was made in 1998 and contains two  
groups of works: 

8 paintings of Hebrew alphabet characters  
which together make up a doubling of the word  
"Shalom", oil and acrylic on canvas, between  
120x40 and 120x120 cm. 

"Eye Witnesses", a series of pencil drawings on  
paper, 34x22 and 34x28 cm. 

This exhibition first opened at the Noga Art Gallery on October 15, 1998.  
On the Internet from December 15, 1998. 

Copyright 1998 by Larry Abramson.  
The artist has asserted his moral rights.  
The images are not to be reproduced or otherwise circulated without the artist`s prior consent.

"Shalom I" 

Go to "Shalom II" 


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