Phones: 04-9840486, 04-9840275, 053-462048; Fax: 04-9843016:
Permanent exhibition at artist's studio.
Weekdays: by prior phone call  -

Seamless Gallery, Moshav Megadim, Hof Hacarmel, 04-8575214, 04-8574219, 04-8580256:
"Poems Without Words" - Norma Silverton (till Saturday, May 7)
"Touching" - Ita Ziv, mixed media (till Saturday, Feruary 19)
"Albedo" - Irena Biechonska, mixed media (till Sunday, December 12)
"Desert" - Ruti Banai, paintings (till  Saturday, Novenber 13)
"The Hues Of Color" - Fiber art group show (till Saturday, October 9)
"Embroideries" - Mare Mostrum (till  Saturday, June 26)
"Optional Genealogy No 1" - Michal Neeman, Micha Uliman, Henry  Shlesnyak, Lior Waterman, Doron Solomon, Chen Shinberg
Raam Don - Pathography, new videowork
"New Life" - Dalia Bonne And Barbara Benhaim, art from recycled material (till Saturday, May 1) 
"New Life" - Dalia Boneh And Barbara Ben - Haim, works in fiber and mixed materials (till Saturday, May 1) 
Lela Wydar Yanor - Paintings on soft fabric (till Saturday, March 13)
"Time Is Fleeing Away" - Ruth Mayon Kuck, from hand made paper and print (till Saturday, February 7) 
"Hamsa, Hamsa, Hamsa" - Ceated in various craft media (till Tuesday, January 6) 
Saturday: 11am-5pm; or by phone appointment

Silver Print Gallery, Ein Hod, 04-9541673:
"Israeli Images - Women And Children" - Aselection of Israeli images on the theme of women and children from the 19th century 
 Wednesday , Thursday & Friday: 10 am- 1pm; 4pm- 6pm

The Gallery of the Art Department at the Haifa University:
"Where Have  The Bees Gone" - Benni Efrat, spring 2052 (till Thursday, August 5)
Gal Weinstein, installation exhibition

Touch of Wood Carpentry Workshop Gallery, Teradion Industrial Zone, Misgav, Gush Segev, 04-9991101:
"Shizan" - exhibition in the spirit of traditional Japanese art
Kazuo Ishiai, traditional caligraphy and ink painting
Novoya Imaguchi, design and sculpture in iron
Yoni Carmi, lighting bodies design in Japanese style
Dalia Ben-Maior, ceramics
Eileen Levinsohn, ceramics
Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 10am-9pm; Friday: 10am-3pm

WIZO College - Photography Department, 12 Hana Senes St., Haifa, 04-8381253, 04-8383440:
"Table" - Galia Gur-Zeev, photography
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-9pm

Yad B'Homer Ceramic Art Gallery, 9a Massada St., Haifa, 04-8629239:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Tuesday & Friday: 10am-2pm


Ghetto Fighters' House (Beit Lohamei Haghetaot), Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta'ot
(on Akko-Naharia highway),  D.N Western Galilee,  25220;
Phone: 04-9958080; Fax: 04-9958007 (more information at:
Alexsander Bogen - Drawings from a partisan officer
Salon Des Refuses - Art in French internment camps
"Looking from Above" - Nahum Brandes, paintings and prints
"Butterflies in Auschwitz" - Max Bueno de Mesquita
David Oler, paintings
"Jews and the Slovakian Anti-Fascist Resistance" - historical exhibition
permanent exhibitions:
"Dutch Jewry During the Holocaust" - photographs, rare documents, personal diaries and belongings, 1933-1945
"Jewish Resistance in the Holocaust, the Struggle for Life and Partisan Fighting" -
"The Righteous Gentiles" - permanent exhibition honouring Gentiles who saved Jewish lives
"The Jewish Community of Saloniki" - historical exhibition
"Art Throughout the Holocaust"
"A Child's Memorial" - special museum wing
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

 Daring, Navy  Museum,  204 Alenby St,  Haifa, 04-537672, 04-638249:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm;  

<>Haifa City Museum, 11 Ben-Gurion St , 04-8512030:
llustrations Of Old Fairy Tales (Grimm Brothers)
Raanan Lurie - Caricaturist, comprehensive exhibition
"Proud Industry" - Posters, oil

