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Updated:  May 27,  2008 at  9 am
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TEL AVIV (CITY) (see also Center area for neighbouring towns)


Alon Segev Gallery, Golda Center, 23 Shaul Hamelech Ave., 03-6090769:
"Continuity" - Dina Recanti, scalptures (till Friday, January 6)
Eldar Faber - Recent paintings
"La Vie En Rose" - Khen Shish (till Friday, March 4)
"Petal" - Stella Vine, paintings (till Friday, January 14)

"Auto Portraits" - Group exhibition (till Friday, November 26)
"Here Comes The Messayha Sound Systems" - Ido Shemi, sculptures (till Friday, October 15)
"Before The Decline" - Gary Goldstien, book art (till Friday, July 23)
"Poles, Towers, Bridges, New Pieces" - Maya Cohen Levy (till Friday, June 11)
"Universes" - Joseph Dadoune, new works (till Friday, April 23)
Tzibi Geva, glass works
Doron Rabina, floor works
Gai Ben Ner, paintings of domestic interiors
Monday-Thursday: noon-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Alternative Gallery, 15 Jerusalem Blvd, Jaffa, Tel Aviv , 03-5183175, 054-4451359:
Serge Bunkov - Paintings (till Wednesday, May 25)
"Virtual Exhibition" - Tamar Mike Laufer (till Tuesday, February 1)
Leo Contini - Mixed media (till Tuesday, Decembert 14)
"Femme Fatale" - Moran Chainal, paintings (till Tuesday, October 19)
Aviva Berger - Paintings (till Tuesday, July 13)

<>Amalia Arbel Art Gallery, 3 Shaar Zion St. (next to entrance to old Tel Aviv harbour, 03-5230171,03-5444398,
 03-5444399, 03- 7410584:
Amir Margalit - Photographs of man in nature (till Friday, March 18)
Ilya Armanovsky - Paintings (till Saturday, February 19)
Reuven Peled - Stone sculpture (till Thursday, April 15)

"Always Grow Again" - Yaffa Wainer, oils and pasterls 

Miriam Ginosar Dimet - Sculptures
Naomi Frankel -  Sculptures
new exhibition:
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Nakedness and Love" - Smadar Katz, oil on canvas and aquarel paintings "Creatures" - Alina & Yul, multimedia show using Internet technology
- Alina Spashilov, painting

Monday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-9pm; Friday: 11am-1pm; Saturday: 7-10pm

Amy Steinitz Gallery of Contemporary Art, 38 Shabazi St., Neve Tzedek, 03-5102594:
ighlights from former exhibitions:
"boy, girl, animal, plant, object", Talia Tokatly "boy, girl, animal, plant, object", Talia Tokatly
Sunday - Thursday: 5-7:30pm; Tuesday: 11am-1pm;  Thursday: 11am-1pm;  Friday: 11am-2pm

Art GaIlery, Cervantes Institute, 7 Shulamit, Tel Aviv 03-5279992:
Ealias Yacubovich - Alethia desoculamiento, paintings and sculptures (till Wednesday, June 15)
"Vanidades" - Eliyahu Diner, paintings (till Monday, January 5)

Art In Habima Theater Gallery, 2 Tarsat Blvd, Tel Aviv 03-5266666:
Sunday- Thursday: 7:30-8:30pm

ArtOnDiz Gallery, Mandelstam St, corner Dizengoff 03-6020825:
"Paintings" - Marilyn Magen, Binyamin Meyer
"Works" - Binyamin Meyer, Marilyn Magen

Arta Gallery, 83 Nachlat Benyamin St., 03-5601921:
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Under The Moon" - Marilen Vivanco & Jacques Sterenberg, paintings and installation

Jacques Sterenberg
"Oriental wind", 100 x 100 cm, oil on canvas

Marilen Vivanco
"Olimpia", 120 x 80 cm, oil on canvas
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

 Asia House Lobby Gallery , 4  Weizmann St., 03-6979990 , 03-6918216, 03-6963383, 03-5245321:
"Memorial exhibition" - Shuichi Nakahara, paintings and photos (till Tuesday, June 15) 
"Talking Heads" - Lilianne Milgrom, mixed-media installation

Ascola Design Gallery, 8 Hacharash St., 03-6888774:
Sunday-Thursday: 4-8pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

