Born in South Africa, 1954, and immigrated to Israel in 1961. Studied a Foundation Course at the Chelsea School of Art, London, 1973, and since 1984 has been teaching at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. From 1992 has been Chairman of the Bezalel Academy's Fine Art Department. Lives in Jerusalem. 
Received the Kolliner Prize for a Young Israeli Artist (Israel Museum, 1979), America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award (1988), Jacques O'Hana Prize for a Young Israeli Artist (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1991) and Minister of Education and Culture Award (1998). 

Selected one-man exhibitions include the Sara Levi Gallery, Tel-Aviv (1977), Bertha Urdang Gallery, New York (1978, 1980), Gimel Galley, Jerusalem ("Black Squares", 1979), Aika Brown Gallery, Jerusalem ("Nevo", 1986), Artifact Gallety, Tel Aviv (1987, 1990), Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator: Igal Zaimona, 1989), Tel Aviv Museum of Art ("Coincidences", curator: Ellen Ginton, 1993), Galerie Hubertus Wunschik, Dusseldorf (1994), Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv (curator: Tall Tamir, 1995), and Noga Art Gallery, Tel Aviv ("giornata", 1996). 

Selected group exhibitions include "News I", Tel Aviv Museum of Art (curator: Sara Breitberg, 1979), "Lines into Drawing", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator Meira Perry-Lehman, 1980), "A Turning Point", Tel Aviv Museum of Art (curator: Sara Breitberg, 1981), Sao-Paulo Biennale (curator: Reuven Berman, 1983), "El Mitos Leio El", Artists' House, Jerusalem (curator: Gideon Ofrat, 1985), Venice Biennale (curator Yona Fisher, 1986), "Fresh Paint: the Younger Generation in Israeli Art", Tel Aviv Museum (curator: Ellen Ginton, 1988), "It's Possible", Israeli-Palestinian exhibition, Cooper Union, New York (1988), "Routes of Wandering", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator Sarit Shapira, 1992), "Subtropical - Between Figuration and Abstraction", Tel Aviv Museum of Art (curator: Ellen Ginton, 1993), "Locus - Contemporary Art from Israel", Fisher Gallery, University of Southern California (curator: Shlomit Shakked, 1993), "Separate Worlds", Tel Aviv Museum of Art (curator: Itamar Levy, 1994), "The Printer's Imprint", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curators: Meira Perry-Lehman and Arik Kilemnik, 1994), "Preview from the Rita and Arturo Schwarz Collection of Israeli Art", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator: Igal Zaimona, 1995), "Two Capitals for Two States", AI-Wasiti Art Center, Jerusalem (1997), "To the East - Orientalism in the Arts in Israel", Israel Museum, Jerusalem (curator: Igal Zaimona, 1998), "Kol Anot - Biblical Motives in Israeli Art, 1970-1998", Artists' House, Tel Aviv (curator: Tall Tamir, 1998), and "Reflections of Monet", Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (curator: Barbara Shapiro, 1998).


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