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  Paul Harrison Taylor.

   Born in London, England July 12 1957.

     Left structured education at 17 with little experience of Art and none at all of Sculpture.
     Following two years of personal search, including the briefest time in Barnet School of Art, PHT found lucrative employment in the Music Industry, working as a Recording Engineer and Producer at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London.
     At the time 1997-80 Decca was the record company with the largest catalogue of recorded music in the World, this vast reserve and the constant renewal resulted in PHT working intimately with many different luminaries from the recording world, this included Georg Solti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Bing Crosby and the Goons.
    Whilst PHT continued to sketch and offered various Record Covers, the dazzling array of talent that came to the studios often satisfied his creative needs.

     Following his redundancy, one of many in Thatcherite Britain, he decided, despite parental misgivings to go to Art School full- time.
     He applied through-out London to colleges finally being introduced by the painter Piers de Laszlo to The City & Guilds of London Art School, Kenington.

  The traditional aspect of the teaching and ethos of the college instilled further the essence of sculpture he demanded; the stress on the "sculptors' craft", the insistence on the search for honesty and commitment that continues until today to be vital in the making of PHT's art.

  Leaving in 1984 he decided to leave the polluted and grim streets of London to the Borders of Scotland.

  Coming to Israel for a holiday he met Muriel Eisenberg an astrologer, fell in love, married and moved to Jerusalem, Israel in 1988.

  He quickly found a studio and continued to make sculpture.    offered a teaching post, PHT accepted to commence a sculpture course at Stav Pisull and at The High School of Arts, Jerusalem, introducing the varied elements of Sculpture to the youth of the city, as well as  taking  on an additional  teaching position at the Israel Museum.

  In 1997  PHT founded "create - A - space", a large studio in the light industrial area of Talpiot, Jerusalem. Where he continues to develop his Art ,as well as  teaching sculpture in stone carving, clay and steel construction.