My life until now
Much like a Pinter play
Creative flow largely uninterrupted by cleaning
Mealtimes rarely coincide with hungry mouths

Suicidal tenant hovers around
Another one waits in the wings
Ex-tenant leaves desperate messages
Always accompanied by my ever-scratching cat

Green 'phone beeps on wicker stool
Green electric kettle refuses to work
Cupboard door threatens to fall on my head
Books and music abide in every possible corner

Sleep among hundreds of canvases
Schizophrenic shift between painter and prude
Undone work religiously piled by the computer
While miraculously conjuring up gourmet meals

In an all-time two-week record
This plot thickens into a veritable stew
You stride into my life claiming
Where there's a will there's a way

To team up two pairs of children
Who do not match in any way
For both of us now to be in two places at once
With huge spaces for obsessive creative outputs

At the end of act one as the curtain falls
Act two totally impossible to predict
For the real stuff of life and love is
Far stranger than fiction could ever be

March 2001