Association of Painters and Sculptors in Tel Aviv, 9 Alharizi St., 03-5246685, 03-5245685, 03-6040620
 03- 5346685  Fax: 03-5226433:
"Street Portrait" - Vardit Goldner, photographs (till Tuesday, December 27)
"Bashara" - Leah Dayan, photographs (till Tuesday, December 27)
"Weapons" - Riki Fuch, objects
(tillFriday, January 6)
"Another Time" - Hana Meged, paintings
(tillFriday, January 6)
Keren Golan - Installation (tillFriday, January 6)
Dalia Meir - Istallation landscape
(till Friday, December 2)
Rinat Podisuk - Reisner - Recent works (till Friday, December 2)
"Hallway" - Claudias Shovers, back to age three (till Friday, December 2)
miniaturists- (till Friday, December 2)
Orit Chasson Valder  - Installation photography
  (till Tuesday, May 31)
"In The Image " - Dani Elieli, photographs  (till Tuesday, May 31)
Tessi Chohen Feffer - Mixed media installation recent works  (till Tuesday, May 31)
Group Show -  (till Tuesday, May 31)
"Like A Puppet On A String" - Gaaia Tchetchik, installation and video (till Monday, April 25)
"Angels Above Tel Aviv " - Dina Merhav, steel sculptures
(till Monday, April 25)
Lev Stern - Wall drawings (till Monday, April 25)
Michal Krieger - photographs (till Monday, April 25)
Zvia Sadja - Colage photos (till Monday, April 25)
Gadi Amram - 1951 - 2004 last works (till Friday, February 25)
Pesach Slabosky - Recent mixed media works
(till Friday, February 25)
"Little China' - Guy Shoham, paintings (till Friday, February 25)
"Interior Window" - Noel Fortuna, paintings (till Friday, February 25)
Avner Ben Chana - Paintings (till  Thursday, March 3)
"Meantime" - Liat Kor
(till Friday, January 14)
"Sytone" - Rivka Meir, paper scissors (till Friday, January 14)
Mirele Russo Altretz - Acrylic paintings
(till Thursday, January 27)
Sarah Lubrani - New works (till Thursday, January 27)
"The Little Man" - Harry Araten, nature and freedom, memorial show (till Friday, December 31)
Meantime " - Liat Kor (till Friday, January 14)
"Stone" - Rivka Meir, paper, scissor (till Friday, January 14)
Bianca Eshel Gershuni - Comprehensive review (till Friday, January 14)
Betty Wachstuck Sheinfeld - Sculpture
(till Wednesday, December 1)
Yaniv Sheinfeld - Photographs (till Wednesday, December 1)
Serge Bunkov -  Romantic paintings (till Wednesday, November10)
Sharon Shachar - Recent works (till Wednesday, November10)
Nehama Golan - Installation (till Wednesday, November10)
"The Light Of Shadow And Light" - Rachel Shavit, paintings and drawings 1969-2004 (till Sunday, November 28)
"Anborexia My Love" - Ganit Orion, photographs (till  Thursday, October 14)
Ephraim Lifshitz - 1909-2004, paintings (till  Thursday, October 14)
"Que Sera Sera" - Esti Drori - Chayot, paintings (till  Thursday, October 14)
Hava Polivoda - Drawings (till  Thursday, October 14)
Noga Yudkoviych Etzioni - Installation (till  Thursday, October 14)
Yael Hefner - Paintings (till Friday, July 30)
Danit Rofa - Quilt art (till Sunday, July 18)
Ayal Azom - Photographs (till Friday, July 30)
Jacque Heller - Expressive paintings  (till Monday, June 28)
"Mazaluli" - Erga Heller, paintings (till Monday, June 28)
Moshe Kupferman - Works on carton (till Tuesday, June 22)
Roswithga Josefine pape -  Woodcuts (till Tuesday, June 22)
"Collapse" - Mira Tzeder, works on paper (till Tuesday, June 22)
"Leaves" - Tessa Hagiti, watercolors (till Tuesday, June 22)
"On The Way To The Sea" - Hana Sachrai, paintings (till Tuesday, June 22)
"The Edge" - Atalia Shachar, painting-installation
"Quiet From Another Place" - Osnat Her, mixed media 
"Shrinkage" - Dvora Morag, 50 small formatworks 
"Image of the Cat" - Shonit Kushnir, installation art
"Overcraft" - Decorative arts by 15 participants (till Friday, April 16)
"Shrinkage" - Dvora Morag, 50 small format works (till Friday, April 16)
"Image Of Cat" - Shonit Kushnir, installation art (till Friday, April 16)
Mazalit Hatzroni, recent works (till Friday, April 16)
Ovadia Tuag - Abstract paintings (till Friday, April 16)
"Account Of Obsession" - Gliliah Levy,new works (till Friday, March 19) 
"Life In Color" - Eti Patcini, paintings (till Friday, March 19) 
Gabriela Shutz - Colored drawings (till Friday, March 26)
"Through' - Orna Milo, recent works (till Friday, March 26)
"Red Time" - Sarah Spivak, recent paintings (till Tuesday, February 24)
"Little Men Of War" - Harold Rubin, wall murals (till Sunday, January 25) 
Yaniv Yehuda Eiger, Liva Mizrachi - Recent works by young artists (till Friday, February 6) 
"Photo Rapes" - Michal Heimam, photographs (till Thursday, February 5)
"Dreamtime" - Yosefa Frenkel, paintings (till Friday, January 9) 
"Little Men Of War" - Harold Rubin, drawings (till Wednesday, January 7) 
for more information look at:
Lydia Douer - Landscape and  photographs (opening Tuesday, January 1)
Ariel Shafran - Landscape and  photographs (opening Tuesday, January 1)
"Reflections In The Mirror" - Udi Rosenwein (opening Sunday, April 29)
Anna Marlene Balish - Water colours
John Byle - Paintings
"Children Dream - The Dreams Come True" - Liora Rosenmann

highlights from former exhibitons:

Ilana Raviv - Tabernacle of Peace - Homage to Zecharia
"Haporets Hanotsets (The Shiny Burglar)" -
Iligili - psychoactive multimedia (new works, digital prints and video art)
Sunday-Thursday: 9.30am-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Aykis Gallery, 25 Gordon St, Tel Aviv 03-5292386:
"Feminist Theme" - Ayala Kariv, mixed media (till Wednesday, June 30)

Bayliss Gallery, 8 Second Aliyah St.,Jaffa, Tel Aviv  03-6820644:
Yehuda Broitman - Mixed media works

Beit Ha'am Gallery, 4 Harebbe Mibachrach St.,Florentin  03-6826369:
"Leisure" - Avi Tzarfati
Idit Yolzeri - Mixed media and digital photography
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-5pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Be'maavar (In the Passage) Gallery, in the passage between Dizengoff Cinema and Hamizrachi Building:

<>Bernard Gallery, 170  Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv, 03-5270547:
"Cty Of Love" - Ivan Schwebel, paintings  (till Friday, December 16)
Amnon David Ar - Realism drawings and paintings (till Frida, June 17)
Baruch Elron - Paintings from the Bible (till Friday, April 29)
"Playing Hide - And Seek" - Six young painters comment on childhood (till Thursday, March 24)
Avraham Pesso - Landscape paintings (till Sunday, February 6)
Jacob Pins - Oil cuts (till Friday, June 18)

"Gallery Collection" - New gallery 
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

 <>Bezalel Academic Gallery, 60 Salameh St., Tel Aviv, 03-6824082:
"Yona At Bezalel" - Young Israeli, Palestinian and French artists who worked with curartor Yona Fischer since the 80's
(till Saturday, February 19)  
"Animal Vegetable Miniral" - MFA Show 2004 (till Saturday, June 26) 

Bible House, 16 Rothschild St, 03-5177760, 03-5166393:
"Judica" - Group show (till Tuesday, December 13)
Raya Greenberg - Computer generated paintings (till Sunday, February 1)

Mazal Shavit - Sculptures (till Sunday, February 1)
"The Bible In Painting And Sculpture - Group show (till Tuesday, January 21)
Zeev Yaavin - Biblical drawings
"Micraor" - Samples that give light on the Bible - permanent exhibition

Bineth Gallery, 15 Frishman St., 03-5238910:
"Speechless" - Alex Levac, Avraham Eilat, photograph, landscapes of void, prints (till Friday, June 17) 
"Crazy Cards" - Alex Kremer, new paintings (till Friday, May 13)
Sharon Poliakine - Paintings (till Wednesday, March 23)
Jan Rauchwerger - Paintimgs from the '60s (till Tuesday, March 16)
"Totems" - Moshe Shek, ceramic sculptures (till Wednesday, February 11)
"Back To Back" - Jan Rauchwarger and Avner Katz, (opening Wednesday, January 23)
"Artist's Wall" - Sharon Poliakan and Lilian Klapish
new exhibitions:
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Just Another Day - Hay, paintings in blue and yellow"
- Michael Kovner
"a walk" -
Alex Kremer, paintings
Bineth-B Print Gallery:
Prints by Alex Kremer, Asaf Ben-Zvi, Leo Ray and Yehiel Shemi
both Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Borocohov Studio, 26 Schenkin St. Tel Aviv 03- 5282420:
highlights from former exhibitions:


Aluminium cast
5 x 20 x 38

Camera Obscura, 4 Rival St., 03-5371871, 03-5371863:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8 pm; Friday: 10am-12:30pm

Ceramic Design Gallery, 32 Shenkin St., 03-6290440, 03-6368444:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-4pm

