Belted shrunken

Belted shrunken 
I sat inside 
a shining fleecy cloud 
steering over 
white islands. 

Down below 
you assembled 
broken marble columns 
for building 
steps to Olympus 
as quickly as possible 

to reach the oracle 
at heaven's gate still 

make him tell 
the Truth. 

Translated by: Anthony Rudolf

A choir of dogs

A choir of dogs 
barking in unison 
opened the season 

In a region 
of smoky landscapes 
I wanted to be with you. 

While I am here 
I hallucinate 

Your shape is crystallized 
for real by the waves 
at the front of my brain. 

A blue flame sprouting 
from your fingers warmed 
the potatoes 

I was keeping 
for cold winter nights 
and the thoughts 

poured out of my notebook 
like volcanic lava 
from a solid black highway. 

Translated by: Anthony Rudolf

Even in a fairy tale

In a miraculous forest 
under a blue sky 
I collected purple longings in a bag 
like mulberries or raspberries 
in a book of northern fairy tales; 
later I'll deliver them 
to your safe keeping. 

But the wolf got there first 
and now 
by grace of his teeth 
I am studying 
and I realize 
why responding to the forest 
is forbidden 
to mature girls 
dripping juicy colors 
even in the closed area 
of a fairy tale

Translated by: Anthony Rudolf

The poems Exile, Belted shrunken..., Even in a fairy tale, and one magical/morning were published in Modern Poetry in Translation no. 8, 1995,King's College London. 

Even in a fairy tale was published also in an anthology in Winnicott Studies, no.11, 1996, Karnac Books.