"In Lady Oliphants Drawing Room" - 18th century memorabilia 
"Home Port" - The story of Haifa port
"The Peace Crusade" - Germans in 19th century Palestine
"The People Of Israel In The Land Of Israel" - Archelogy of Isrel and findings from the University of Haifa excavations
"The Riches Of Islamic Caesarea" - From digs conducted at Caesarea since 1992
"Leo Mildenberg Collection" - Animals
Weights And Measures In Antiquity" - Objects from the collection
"Jewish Artists" - From the school of Paris
"Down town" - Natalie Nachmias, Reuven Kupeman, Yuri Katz, Nadav Wiesman and Rejaa Bakraih
"Between The Mountain And The Sea" - photographs and video art
"Dimension Without Volume" - Adi Ben-Horn

<>Haifa Museum of Art, 26 Shabtai Levi St., Haifa, 04-8523255, 04-8507453:
Michael Gross - Recent works from the studio
":Image Reduce Workshop Pal Meditation" -Gadi Baruch
Mfa Graduates - From Haifa University
Installation Situation -  Design and fine art
"Human Landscape" - From the museum's collection
David Reeb - Retrospective
Elisaf Kovner - Recent works
"AE" - Ohad Matalon
"Fuzz' - Yasmine Bergner, young artists
"Towards Cinema" - Videostory, part two
"Rounds" - Manal Mahamid
"A Walk To Paradise Garden" - Ofer Shafrir
"Don't Move, Photographing" - The city through the lens
"Homage To Hanoch Levin" - Group show
"On The Way To The Cinema" - Video history , part two
"Ten Minus" -  Ma students show their work
"If You Will It.." - Sally Krystal - Kramberg
'Minotaur" - Miri Sela
"Druksland' - Michael Druks, one man show

"Push - Up" - Ziv Ben-Dov, sculptures
"Imprint" - Guy Avital, mixed media
"Still Life" - Daniel Gertman, photographs
"Four Chapter On Water" -  Deganit Berest, installation
"Prizes In Art And Design" - Ministry of education, culture and sport. young Hungarian artists (till Sunday, April 25) 
Vered Nachmani - Installation
Uri Fink - Comics incorporated for kids and parents at the Arts Center
Focus On The Collection - Selected items from the museum collections
"Windows" - Dana Wegman, installation
"Murderrap" - Boaz Kadman Installation
Zamir Schatz - Video art
"Exodus" - 13 artistsfrom Dusseldorf
"Highlights Of The Collection" - Museum collection including, Kupferman, Gross, Zaritsky, and Uri
"Leaps Of Consciousness" - Five presentations, photographs, video and NetArt
Amir Schatz - Video art
"The Vacation In Haifa" - Yoav Efrat
Elinor Carruci - Photographs
Assaf Romano - Photographs of potted plants
Permanent exhibitions -
paintings by Menachem Shemi (1897-1951), Yehoshua Grossbard (1900-1992) &
Avshalom Okashi (1916-1980)
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-5pm; Tuesday: 10am-2pm; 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

Haifa Museum of Prehistory, 124 Hatishbi St. (Gan Haem Park), Haifa, 04-8371833:
"Bones and Soul" - prehistoric burial customs in the Land of Israel
"Underwater Prehistoric Sites"
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-3pm; Friday: 8am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

<>Hecht Museum, University of Haifa Carmel. , Haifa, 04-8240171:
"Women's Era" - Chana Rosenthal, photographs East Asia culture
"Archaelogy Of Eretz Yisrael" - From the Calcolithic to  Byzantine
"A Heart's Desire' - Josef Israels, paintings (till Saturday, August 28) 