<>Chelouche Gallery Of Contemporary Art, 5 Chissin St., 03-5289713:
"Home Cooking" - Nurit Yarden, installation (till Saturday, December 10)
William Kentridge - Drawings, prints, film. (till Saturday, June 18)
Assaf Rahat - Mixed media works (till Saturday, March 12)
"Riding Lesson" - Nadav Weissman, installation (till Monday, January 31)
"Family Plot" - Txomin Badiola, Installation (till Friday, November 26)
 Special Summer Sale - Works by gallery regulars (till Saturday, July 24) 
"When I Wake Call Me" - Tova Lotam, recent works (Friday, June 18)
"Parallel Lines Will Never Meet" - Group show, Gilerman, Frost, Shamir, Yahav Levy (till Friday, April 30) 
Limor Orenstein and Alona Friedberg - Video and photographs (till Friday, January 9)
Motti Mizrachi, Buky Grinberg - Body - Care Light
Monday-Thursday: 10 am-1pm, 5-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Concrete (Start) Art, Yakhin House, 2 Kaplan St., 03-6912988:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-12pm, 4-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Constant Gallery, 42 Smadar St, 03-5754384:
Moshe Gutbeer - Carved sculptures (till Thursday, September 30) 

Council For Beautiful Isrel Gallery, 80 Rokach St,
Hagar Erez - Photographs of trees

Dervish - Gallery of Ethnic Art, 21 Dov Hoz St., 03-5248852, 03-5230171:
"Tribal Art From Papua New Guniea" - Masks etal (opening Thursday, November 10)
Ethnic Jewelry, Wood Carvings, Fabrics and Ethnic Art from all over the world - permanent exhibition

Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

Dizengoff Gallery , 6 Esther Hamalcha St., 050-6214708:
"Soviet Realism" - By Recent Olim (till Sunday, December 18)

<>D. S. Danon Gallery, 42 Frug St., 03-5225847:
Every One And His Or Her Why" - Tsviya Molad, fabric art (till Thursday, July 15)

"Read Flower" - Paintings - Amos Blas
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-1pm, 5-7pm; Friday: 10:30am-1pm

Dvora Schik Antiques and Art Gallery, 66 Rotschild Boulevard (third floor), 03-5602970:
Permanent exhibition of antique furniture and unique items
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4:30 pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Dvir Gallery, 11 Nahum St., 03-6043003:
Yitzhak Golombek, Yigal Nizri, Eli Petel - Recent works (till Saturday, June5)
Orna Bromberg - Recent works (till Saturday, April 3)
"Welcome To Hanksville" - Melik Ohanian, mixed media (till Saturday, February 28)
Yehudit Levin - Works 2003 (till Tuesday, January 20)
" Photographs" - Yossi Berger, Sharon Bareket, Pavel Wolberg, Noa Zait, Ohad Matalon And
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm; 5-7:30pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-1pm

Dvir Gallery, 11 Nitzana St.,  03-6827513:
Group Show - Bromberg, Golombek, Gross, Levin and Reisman - till Sunday, December 30)

<>Engel Gallery, 26 Gordon St., Tel Aviv 63438; Phones: 03-5225637, 03-5239847:
"Forest Tunes" - Shai Zakai, (till Friday, December 16)
"Home" - Yoav Ben Dov, paintings (Friday, April 8)
"Four Israelis In Paris" - Areview of Moreh, Nili, and Moreno Pincas, Richard Beilin (till Sunday, November 14)
"White On Black" - Shmuel Engel (Malachi), drawings (till Friday, July 9)

Fax: 03-5226145; e-mail:
highlights from former exhibitons:
Step in it's fun Step In It's Fun 
Erez Rota-Shisoka 
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-2pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Ephrat Gallery, 21 Gordon St., 03-5237624, 03-5238037:
Talila Shir - Single exhibit, paintings  (opening Thursday March 27, till  Monday  April 7)
Lili Ezer - Pastels (till Tuesday, May 24)

"Colors, Hypocris- Moti Shani (till Thursday, April 28)y And Hope"
Paz Winshtein - Self paintings (till Sunday, October 10)
'Cookies" - Aviva Beigel, decorative sculptures (till Thursday, February 26)
highlights from former exhibitions:
  Moussia Toulman (1903-1997)
Monday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-7pm; Friday: 10:30-noon

Esther Gallery,  101 Yehuda Halevy,03-5601729:
Ido Baroel, Koby Levy, Nahum Tevet, Yanay Toister - Gallery group (till Friday, November 5)

Farkash Gallery, 5 Mazal Dagim Alley, Old Jaffa, 03-6834741:
"Women At 50" - Carolina Ben Shemesh, photographs (till Friday, April 2)
Paintings from the gallery's collection - Permanent exhibition (till Thursday, August 5)
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8:30pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 7-10pm

Floresent , 19 Tushia St Tel-Aviv,  03-6244008:
 Friday, Saturday: 12am-4pm

Gallery 12, Tel Aviv Port, 03-6296179:

<>Gallery 24,  28 Gordon St, Tel Aviv  03-5229547:
"Irony' - Ronen Erlich, Shai Sigler, Nir Aharon, next in the hidden protest (till Saturday, May 28)

<>Gallery 33,  33 Yehuda Halevi St, Tel Aviv  03-5165418:
Meir Appelfeld - Recent paintings (till Tuesday, December 20)
Group Show - (till Monday, February 14)
Goldberg, Natarova, Norfolk, Sahils, Shay, Tritt - Recent paintings (till Monday, February 14)
"Gergeous Contradiction" - Guy Yanai, paintings (till Monday, January 3)
"Heroic Offering" - Josshua Deaner, photographs (till Rriday, November 19)
"Staring into Death" - Aaron Norfolk, works 1996 - 2004 (till Monday, September 27)

"Metamorphoses" - Ben Tritt, figurative paintings (till Tuesday, August 3)

Gallery 49, Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv  03-6780066:

Gallery in Borochov, 26 Shenkin St., Phone: 03-5280338:
Sunday-Thursday: 9pm-midnight; Friday: 9am-3pm

Gaoprint Gallery,
74 Ben Yehuda , 03-5243968:
"Jaffa Pleasure Boats" - Yosal Bergner, paintings (till  Monday, November 8)

<>Genia Schreiber Art Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Phone: 03-6409022 03-6408860  ; Fax: 03-6409020:
"Reflecting Their Own Image" - Israeli photographers (till Thursday, June 30)
"Artic" - AICF scholarship winners (till Thursday, August 5)

"Here NowTomorrow Where?" - Dany Zakheim, recent works 
"A Multifaceted View, Of Great Spanish architect" - Antoni Gaudi (opening Monday, January 26)
Erich Mendelsohn - Dynamics and function
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-7pm

 <>Gina Gallery Of International Naive Art, 255 Dizengoff St., 03-5444150, 03-5299187:
"A Rhapsody Of Color) - Five Hungarian naive painters (till Friday, December 2) 
"Prize Winner" - Samson, Delilah, Naive painters (till Friday, May 20)
"Carnaval Of Color" - Brazillian Naive painters (till Friday, June 24)
"From The World Of The Naive Painters Part 2" - Recent additions (till Friday, May 20)
"Naive Paintings From South Eastern Europe" - Serbi, Croatia, Hungary and Romania (till Friday, February 25)
"Landscapes From ANaive View" - Paintings (till Friday, January 21)
"Voices Out Of Frame" -  Paulina Pinsky, naive paintings (till Friday, November 19)
"The World Of Navism" - Group show (till Friday, October 22) 

