Yona Dar was born and raised in Jerusalem. While growing up in Jerusalem she was inspired by the special atmosphere of
this old city. 

She is a graduate of The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she developed her own unique style in ceramic crafting. 

Today Yona Dar is one of the leading ceramic artists in Israel. All of her ceramic pieces were designed and hand crafted,
exclusively by her. 

Her works' main motif is the old city of Jerusalem. In each piece, one recognizes the popular symbols associated with the 
old city, such as arches, domes, the Western Wall, mosques and churches.

Yona's art work ranges from candlesticks, pictures, dreidels, statues, menorahs, Chanukiot, and mezzuzot. 
All of her art work represents a lovely souvenir and the unique feeling of being in Jerusalem. In addition, Yona is well known
for her sculptures of Israeli historical antiquities. 

Yona Dar's art work is on a permanent exhibition at her studio shop in the heart of the old city, in the Cardo, the reconstructed
Roman main shopping street of 6th-century AD Jerusalem.