Boaz Aharonovitch, Amon Yariv - Photographs
Daniel Gertman - Recent paintings
"Archeology Of Eretz Israel" - From the Calcolithic to Byzantine 
"Thematic Display" - Coins, weights, jewelry and crafts
"Ancient Ship From Maagan Michael" - Persian period 400 BCE
"French Painting 1830-1930" -  From Barbizon to school of Paris
"Jewish Art" - From mid 19th to early 20th century
"Ghez Collection " - Works by jewish artists who perished in the Holocaust
Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, 04-9842350; Fax: 04-9843152,:
"Cut Out Of Life" - Bedetta Padona, mixed media (till Thursday, March 10)
"Hebrew A Foreign Language" - Works by new immigrants (till Thursday, March 10)
"Handle With Care" - Efrat Klipstein, installation (till Thursday, March 10)
"Wang Gong Xia" - Guest artist (till Thursday, March 10)
Shira Naphtali - Video art  (till Wednesday, December 1)
"Enigma" - Peter Maltz, sculptures (till Wednesday, December 1)
"Coffe House" - Josyane Vanunu, installation (till Wednesday, December 1)
"Chairs" - Remembering Dada (till Monday, August 30)
Shli Nachshon - Video art (till Monday, August 30)
Tav Group - Opening a hole they dug in 1977 (till Monday, August 30)
Ben Ben Ron - Collage (till Monday, August 30)
"Happiness" - Tal Amiti,objects (till Saturday, June12)
"Amalamatin" - Dror Goldberg, mixed media (till Saturday, June12)
"Censorship Dressed" - Osnat Weiss, installation (till Saturday, June12)
Irena Kernochov, Yuri Pivchenko - Works by recent olim (till Friday, January 30)
Daniela Yaniv - Richter - Useful sculptures (till Saturday, March 20)
"Lighthouse" - Gal Keynan, winner of the Messer prize for 2003 (till Saturday, March 20)
"A Thousand Revolutions Per Minute" - Jonas Liverod (till Saturday, March 20)
Video Art - By ten practitioners (till Saturday, March 20) 
Carmit Weizman - Paintings, drawings and sculpture
Eva Keil - Guest artists from Germany
Avital Ba -Shai - Wall work
Dadakickoff - By 30 artists, young and established
"Female Views" - Viheo artby Ayelet Zohar, Ayelet Hadar, Liliana Kadishevsky and Yael Feldman (till Sunday, December 30)
"Invisible Power" - Net Art by Gensher Valery, Sachico Haishi, Marc Lafya and Yun-ha Chang (till Sunday, December 30)
Shirli Chan SAnd Liat Chen - Paintings and installation art
Hanna Ninyou - Wall Art
Shoshe Gratze -  Wall Art
"Lips Area" - Tami Tal, photograph
Yael Seggev - Photographs
"The Mundane Muse" - Group show
"The Vacation In Haifa" - Yoav Efrat
"Educational Workshops" - Dada activity center
Honi Hame' Agel, Selma Grunwald - Great scrolls of Fire- Light Unto the Nation- militancy and violence in israel society
new exhibition:
Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 9:30am-5pm; Friday: 9:30am-2pm

 <>Mane Katz Museum, Haifa, 04-8383482, 04-8383428:
"Treasure" - Mane Katz, inventory of 400 items (till end September)
Lea Nikel - The Parisian years, 1950-1961 

"From Mirror To Memory" - 100 years of photography in the land of israel
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-4pm; Tuesday: 2-6pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

<>Minimuseum, 107 Yaffe Nof, Haifa 04-8374550:

Museum Of The Navy, 204 Allenby, Haifa:

Museum on Christian-Jewish Relations, Nes Ammim Village, Western Galilee, 04-9950060:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-6pm

<>National Maritime Museum, 198 Allenby St., Haifa, 04-8536622:
"Seafarers And Ritual In Antiquity - Archaology
"Sea Of Dream" - Liliana Gelman, photographs
"The Silence Of The Sea" - Avraham  Eilat, photggraphs and other items
"Marketing In The Gaulf Stream" - Noam Rabinovich, drawings
Hebrew Shipping In The 20th Century
"Underwater Imagination" - Rami Klein, photographs
"The Seaman's Craft" - Ethnographic arts and crafts
"Pirates " - The skull and crossbones, history and legend for the entire family 
"The Skull And Crossbones" - History and legend for the entire family
" Facing The Sea" - Moshe Rosenthalis
"Pirates- The Skull And Crossbones" - History and legend for the entire family
"Sea" - Dan Levin, installation
Liliana Kadichevski And Cynthia Cox - Installation and video art.
Archaeological Treasures
Elina Rom- Cohen - Wave-Exile, sculptures
Leonid Gosuin - Forces of attraction, sculpturses
"Tel" -  Nono Orbach, sculptures
Shipwrecked cargoes - Archaeological treasures
"Blue sea and water" - Zigi Ben-Haim
Ronen Siman Tov - "The Acrobat And The Swimmer
"Dionysus and His Companions" - presenting the character and rites surrounding the Greek God
of Nature, Fertility, Growth and Wine
"Castra" - at the feet of Mount Carmel, the city and its secrets
"Shikmona - A Town at the Foot of Mt. Carmel" - finds from Shikmona
"The Sea and its Secrets in Ancient Times" - exhibits from sunken ships
"From the Treasures of Caesarea" - archaeological exhibition
"Design In The Ancient World"
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 11am-5pm; Tuesday: 4-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-4pm <>National