"Naivism" - Naive art (opening Thursday, July 8 till Friday, July 30) 
"Art Song Chronicles" - Michael Falk, naive paintings (till Friday, June 25)
"Naivism" - Revisited, new works from the gallery collectin (till Friday, May 28) 
"Naivete, A New Meeting" - Gallery selection (till Friday, May 14) 
"Paint Me An Opera" - Sophia Mazaraki Kalogeropoulou, paintings (till Friday, April 16)
"Gina" - Gallery of Int'l, permanent exhibition

 <>Givon And Bineth Gallery, 35 Gordon St., Phone: 03-5225427; Fax: 03-5232310:
Servet Kocyigit - Photography, video, scalpture, text (till Saturday, December 10)
"Chazeret" - Group show (till Friday, June 24)
"Disrupted Realism - Group show
(till Saturday, May 14)
"Patio" - Ravit Mishli (till Saturday, May 14)
James Rosenquist  -  Ten paintings 1965 - 2004 (till Saturday, April 30)
"Favorites"-  Group show (till Saturday, February 26)
"New York" - Michael Kovner, landscapes, oils (till Monday, February 7) 
Ido Bar - El Paintings (till Friday, January 14)
Oren Eliav, Netally Schlosser, Reuven Israel - Three Bezalel graduates (till Friday, Novenber 26)
"With Kupferman- After Kupferman- With Kupferman" - Never exhibited paintings and drawings (till Friday, August 6)
"Critically Correct" - Group show (till Friday, June 4)
"The Lesser - The Better" - Group show (till Friday, April 2)
Roniot Broner Graff - Paintings (till Friday, March 26)
"Seven Good Years" - Nurit David, paintings (till Friday, January 30)
"Zion's Fiction" - Eliahou Eric Bokobza, three part painting - installation (till Sunday, January 4)
"Using My Talent For The Good Of Huankind" - Pesach Slabosky, new works, mixed media
Pinchas Cohen Gan - Installation of paintings and sculpture
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm <>

Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben-Yehuda St., Tel Aviv, 63401; Phones: 03-5240323, 03-5244862;03-5243232
Fax: 03-5240935:
Yaakov Dorchine - Small scalptures
(till Wednesday, January 4)
"Five Continents" - Philip Rantzer, new works (till Wednesday, January 4)
Michal Shizaf - Paintings (till Wednesday, January 4)
Yair Garbuz - Two wall installations (till Saturday, June 11)
Henry Shelesnyak - From the artists eastate
Orit Adar Bechar, Michal Sheizaf - Wall sculptures and  paintings (till Sunday, February 20)
"Look - From Afar" - Yair Garbuz, paintings (till Sunda, January 16)
"Acre" - Simcha Shirman, photographs
"Sling Shot Girl" - Tamar Getter, video-painting (till Monday, December 13)
"Couple Swapping" - Penny Hess-Yassour and Gilad Ophir, Yaakov Dorchin and Yoav Efrati, new works
(till Tuesday, October 26)
"Self Portrates" - By 13 photographers (till Monday, August 30)

"Signed And Dated" - Works by Reeb, Efrati, Garbuz, Geva and Krispel (till Sunday, August 1) 
"Fields Of Light" - Dalia Amotz, photographs (till Friday, June 18)
Penni Hess - Yasour - Recent installation art
"Juice" - Sharon Zargari, Guy Kridan, Ariel Chlesinger, phtographs (till Friday, March 26)
"Prolog" - New works by gallery regulars (till Friday, February 20)
"Deadand" - Works by Golombek, Ne'eman, Sgancohen, Patri and Klazmer (till Thursday, January 8)
Leopold Krakauer - Selected drawings, 1920-1953
Simcha Shirman - Recent photographs (opening Friday, March 30)
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Golkonda Art Gallery, Daniel Frish 3, The Tower House Floor 11, 03-6952735:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm, by phone conformity

Gross 1 & 2 Gallery, Dizengoff Center (corner of King George & Dizengoff Streets, bottom floor next to "Cookie Man"), 03-6051825, 054-529493:
Arieh Berkowitz, sculptural installation (till Tuesday, February 24)
"After The Holidays" - Tova Lotan (till Monday, January 6)
All week, all day

Hagar Gallery, 99 Yefet, Old Jaffa :

Hakikar Gallery, 3 Kikar Kedumim, Old Jaffa, 03-6821833:
Monday-Thursday & Saturday: 7-10pm

Hamumhe -Alternative Space for Art, 40 Shabazi St. (corner Piness St.), Neveh Tzedek, 03-5107854:
Monday: 5-8pm; Tuesday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm;  Wednesday: 5-8pm; Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-1pm

Hands (Yadaim), 46 Yerushalaim Blvd., Jaffa, 03-5238416:
Monday-Thursday: 5-7:30pm; Friday & Saturday: 11am-1pm

Har-El Printers & Publishers, Jaffa Port, main gate, Building # 5, 03-6816834:
Moshe Gershuni - Recent drawings
Lea Nikel, screen prints
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 10:30am-2pm (or by phone appointment)

Heder Gallery, 11 Gottleib, Tel Aviv:
Ronen Sman Tov - Closeness, recent work

<>Hellena Rubinstein Pavilion, 6 Tarsat Blvd , 03-5287296, 03-5287196:
"Irises And Daffodils, Dragonflies And Butterflies" - Glassware of Emile Galle, Gertner collection
"The Endless Solution" - Sigalit Landau, installation
"Glassware Of Emile Galle" - Gertner collection,ireises and daffodils, dragonfliesand butterflies
"In Between" - Ibbrahim Nubani, paintings

"Summertime" - Alice Klingman, floor installation
"The Cactus" - Ilan Baruch, introsspection paintings
"Tel Aviv's Modern Movement" - International and Bauhaus styles recognized by Unesco (till Saturday, August 7) 
"First Portrait" - Works by Mifal Hpayis schlorship winers (opening Monday, September 22)
"Homage To Avraham Karavan" - Tel Aviv,city and gardens (opening Sunday, June 15)
"Bauhaus Tel Aviv - Jerusalem" - Gunther Forg, photographs
"Modern Furniture Design" - Charles and Ray Eames
"Building And Architecture 1940-1973" - The Israeli Project

 <>Horace Richter Gallery, 24 Simtat Mazal Arie., Old Jaffa, 03-6825842, 03-5182150:
"Colors Of Shadows" - Yigal Zemer, paintings (till Wednesday, December 28)
"Theater Della Arte" - Zmira Hindes Wartenberg, paintings (till Tuesday, May 24)
Erez Avni - Recent paintings (till Tuesday, November 30)
Tenno Pent Sooster And Alexsander Ganelin - Recent works (till Tuesday, November 2)
Students Of Photography - End term show (till Sunday, August 8) 

