It is very difficult to live
If you don't know how
To play the game right

Always arrive on time
Even if there is no reason
No motivation to draw you there

Be inconspicuous and do not
Reveal your absolute boredom
Be machine-like, inhuman

Never ask for anything to do
Never bring your own work
Look busy in your mind-breaking emptiness

Do not even think that
You can be creative
Or that you can contribute something

Do not be seen doing
What everybody does
Filling in time with 'phone calls

Do not sign out early
Even if there is no earthly hope
That you will have anything to do

I always want to cram
Every moment with meaning
But these efforts go unpaid

I strive to be creative
Whenever and wherever possible
But this is not valued

How can I solve this paradox
Of so many unfulfilled hours just to survive
When my time to give is running out