And this time
If you go first
I will be sorry

That I hurt you
And pressed you
To try and give me more

Noticed when
Your efforts to help
Were less than perfect

Urged you to face
Realities you have been
Escaping from all your life

Burdened you
With my problems
From other lifetimes

And if I go first
I know that
You will also be sorry

That you did not overcome
Your bitter experience
To give me more

Did not banish
Your disdain for
Everyday trivialities

Did not confront
And break through your guilt
To give what you have

That along with your goodness
You often resented
Being drawn into my world

Perhaps these are all just
Delicately embroidered details
On the fabric of love
Between two old cronks
Who have chosen
To crack up together

December 2002