Group Show - (till Tuesday, July 13)
Yvette Shapira - Oil paintings (till Monday, June 14)
"Shalom, Solder" - Rachl Ouziel, paintings (till Monday, April 26) 
"Chile And Israel" - Magic realism, cultures meet (till Friday, March 5)
"Designs for bread stands" - Bread Case, (till Friday, February 6)
Oranit Belnek, Aril Vanunou - Recent works (till Thursday, January 15) 
 Monday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-9pm; Friday: 11am-1pm; Saturday: 7-9pm

India, 59 Salame St., 03-5181416:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-3pm; Saturday: 1-7pm

Irit Gabrieli Amitai - Ceramic Art and Pottery Studio, 56 Shabazi St., Neve-Zedek,
Phone: 03-5173128; Mobile phone: 053-429739; Fax: 03-5173128; email:
Permanent exhibition of ceramic works - hand-designed pottery and wall tiles
Coffee Set
Butter or cheese dish

Wall tiles for children's room
Sunday: 10am-8pm; Monday: 10am-11pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-5pm, Friday: 9am-2pm.
Irit gives courses in ceramics/pottery at her studio.
Ishur Zmani Gallery, 49 Aliya St, 03-6882656:
"Community Show" - By Florentin Locals

Israelian, Specialty Gallery And  Antiquarian, 25 Gruzenberg S't , 054-401222:
Poma - Israeliana

Jaffa Gallery, 15 Simtat MAazal Dagim St, Old Jaffa, Tewl Aviv, 03- 6826169:
Eliezer Weishoff - Permanent collection of paintings and sculptures in a new gallery

Joseph Baw Gallery, 9 Breditzski St, 03- 6725970 03- 6851571:
Joseph Bau - Paintings,prints and animation, permanent exhibition
Gallery Collection -  Orginal Paintings , Graphics from year fifty,
Monday-Thursday: 1-7:30pm;  Friday,Saturday: 1-4pm

<>Julie M. Gallery, 7 Glikson St., 03-5253389, 03-6295473, 03-5253389:
Marek Lechner - Picnic in Bermuda, paintings
"Glasses And Stains" - Deganit Berest, new works (till Saturday, May 7)
"Departure" - Rivka Rinn, photographs (till Thursday, Fbruary 10)
Anat Bezer - New works (till Sunday, January 2)
"Adults Only" - Yakkov Mishori, works from the 80s (till Monday, November 22) 

Tsachit Goldman, Anat Berman - Illustrations and paintings (till Thursday, July 8) 
Dina Shinhav - Recent works (till Thursday, MAy 20)
Ofir Dor - New works (till Thursday, March 18) 
"From Paradise To Parradise" - Osvalso Romberg, installation (till Thursday, February 5)
"Current Events" - Deganit Berest, Tsibi Geva, Michal Ne'eman 
Dinah Shinhav - Floor installation and paintings
"Things in Spirit" - Noa Melamed and Galit Rob
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Kav 16 Gallery - Community Gallery for Contemporary Art, 6 Sheshet Hayamim St., Neve Eliezer, 03-6201042, 03-7300360:

<>Kibbutz Art Gallery, 25 Dov Hoz St., 03-5232533:
"Domain" - Gaia Tchetchik, new installation (till  Tuesday, December 13)
Asaf Ben Zvi - Recent drawings (till Friday, June 17)
"Private Space" - Hana Rehav
Hela Chartieli - Photographs (till Friday, March 11)
Vered Levy, Miri Or - Mixed media and installation (till Friday, January 28)
Moshe Mirsky, Osnat Ben Shalom, Roland Van Den Berg - Recent works (till Friday, December 10)
"Room" - Nimrod Reuveni, installation (till Fridauy, July 30)

"Last Campaign" - Tamar Hurvitz (till Fridauy, July 30)
Dorit Figovitz Goddard, Noa Ben-Nun Melamud - Works in mixed media (till Friday, June 18)
"Mother Loves The Cinema" - Dov Heller, paintings (till Friday, May 11
"Lilo's Store Room" - Ami Wollach, photographs (till Friday, May 11) 
"Life Story" - Ella Aviram, installation (till Friday, May 11) 
"Granada Eggplant" - Ilan Luzon, photographs (till Friday, May 11)
"Mother Loves Cinema" - Dov Heller, paintings 
"Lilo's Storeroom" - Wollach , photographs 
"Life Story" - Ella Aviram, installation
"Grandpa Eggplant" - Ilan Luzon, photographs
"Between Autumn And  Spring" - Exhibition and sale (till Tuesday, March 30)
Salman Nasarsa - Beduin paintings (till Friday,March 26) 
Anat Lotan - Installation (till Friday,March 26) 
"Children In War" - Nir Kafri, photos (till Friday,March 26) 
"Satation" - Inbal Abergil, photographs (till Friday, February 20) 
"The Read Roomn" - Tamar Phlip, photographs (till Friday, February 20) 
"Now I Feel" - Michaelis - Levy, installation (till Friday, February 20) 
"Small Murders" - Dov Or Ner, works on paper (till Monday, January 19) 
"Big Sale" - Gallery regulars 
Gur Lavie, Yosef, Argov, Ben shalom, Bareket - Group show (opening Sunday, May 12)
Doron Livneh And Noga Linchebsky - Drawings
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Leonardo - Kibbutz Ha'artzi House, 13 Leonardo da Vinci St.,
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-6pm; Friday: 8-12am

Light House Gallery, 13 Hamigdalor St., Old Jaffa, 03-6817926:
"The Blessed Woman From The Seas" - Dorit Yakoby, painting and sculpture (curator: Ruth Jakobson)
Sunday-Thursday: 9 am-4:30pm

Limbus Place for Photography Gallery, 159-161 Ben-Yehuda St. (in yard), 03-5220678:
Tel-Aviv Roofs" - Alina Speshilov, 20 minimalist drawings, black industrial paint on transperant paper 
(till Friday, January 24)
Yaron Rozner - Miranda photographs
highlights from former exhibitions:
Sarah Knoller, photography

Untitled (Camellia buds-2), 1999


"Longing for the Sea"  (Gaaguim layam)

Monday-Thursday: 5-7pm; Tuesday & Friday: 10am-1pm

Line 16 Gallery, 6 Sheshet Hayamim St, Neve Tzedek , 03-3700360:
"Furnishing" - Ami Faezbitze, Yetzach Livne, Ohad Mrume (opening Sunday, February 11)
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

<>Mabat Contemporary Art Gallery, 31 Gordon St., 03-5236868:
Israeli And International Print Sale -Including Rembrandt, Picasso, Braque, Miro etc 
"Triger" - Miri Shefer Hadas, paintings (till Tuesday, June 28)
Tova Meller - Memorial exhibition (till Sunday, November 14)
"For Catherine"- Mira Kliger, figure paintings

"Panorama" - Dalia Meiri, recent sculptures (opening Wednesday, January 21) 
"Bravo Leslapins" - Shimon Avny, paintings (till Thursday, January 8) 
Avner Sher - Paintings (till Monday, January 27)
Fellice Pazner Malkin - Paintings (opening Saturday, February 2)
"Body Shell Empty of Woman" - Sharona Naftali and Nitzan Hermoni, photography
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30am-1:30pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10:30am-2:30pm

