MIRIAM FLESCH - Artist and designer

Miryam Flesch was born in 1934 in the United States. She got married and raised a family, but always found time for art.
From 1954-1970, while  living northern Israel, she participated in courses and activities in the artist's village of Ein-Hod.
Among her teachers were some of the leading artistsof israel: Marcel Janco, Moshe Mokady, Arye Navon, Sima Slonim,
Michael Gross, Prof. Joseph Chaaltiel, and others.

In 1968 she received her teacher's certificate in Arts and Crafts from the Oranim Art Seminary, and began teaching at various
schools and community centers, etc.
In 1986, upon completing her studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Miriam received her B.A in Art and General History.
In 1990-1991 she was the head designer of the foremost manufacturer of glass and silver artwork in israel.
In 1992 she opened her own studio where she creates her own exclusive artworks.