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 Nov. 1979 - Feb. 1980

One man show, Jerusalem's Israel Museum.


March - April 1980

Yefim B. Ladizhinsky" - exhibition at the University of Haifa art Gallery,Haifa.


April 1982

One man show, Mishkan Le'omanuiot, Kibbutz Ein-Harod.


Oct. 1985

Memorial Evening, including personal exhibition at the Artists House, Jerusalem.


April 1988

"Ladizhinsky Case" - exhibition at the Vera Gootckina gallery, Shlomzion St., Jerusalem.


Jan.- Feb. 1992

"Yefim Ladizhinsky (1911-1982), A Retrospective Exhibition".

Concourse Gallery, Barbican Center, London.


March 1993

"Yefim Ladizhinsky - works from "Babel" and "Odessa, my childhood's town", Shelomit Gallery, Tel-Aviv.


 August- Oct. 1995

"Ladizhinsky contemplating", personal exhibition at Ben-

David" Museum, Bar'am Kibutz.

April 1996

"Illustrations for Jewish Tales", group exhibition at the Mane Katz Museum, Haifa.

June- August 1996

"Yefim Ladizhinsky", personal exhibition at the Mane.

Katz Museum, Haifa.

Oct.- Nov. 1996 

Exhibition at Gregory Gallery, 41 East St., New York, NY.

March- April 1999

Exhibition at Gregory Gallery, 41 East St., New York, NY.


Planned exhibition at Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Museum - Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.


Press Reviews and Publications:


8 Nov. 1985

"Yefim Ladizhinsky - Awesome", Aya Gurevitch, an article reviewing the "Artists House" exhibition (see above), Kol Yerushalaim [Jerusalem Voice, weekly local newspaper), Jerusalem.


9 April 1986

"At Second Glance [documentary series] - Ladizhinsky Case", Doron Rosenblum, review of the program by, Koteret Rashit no. 175 [First Page, weekly national journal], Tel-Aviv.


20 April 1988

"An Immigrant on the Cross", Tali Tamir, an article reviewing the exhibition at the Vera Gootckina Gallery (see above), Kol Ha'ir [All of the City, weekly local newspaper], Jerusalem.


17 April 1992

"A few more words about Ladizhinsky", Eduard Kopetaikin, Vriemia [National daily newspaper in Russian], Tel-Aviv.


 Jan. 1993

"No Artist in thou town", Aliza Ziv, Kol Israel (French) [National Radio Station], Tel-Aviv.


26 Feb. 1993

"It's not a secret that he was miserable here", Emanuel Bar-Kedma, 7 Days [weekend supplement of Yediot Ahronot national newspaper], Tel-Aviv.


31 March 1994

"The flame guardian", Michael Hefetz, Viesty [National daily newspaper in Russian], Tel-Aviv.


19 April 1994

"To see a story", Iley Reiner, cover of the group exhibition at the Mane Katz museum, Kolbo [weekly local newspaper], Haifa.


28 June 1996

"The Lost Magic - the paintings of Yefim Ladizhinsky preserve flavours of a lost past", review of the Haifa exhibition (see above), Koteret, Haifa.


26 July 1996

"Back to Romance", Angela Levin, Jerusalem Post [National daily newspaper in English], Jerusalem.


19 April 1999

"Quest for colour in dreary life", Bella Gargushin, Novoye Russkoye Slovo, New York.


1 June 1999

"Naive art in Israel", Angela Levin, Ariel, no. 110, Jerusalem.


4 June 1999

"Yefim Ladizhinsky", Leonid Pintoushevsky, Pourttarts, New York.


"From Gulag to Glasnost - Nonconformist art from the Soviet Union", The Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection, Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 1999.


 Most of the exhibitions received TV and radio coverage. A compilation of TV programs devoted to the artist is available on a video tape. For additional details, please contact Victor Ladizhinsky on 00972-2-5860901 or Victoria Ladizhinskaya on 0972-2-5861878.


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