Many H. Gallery, 30 Ahuza St., Neveh Tzedek, 03-5174606, 03-7329902:
Tara Group - Video and poto documents (till Saturday, May 8)
Evzen Sobek - Czech photographer
"Friendship" - Richardrd Washko
Monday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-7pm; Friday: 11am-2pm

Mapu East Gallery, 74 Ben Yehuda St., 03-5228034:

Mary Faouzi Gallery, 11 Nitzana St., Jaffa, 03-5184265:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1:30pm

Migdal Gallery, 3 Frisch St.,:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-8pm; Friday: 9am-noon

<>Miriam Yabnic Yaniv Gallery, 5 Mozer St, Tel Aviv 03-5469398:
"Black Jack" - Glass art by Serge Bunkov (till Sunday, December 11)
"Clear Flesh" - Boris Shpeizman (till Thursday, March 3)
Glass Works - Sculptures and lighting (till Frida, November 26)

Migdal Hashalom Gallery, 9 Ahad Ha'am St, Tel Aviv:
Maya Or, Katrin Azriel, Chagit Klir - Installation artists (till Tuesday, February 1)
"Quilt Art" - By a dozen fiber artists (till Monday, November 15) 
David Morris - Ceramic Sculptures (till Friday, March 26) 
David Sharir - Theatrical sets and costumes (opening Friday, May 16)

Nehama Cafe-Gallery, Noga Complex, 7 Nehama St., Jaffa, 03-5184006:
"Secret Exhibition" - Michal Spektor
Sunday-Thursday: 8pm-2 past midnight; Friday: 10pm-3 past midnight; Saturday: 8pm-2 past midnight; or by phone appointment

<>Nelly Aman Gallery, 26 Gordon St.,  03-5232003:
"Games Of Kings" - Erez Golan (till Wednesday, December 28)
Michael Druks - Recent paintings (till Frida, May 6)
"The Warrior Muse" - Guy Raz (till Friday, January 28)
"World Of Awe, The Code - Skin" - Yael Kanarek, photos (till Monday, December 6)
Asad Azi - Recent works (till Friday, July 2)

Yosef Shlein - Sculptures (till Tuesday, March 2)
Monday-Thursday: 11am-2pm, 5:30-8pm; Friday: 11am-2pm

New Atelier Gallery, Pomrock House, 56 Achad Ha'am St., Tel Aviv, 65202, Phones: 03-5665058, 03-5664993;
Fax: 03-5667728:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-2pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 11am-1pm

New  Gallery, 73 Frishman St., Tel Aviv, 03-5290357:
Collection Gallery

Nophar Art Gallery,29 Gordon  St., 03-5228814, 03-5229238:
"Dynamics" - Liat Polotsky, paintings (till Sunday, May 16) 
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-1pm, 4:30-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

<>Noga Gallery, 60 Ahad Ha'am St., 03-5660123:
"Insatiable" - Orit Raff, multimedea (till Friday, May 20)
"The Nine Gates Of My Body" - Pnina Reichman, recent works
(till Friday, February 25)
'Project" - Ruth Or, (till Friday, February 25)
Orly Maiberg - Photos to paintings (till Saturday, January 15)
Talia Keinan - Video art and drawings (till Tuesday, November 23)

<>Meirav Hayman - Video art (till Tuesday, November 23)
"Calling" - Bettina Bach, photos (till Friday, July 30)

Gilad Efrat - Recent paintings (till Friday, June 18) 
"Closer" - Elinor Carucci" - photographs (till Friday, April 30)
"Crimes Of The Heart" - Marilou Levin, video (till Friday, March 19) 

Noga Contemporary Art Gallery, 334 Dizengoff St., 03-5250740:
Rona Yefman - Photographs
Meirav Heiman - Photographs
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Office (Misrad) in Tel Aviv Gallery, 1 Shlomo Hamelech St. (in yard), 03-5254191:
"My Identity Card" - Rafi Dayagi, (tilln Sunday, December 25)
Osias Hofstatter, Pinhas Golan, Sonia Gurfein - Portrait from the Holocaust (till Monday, May 23)
Iris Davidi - Installation (till Tuesday, March 1)
"The Superiority Of The Flower Over Man" - Sonia Gurfein,
more information at   (till Monday, January 31)

Monday,Tuesday,Friday: 11am-2pm. Thursday: 2pm- 5pm or by prior phone arrangement

OPAL Art Gallery, " Ela House" 57 Rotchild St.Tel Aviv  03-6137724 03- 6202907:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-7:30pm; Friday: 10:30am-1:30pm

OPhir Gallery,  1943 Iben Gvirol St.Tel Aviv  03-6024378:
"Dream" - Itti Asher Meir, photos (till Wednesday, August 6)

Peer Gallery, 28 Gordon St., 03-5238546, 03-5291452:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1 pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Pearl Art Gallery, 31 Rotchild Boulevard St.
"Nostalgia" - Avi Belaish (opening Saturday, May 10 till Tuesday, May 20)
"Our Beautiful World" - (opening Saturday, May 24 till Tuesday. June 3)

Periscope Contemporary Design Gallery, 176 Ben-Yehuda St., 03-5226815, 09-7716560:
"Basic Contrast" - Anton Zubatov, Feodor Bezzubov, design (till Saturday, December 24)

Tel Aviv Photographic Society,
12 Esther Hamalka, 03-5270757;

"Chairs" - Ronit Zor, ceramics installation (till Saturday, May 21)
Rafi Mintz, Moshe Shek - Paintings on plates (till Friday, April 22)
"Infinitude" - Hani Laronne (till Saturday, March 12)
"Luftgesheft" - Karni,Rosenthal,Lifshitz, (till Saturday, February 5)
"Normally Open, Normally Close" - Ezri Tarazi, design (till Saturday, January 1)
"Beyond Function" - Group show (till Friday, November 26)
"Ceremony" - Ariev Kutz (till Sunday, August 15)

"A Plate" - Nilly Landao, new works (till Friday, June 25)
"Two By Two" - Working in pairs (till Thursday, May 6) 
"Combina Complet" - Group show for art Focus (till Friday, January 2)
"Little Shop Of Horrors" - Terry Schreuer And Alon Razgour
Ezri Tarazi & Plasma Group - Melting into the unseen
Swiss Designer Jewellery - permanent exhibition
Original Israeli Jewelry - permanent exhibition
Monday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 11am-1pm

Perry Art Gallery,31 Shabazi St., Neve Tzedek, 03-5107470:
Vintage Original Posters - Permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-2:30pm

Populis - Gallery in the Center, Dizengoff Center Basement (4th floor; downstairs behind the SuperFarm)
Phones: 03-6836060, 09-7405908; 052-723119: 052-301148, 03-5288280:
Monday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Plonit Gallery , 3 Simtat Plonit St. 03-6200628, 03-6292988:
Adi Liraz - Photographs
Ueli Etter - Multimedia presentation

