Ilana Raviv
Art Exhibition "Alice in Wild Land"

Ilana Raviv
Alice #2, 1999
Acrylic on Canvas, 54" x 42"

You are invited to attend Ilana Raviv's art exhibition "Alice in Wild Land"which opens at 
the Castra Gallery in Haifa, Saturday,May 5th, 2001 and lasts until June 16th, 2001.
The exhibit celebrates the birthday of Alice Liddell who was Lewis Carroll's muse and inspiration for "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland."Alice Liddell was born in England 149 years ago on May 4th, 1852. 

"Alice in Wild Land" presents 9 works of acrylic on canvas made between 1990 and 2001, along with an additional collection of watercolors, ink, pencil and bamboo drawings made between 1985 and 2000.

Raviv deals in her work with elements from the story of Alice in Wonderland. These motifs are dealt with from a personal and unconventional point of view. Raviv detaches herself from the actual story and instead creates a different fantasy world of her own, a world based on dreams and childhood memories in which those dreams are turned into a private mythological tool in Raviv's work. A personal cycle is closed - a cycle of child-doll-woman. Here Alice is constantly felt, ever present in the background. 

Raviv's fascination and emotional connection with Alice and her story is experienced through associations and shapes. "Chaos, illogicality, disorder and fantasy together create a new sequence of events which drags me to a different place, as if on a ferris-wheel floating beyond space and time," says Raviv. 
"Alice's essence is embedded in childhood innocence, dreams and visions; a world different than that of the adult, free of hypocrisy, politics and war," Raviv adds.

In "Alice in Wild Land," Alice is placed inside a chaotic land of lost innocence, beauty and ambitions. Raviv's Alice is sober from her loss of innocence. 
"Alice, in Raviv's painting is not in "Wonderland".The womanly-girly figure is captured, while capturing the white rabbit.Alice is shown running for her life, not knowing what to do with her large arms.In another painting on the same subject, she is shown naked, running away from unseen forces that are threatening her in the form of black, broken, destructive lines. The heroine turns her head backward, like the wife of lot. While on the ground, next to her, the rabbit is lying on its back. In a quite different guise, Alice, the woman-girl-doll is shown sitting, or rather "placed" passively before us. Her head is a head of a mature woman, her eyes are sad, but her legs are a doll's legs. The rabbit, with long protruding ears, clings to her clothes, as if its whole existence depends on her." writes Dr. Alec Mishory

"The paintings of Ilana Raviv are the fruit of her immediate inspiration, which the painter does not nurture to the level of consciousness, and in their character, they are more in the realm of a vision, than a calculated intellectual analysis. This is a true, tempestuous outburst of creative force, generating powerful images which express the creative unrest surrounding the lyrical and intimate…" says Branka Berberijan, the Spanish art critic about Raviv's work.

Ilana Raviv was born in 1945 and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. After her military service she married Dov, a business man who shares his time between the US and Israel. Ilana and her husband have three children. In the 1980's Ilana graduated from the Art Students League of New York. Among her teachers were Roberto De Lamonica, Bruce Dorfman and Knox Martin, a known NY Painter who became a mentor to Raviv.

"The art (paintings and drawings) of Ilana Raviv has the kind of perceptive rightness as its base as do a certain period of Jackson Polock, Hals and Miro. When one says a certain period, one indicates a non-analytical flow that congeals the right moment out of a fragile flight, which peaks." Knox Martin.

Raviv has taken part in many group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the US and Europe. Raviv has held six single exhibits in Israel and the US. In November 1982, Raviv, along with other artists such as Robert Rauschenburg, Chuck Close, Marisol, Knox Martin, Louise Nevelson, Larry Rivers, and James Rosenquist, to name a few, presented her work on paper at an exhibition entitled "The New Explosion" at the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island. 
The exhibition traveled extensively throughout the US and was displayed in important museums and galleries. 

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