Museum of Science,
Old Technion Building, 11 Shmariahu Levin St.,

Hadar Hacarmel, Haifa, 04-8628111; (more information at:
"Presentation On The Science Behind Magic Tricks" - Cnematrix, multimedia
"Blue Rainbow" - Avi Kalfeffer, photographs from the deep
"Story Of Flight" - Grab at the sky
"Grab At The Sky" - Story of flight
"Chairs" - Scientific approaches (till Tuesday, August 31) 

Avi Kalfefer - Blue rainbow, photographs from the deep 
"Things Seen From There" - Earth photographed from satellites
"Design In Public Spaces" - (till Wednesday, April 30)
"Local Memory" - Photographs of Haifa, 1912-1949
"Seeing Is Believing" - Simple lens microscope
"Radio - The Early Days" - The technological and historical development of radio broadcasting
"A Matter of Chemistry"
"From Calculations to Computations" - The development of calculating means from ancient times to the present
"Telecommunication - The Voice of Time" - The development of telephone communications, from the invention of the
telegraph, the telephone and the wireless and to cellular phones (in  cooperation with 'Bezek' communications company)
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9am-6pm; Tuesday: 9am-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-3pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm
(entrance: NIS 60; students, soldiers 45 NIS; senior citizens: 30 NIS)

Okashi Museum, Aljazar St., El Jezzar St.,next to the Crusaders' Halls, Old Akko (Acre), 04-9816697:
"Micro- Scopus" - Dan Lavi
Shmuel Katz - Drawings, including drawings of acre
"Come Bride - Wedding Photographs" - Asad Azi

Open Museum, POB 1, Tefen Industrial Park, Migdal Tefen, 04-9872596, 04-9872022, 04-9872977, 04-6930530, 04-9109609:
"Between Etching And Sculptue" - Ofer  Lellouche, new works
"A Tribute To German Alliyah" - The yekim, musrum of German - speaking jewry
"American Music" - Annie Liebowttz, photographs by one of the best  (till Monday, January 10)
Orna Ben - Ami - Iron sculptures
Yuval Peled - Paintings
"American Music" - Annie liebowitz, photographs (till Thursday, December 30)
"The Joy Of Color" - Moshe Resenthalis, retrospective (till Thursday, September 30)
"Isrrael Hadany" - Visual memories, sculptures (till Tuesday, March 30)
"Steel Life" - David Gabriely, sculptures
highlights of former exhibitions:
Ben-JacovNoam Ben-Jacov, sculpture

OkumAlexander (Sasha) Okun, painting
permanent exhibitions:
Sculptures Park - permanent exhibition of Israeli sculptuors
David Fine - sculptuor
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, Haifa University, Haifa, 04-8257773, 04-8240308;
(more information at:
Archaelogy Wing:
Phoenicians On The Northern Coast Of Israe
"Downtown" - Natalie Nachmias, Reuven Kuperman, Yuri Katz, Nadav Wiesman and Rejaa Bakraih.
" Jewish Artists" - From the school of Paris (opening Saturday, November 3)
"The People of Israel in the Land of Israel" - Archeology of Israel from the Hecht collection and findings from the University
of Haifa and Authority of Archaeology excavations (permanent exhibition)
"Ancient Industries and Crafts" - permanent exhibition
Art Wing:
"Leo Milden Breb Collection" - animals
Nathalie Kraemer - paintings from the Oscar Ghez collection
"The Hecht Collection - Impressionism and the Paris Jewish School" - works by Manet, Monet, Pissarro, Soutine, Modigliani,
Van-Gogh and Struck.
"Selections from the Oscar Ghez Collection" - works by Jewish artists who perished in the Holocaust.
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-4pm; Tuesday: 10am-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

<>Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, 89 Hanassi Boulevard, Haifa, 04-8383554:
"Post Gender" - Gender sexuality and performativity on contemporary Japanese art (till Tuesday, January 3)
"Netsuke People"  -  Graphics in modern Japanese prints
Hokusai - Legends and fables in Japanese Art
New Acq uisitions II - Early woodblock prints, special exhibitions
Katcho-e- Birds And Flowers - In Japanese art