Rachel aAnd Israel Polak Gallery, 5 Kalisher St., Tel Aviv,  03-7742585:
Monday-Thursday: 5-8pm,  Friday: 10:30am-2:30pm

Rosenfeld Gallery, 147 Dizengoff St., Tel Aviv, 63461; Phones: 03-5229044, 050-255154; Fax: 03-5232991
Bela  Kadar - From the Budapest Getto and group show (till Saturday, December 10)
"Blood Ties" - Yitzhak Danzinger, pictures

Alona Rodah - Mini installation                                                                                                                                                                               
"Below 7" - Ilan Spira, photographs
"Palimsest" - Li Shir, mixed media (till Saturday, December 18)
Gallery Group - Nine photographers,(till Saturday, September 11) 
Orna Wind - Figurative paintings (till Saturday, July 24)
":Victims' Ball" - Zoya Cherkassky, recent project (till Saturday, May 29)
"Victoria' - Galia Yahav, embroideries (till Saturday, March 6) 
"Back To The Sea" - Dana Levy, video art (till Saturday, March 6) 
highlights from former exhibitions:

Yael Feldman
"Are You Happy?", video art

Eli Gur-Arie
"Such stuff as credit cards are made off"

Nir Hod
"Cocaine", 1998, oil on canvas, 200x150 cm
Orna Wind

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Rothschild Gallery, 103 Rothschild St., Tel Aviv, 03-6850137:

Sara Erman - A Place For Contemporary Art, 29 Gordon St., Appt. 4, 03-5225790, 03-5223790:
Tova Sarel, works on paper (till Friday, March 12) 
Gallery Exhibition - Shimon Avni, Oded Fingersh, Mira Tzedar, Hagay Argov,
Monday-Thursday: 5-7pm; Friday: 10:30am-1pm; or by phone appointment

Sara Kishon Gallery, 31 Frug St., 03-5225069:
'Forward And Backv 1966-2003" - Yaakov Gildor (till Monday, March 15)
"Forward And Backward" - Jacob Gildor, figurative paintings (till Thursday, January 22)
Jordan Wolfson - Figurative paintings
Eugene Ionesco - Paintings by the famous playwright (opening Tuesday, January 15)
Israeli painters - Shmuel Bak, Naftali Bezem, Ofer Lalosh, Israel Zohar, Telma Landsman and other
Special collection of works by Lelouche, Pitzchadze, Stimatzky and others
Exhibits from the gallery collection by Azmon, A. April, D. Enoch, Samuel Bak, Marcel Janco and others
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm

Shlush Shlosheem - Ceramic Arts Gallery, 30 Chelouche St., Neve Tzedek,
(next to Susan Dallal Center)  03-5106067:
Ceramics - By gallery regulars (till Saturday, November 27)
 new exhibition:
Collection Of Gallery Artists
"Five O'Clock Art" - 11 ceramicists display works representing tea
Permanent exhibition of ceramic works by members of "Shlush Shloshim" co-operative including:

Irit Gabrieli Amitai
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-2:30pm; 4- 8 pm;  Friday: 11am-3pm; Saturday: 11am-6pm

Show Room, 10 Achva St., Neve Zedek, 03-5175854:
Permanent exhibition of fashion design by 12 Israeli designers
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 10am-5pm; Saturday: 7-11pm

<>Sommer Contemporary Art, 64 Rotschild Boulevard, 03-5600630; e-mail:
Three Paintings, One installation, One Gun" - Eliazer Sonnenshein  (Till Friday, January 27)
Baumgartel, Ruckhaberle - Artists anonymous (till Friday, May 27)
"Sunset Sunrise" - Ugo Rondinone, recent works (till Friday, February 18)
"You Could Be Lucky" - Yael Brtana, video installation (till Friday, December 31)
"Romantica-12" - Interpretation (till Friday, November 12)
Boyan - Paintings (till Friday, June 11)

"Cast Me Not Off" - Uri Tzaig and Avi Shaham, installation (till Friday, April 23)
"Guardian of the Pearl's Shadow" - Yhudit Sasportas, installation (till Thursday, March 11)
Wilhelm Sasnal - Works by Polish artist (till Friday, January 9)
Monday-Thursday: noon-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Sotheby's Gallery, 46 Rothschild Avenue:
"Showing the Teeth - White Art" - Israeli artists and their personal interpretation to  ''White"

 Start - Art, 2 Kaplan  St., 03-6912988:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-noon, 4-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Stern Gallery, 30 Gordon St., Tel Aviv, 63438, Phones: 03-5246303, 03-5232197; Fax: 03-5232197:
"What Beauty" - Group show of local artists (till Saturday, January 1)
Reuven Rubin,
Oil on canvas,
60 X 81cm
Signed & dated
on the reverse
Permanent exhibition of Israeli and Jewish art from the gallery's collection
Works by Jacob-Camille Pissarro (1830-1903) and his family
Stern Studio for Restoration is considered the leading private restoration studio in Israel.
Read their valuable tips on how to take care of your art works.

Studio Nada, 24 Washington St., Florentin, 052-564414:
Tuesday-Thursday: 6-10pm or by phone appointment

Studio Kantor, 12 Tachkemony St, Neve Tzedek, 03-5176986:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-7pm; Friday: 11-12am

<>Studio Shifron, 10 Kikar Kdumim St, Old Jaffa, 054-6262928:
"Strings" - Edna Dagan, paintings, sculptures (opening Thursday, June 14) for more information at inyites  

Studio, 19 Chaim Ben Atar St,  03-6817212:
Serchio Daniel - Painterinstallations

<>Tal Esther Gallery, 101 Yehuda Halevy St., 03-5601807:
"Twisting A Broken Arm" - Elisheva Levy, installation (till Friday, December 16)
"Cyclops" - Ohad Meromi (till Friday, December 31)
"Frigid Atmosphere" - Group show (till Friday, July 30)

"Exhibition 3" - Roy Chicki Arad (till Friday, April 2)
Emanuel Faytchevitz - New staff, recent paintings (till Friday, February 20)
" New Born" - Tal r (till Friday, January 9) 
Monday: noon-8pm; Tuesday: noon-10pm; Wednesday & Thursday: noon-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

<>Tel Aviv Artists' Studio, Elifelet 18, 03-6830505:
"Middle Ages" - Uri Gershuni, photographs (till Saturday, May 7)
'Focus" - Yehudit Turner, Time Square and beyond, photographs (till Saturday, June 19)

Monday-Thursday: 5-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 11am-1pm

The Art College Gallery, 24 Frug St., 03-5228814:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4:30-7:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

The Other Gallery,Talpiot College, 10 Hazerem St., 03-5128512:
Debbie Kampel - Paintings (till Wednesday, February 5)
"Voice - Place - Kol - Makom" - Debble Kampel, paintings (till Wednesday, Fbruary 5)
Monday-Thursday: 9am-6pm; Friday: 9-12am

The Villa - Center of Contemporary Art, 5 Haatad Alley, Nechushtan Complex, Neve Tzedek, 03-5162836:
Sunday, Monday & Thursday: 4-8pm; Tuesday & Thursday: 11am-1:30 pm; Friday: 11am-2pm

