Linked Landscapes

Imagine yourself travelling for a few days on a train, watching the changing scenery
through the window.

A random look outside causes different places at various times of the day to mix into
an harmonious combination of small fragments of scenes that change from one color
to the next. The voyager travels across expanses of landscapes of deserts , green
fields, trees and flowers… until everything is blended in his mind and becomes one
big picture. Now imagine that the traveler makes the same trip in the opposite
direction. The order of the fragments of landscape changes and the whole picture is

This is the feeling I would like to express in this exhibition.

The observer passes by the tiny pictures and notices that the adjacent changing scenes
eventually create, too, a harmony of their own. When the observer reaches the other
side of the room he discovers that this harmony has many facets thus he sees a sort of
mosaic of many sections of landscape. This mosaic can change drastically when one
changes the order of the pictures. The visitor to this exhibition is invited to compose
various combinations by photographing the pictures and arranging them as he likes.

Liat Polotsky

Born in Jerusalem (1942), married and the mother of three.
Studied graphics and art at Bezalel School of art in Jerusalem
(Studied at David Yellin Teachers Seminar (Art major
B.A. in Art History and Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Completion of Art Teacher Training Course, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.A. in Educational Psychology, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors - Jerusalem Artists, and member
of the Israel Miniature Art Society.

Solo Exhibitions:

1980 - "Landscape Dream" - mixed technique of water-based colors - Allon Gallery, Jerusalem
1981 - "Roads" - geometrical wood reliefs combined with mirrors - industrial oil paints - The Artists House, Jerusalem.
1983 - "Portals to a Landscape" - watercolors - Brown Gallery, Jerusalem
1988 - "Small, Smaller and Large" - Watercolors of abstract landscapes. - The Artists House, Jerusalem.
1989 - "Landscapes" - watercolors, Including Galilee - Hylay Gallery, the Israel Center for Creative Arts. Ma'alot Tarshicha.
1992 - "Observations" - watercolors - Nora Gallery, Jerusalem.
2001 - "Linked Landscapes" - small oil paintings - The Artists House, Jerusalem.

Group Exhibitions:

1981 - "Spring Exhibition" - The Artists House, Jerusalem
1982 - "Gesture to Sinai" - The Artists House, Jerusalem
1984 - "Watercolor 1984" - Ella Gallery, Jerusalem
2000 - "33 X 33" - small-format works, oil on canvas The Artists House, Jerusalem
2000 - 3me Exposition internationale de la miniature et du petit tableau - SAMAP - France - small-format works,
            oil on canvas - Chateau de Bernicourt - Douai, France.
2000 -"Ecology" - color photograph on canvas - Haifa Auditorium - Haifa
2000 - "Small in Nature 2000" - watercolor miniatures - Peoples Gallery,
             International participants exhibition - British ColombiaCanada
2000 - "The Bible - The Millenium (2000)" - watercolor miniatures - Bet Gabriel at the Kinneret, Israel - International participants exhibition
2000 - "Members Exhibition" - Israel Miniature Art Society - watercolor miniatures - The Artists House, Petah-Tikva
2001 - "Black- white" - Miniatures in black, white and grey - watercolor miniatures - The Artists House, Tel-Aviv