Kijuro Yahagi - Photographs 
"Decorative Motifs In Japanese Art - Splendid Kimonos and lacquer ware (till Saturday, January 31)
"400 Of Edo" - Celebratng the style in prints and objects (till Saturday, January 31)
"Netsuke Of George Well' - Pillar prints, images of Taiwan, three new exhibitions
Focus On The Collection - Selected items from the museum collection
"Spring Blossoms" - Depictions of cherry and plum blossoms in prints and scrolls
50 Contemporary Japanes Prints
"Fan Prints" - From Tikotin collection
Toshiyuki Kita - Conteporary Japanese design
Sunday, Monday & Wednesday: 11am-5pm; Tuesday & Thursday: 4-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-4pm

 <>Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Megido, 04-9899566 Fax 04-9590860:
Cautious Print - From Japanese match boxes
Naama Aaronsohn - Metal, sculptural installation from paper (till Saturday, January 7)
"How Good Are They Tents" - Ezra Tzamri, mixed media (till Saturday, August 6)
Mike Leaf - Israeli caricatures in  paper sculptures (till Saturday, March 19)
Asnat Halter - Intimate bronze (till Saturday, January 15)
Hadas Levy - Oil paintings (till Saturday, November 6)

Yoko Hishiyama - Wre sculpture (till Saturday, July 15)
"Seeing The Wood From The Trees" - A group show
Meira Grossinger - Paper sculptures
"Women In Red" - Evie Pollig , paintings
highlights of former exhibitions:

"Ancient Far Eastern Art" - permanent exhibition
"Ancient Near Eastern Art" - permanent exhibition
"Local Archaeology" - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-2pm; Friday: 9am-noon; Saturday and holidays: 10am-4pm


Akko Auditorium, Weitzman St. Akko (Acre), 04-9914717:

Beit Halohem,  Tzarfat St., Haifa, 04-6390035:

Chagall House, 24 Zionut St, Haifa:

Congregation Center Hod Hcarmel, 2/a Liberia St, Haifa  04-8253790:
Sunday : 5-8pm; Monday, Tuesday:9-12am;  Wednesday: 10am-7pm: Thursday: 9am-1pm;

Haifa Cinemateque, 142 Hanassi Avenue, Haifa:
Sunday & Monday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Tuesday: 10am-2pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Lebandel - Bloch Studio,Ein Hod, 04-9841457, 054-546530 :
Irena Yarisove - Oil paintings
  by previous phone appointment

<>Library And Memorial Center, EKiryat Tivon, 04-9835506, 054-6460649:
"Body Markings" - Gavish, Helvitz Chohen, Zak, Freund, Kptler, Razgor (till Saturday, December 10)
Meira Shemesh, Nurit Gur Lavi (Karni) - paintings (till Thursday, May 19)

Nes Ammim Village Chapel, Nes Ammim, Western Galilee, 04-9950060:
Sunday-Saturday: 9am-4pm

Oranim College, Tivon, 04-9838811:

Fortress Shoni, Benyamina , 04-63887690:
"Folding Up- No Dependence" - Tal Milner- Hoberman
 Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 11am-5pm;

French Cultural Institute, 6 Eliahu Hankim St,  Haifa 04-8312333:
Danielle Schaub - Photographs
Alina Abramov - Photographs
Liana Ben-Itzhak And Sara Dambrot - Prints and sculptures

Italian Cultural Center, 12 Meir St,  Haifa 04-8536091, 04-8523934:
"Oriental Colors" - Diego Esposito, paintings

Keller House, 2 Keller St Haifa :

Nagler Community Center, 14 Yitzhak Ben Zvi, Kiryat Haim:
 Sunday- Saturday: 8:30 am- 9pm;

The Artists House, 33 Yefe Nof, Haifa 04-8333930, 050- 594051:
Aviva Shemer - Paintings, sculptures, permanent exhibition
 by phone appointment

Wizo Academy, For Art And Education, 21 Haganim, Haifa 04-8566255, 04-8562555, 04-8562540:
"Living The Place To Its Fullest" - Arieh Peled, humanitarian architecture, (till Thursday, December 22)
Tamar Dubrovsky - Installation
"Wall - Less" - Moshe Perlman, Sculpture (till Tuesday, December 6)

"Poems And Photographs" - Ronnie Somek and his students (till Sunday, May 28)
"Escapia" - Yithak Da Langa, design (till Thursday, February 10)
- Photography of teachers works (till Monday, November 22)
Dror Ben Ami - Works on paper (till Friday, June 25)
"They Say Things Happened Here' - Poster from the Shamir Brothers Studio (till Tuesday, May 11) 

Yad Lebanim House,48 Hayarkon St., Haifa, 04-8254386:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm; 5-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm; 5-8pm


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