As the almond blossoms strike out
As the weather hovers between hot and cold
A familiar figure steps along the footsteps I trod
Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Did we not meander through blossom groves?
Did we not jostle side by side in flowered fields?
Did we not wander together along country lanes and alleys?
I have seen you somewhere before

Did we not dream together of a houseful of children?
Did we not muse for many an hour on ambitions and hopes?
Did we not ceremoniously commit ourselves to one another?
We did see each other everywhere then

Did we not struggle jointly for years to make a home?
Did we not labour to bring children into it?
Did we not raise them, for better or worse, like all parents?
We still saw each other all that time

Did we not share successes and crushing failures?
Did we not watch each other mature and grow?
Did we not suffer and hurt for each other?
Surely we did see each other in pain, fear and joy

What shall I say one day when our paths cross again?
"It is a nice morning but the forecast is rain"
Or "Tomatoes were cheap this week at the market"
Or "I could swear I have seen you somewhere before"