I put my hair up
Seems to disturb you less
Better fits the superficial order
Thinly covering your turmoil

Cannot quite fathom
Why I am on my way
To meet you for a third time
Feel you have something to say to me

What could I possibly give you?
Eroticism that you know about and I not
Your first wife was better at it
And gave you a daughter too

A religious facade
Your second wife
Provided that for you
With a son thrown in as well

Convenient move to get you out
Of another relationship
Surely you have your own ways
Of doing that by now

Someone to help you deal
With your awkward mother
I claim no success in that area
Let a mother-in-law ruin my marriage

You need cooked food
I can recommend excellent books
Or a list of possible cooks
For a modest enough sum

You do not like cleaning
Well neither do I
Same solutions as for cooking
If it really bothers you

Another woman to walk out on
When you feel the time is ripe
Now even more easily
Fewer possible bonds

Someone else for temporary integration
Into the theorem of your life
Your minimal demands
Masking maximal needs

I know I cannot take you on
Make you want to give
By going beyond yourself
To truly value another

Turning slowly away
To face my own muddle
My emptiness unfilled
I let my hair down