In Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann's paintings there are no concrete houses, streets or outskirts of
They are merely her spiritual landscapes, mental sceneries, as she herself calls them. Rather they reflect her own moods and impressions of the city. Jerusalem has an atmosphere of sparkling colours, the sunset are purple, the sky is azure. Therefore, Miriam's painting blaze with colours, they are full of life and motion. ....
Works on paper -
Jerusalem - spiritual landscapes
Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann is an impulsive paintress. She mostly paints spontaneously without creating carefully reflected compositions in advance. Her artistic personality is characterized by strong expressiveness  manifested in marked colourfulness and a particular pictorial hand of her own. With reciprocal superimpositions  and overlaps of paints and the use of more or less transparent sprays a surface plasticity is attained and,  what is more, her paintings acquire depth and impression of a third dimension.                    PhDr. Ida Galova  (art historian)
From the catalog "Moj Jeruzalem" which followed the exhibition at the National Museum Bratislava, Slovakia.