<>Time For Art Gallery, 36 Montefiore  St., 03-5664450:
Shards - Mosaics and current events (till Saturday, January 15)<>
"No Other People - Art and Jewish history (till Saturday, January 15)
"A Splendid Show" - Of dolls of all kinds (till Tuesday, November 30)
"Love In The Air" - Works by Israeli artists (till Saturday, August 14)
"Pets" Group show
Dorchin - Sculpture (till Saturday, May 1) 
"Omanut Israel.Com" - Globalism and Israeli Art, group effort (till Saturday, January 31) 

Tirtza 17 Gallery, 17 Tirtza St,  052-764968:

<>Tova Osman Art Gallery, 100 Ben-Yehuda St., 63437, Phones: 03-5227657, 03-5227637, 03- 5225081, 03-5227687 03-5275081, 03-5227697, Fax: 03-5227687:
"In Dark Times" - Chava Nir, paintings (till Monday, December 12)
"Landmarks" - Sarah Nina Meridor (till Wednesday, May 4)
Tsipi Zohar - Mixed media (till Monday, January17)
"Manned Panels" - Rena R. Bekin - mixed media
(till Monday, December 6)
Nona Orbach - Installation (till Monday, December 6)
Ida Galili - Paintings (till Monday, November 15)
Amnon Berkowitz - Works from the 80's (till Sunday, June 20)

Yisraela Hargil - Window installation (till Sunday, June 20)
Varda Solell-Shamai - Painted ceramic sculptures (till Thursday, May 27)
Anne Rakower - Landscape paintings (till Tuesday, May 4)
Pnina Achituv - Painted sculptures (till Wednesday, March 17)
Dror Auslander - Oils on ready mades (till Wednesday, February 25)
"Feeling Places" - Mrdechai Ben Harari, small abstractions (till Wednesday, February 4)
"The Road" - Sarah Adnat, recrent works (till Thursday, January 15)
"Things To Remember" - Dina Hoffman, window installation  (till Thursday, January 15)
Hana Oren - Figurative bronzes 
"A Living Still Life" - Daniel Serchio, oils
Monday-Thursday: 11am-1pm, 5-7pm; Friday: 11am-1pm

Tower Gallery,  Azrieli Center, Tel - Aviv, 03-6081179:
"After The Deluge" - Edwin Solomon, paintings (till Tuesday, June1)

TWO 46, 246 Ben Yehuda St., 03-6022464:
Sunday-Thursday: noon-7pm; Friday: 11am-2pm

University Art Gallery, University Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv:

Windows Gallery, 35 Trompeldor St, 03-6208324:
Sunday,Wednesday:4-7pm; Tuesday: 5-8pm

Yephet 28 Art Gallery, Center for Art Teaching, 28 Yephet St., Jaffa, 03-6820247, 03-6813711:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Z.O.A. Gallery, 1 Daniel  Frisch St.Tel Aviv, 056-225206, 03-6294419:
Rachel  Nadby - Paintings (till Friday, October 15)
Mordechai Gianashvili, paintings - memorial exhibition (curator: Ziva Bar-Gefen)
"Unique Expressionism" - Zita Weiss,
"Sensual Expressionism" - David Bauman
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-8pm; Saturday: 6-10pm


Ben Gurion House, 03-5224925:
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8am-3pm; Monday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8am-1pm

Beit Hatefutsoth, Jewish Diaspora Museum,  Ramat Aviv , Tel Aviv,  03-6408000, Fax 03-6405727:
(more information at:
"Faces, places, Identity" - Portraits of Jews 1975-1995
Zion Ozeri - South American Jewish Life
"Tree Of Life" - Andres Lancko,the Jewish of Hungary, 1981-2001, photographs (till Tuesday, August 31)

"Synagogues In Germany" - Avirtual reconstruction (till Friday, June 25)
"Kafka - Pargue" - Historical show (till Saturday, January 31)
Sunday, Monday,Tuesday, Thursday:10am-4pm, Wednesday:10am-6pm. 

Gutman Musseum, 21 Rokach, Neveh Tzedek, 03-6489958 03-5108554:
Honi Ha'meagel - Photos of Neve Tzedek
"Portscapes And Seascapes" - Nahum Gutman (from Sunday, October 14)
"The Magic Grove" - Erotica by Nahum Gutman
"Gutman Hosts Rubin" - Paintings
Sunday -  Wednesday: 10am-4pm,  Thursday: 10am-7pm;  Friday: 10am-2pm, saturday: 10am-5pm:

Tel Aviv University Campus, Klausner Street, P.O.B. 39359, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 61932;
Phones: 03-6462020, 03-6462089; Fax: 03-6462134;
E-mail:; (more information at:
"Michel Kikoine Foundation" - Selected works by school of Paris painter 
"Journey To No End Of The World" - Judaica from the Gross family collection (opening Thursday, March 27)
"Sigmund Freud" - Conflict culture
"Conflict &Culture" - Sigmund Freud
"Facsimiles Of Antique Illuminated Manuscripts, Jews Of Rural Morocco" - Photos by Elias Harrus
Oz Almog - Index Judaeorum paintings
"Pilgrimage in the Jewish World" - Photographs: Micha Bar-Am, Shlomo Taitz, Shimon Lev, Alex Levac,
Jan Parik and Kobi Kalmanovitz collection by Israeli photographers
"In the Heart of the Atlas Mountains, Rural Jewish Communities in Marocco" - Elias Harrus,
photographs 1940-1960
"2500 Years of Jewish Life in the Diaspora" - permanent exhibition
"Jews in Romania" - virtual exhibition at
Sunday-Tuesday & Thursday: 10am-4pm; Wednesday: 10am-6pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Bialik House, 22 Bialik St., 03-5254530,03-5253403, 03-5179853:
Riedl Stern - Caricatures and cartoons (till Wednesday, April 23)
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Saturday: 11am-2pm (Tours by prior arrangement)

Bible Center Museum, 16 Rotschild Blvd.,
Tel Aviv, 66881, 03-5177760; fax. 03-5107661; email:
new exhibitions:
permanent exhibition:
"Mikra-Or" - models illuminating the Bible
Sunday, Monday & Thursday: 9:30am-1pm, Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:30am-1pm, 4-6pm

Dizengoff House - Hall of Independence, 03-5173942:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-2pm

Eretz Yisrael Museum, 2 Haim Levanon St., 03-5774040, 03-6415244:
"Modern Creations From An Ancient Land" - Early Israeli metal crafts and design
"Spirited Glasses" - European drinking wear 1700- 1970
"In For Penny" - Savings boxes from antiquity to mpdern times
"Local Weddings" - Ketubot (wedding contracts) from the land of Israel 
"Nechushtan Pavilion" - Treasures from Timna
"Spirited Drinking, Glasses" - European drinking ware 1700 - 1970 (till  Tuesday, August 31)
"Tile Adorned City " - Bezalel ceramis on Tel Aviv houses (till Wednesday, April 20)
"Third Biennale of ceramics" - Design, art, design (till Wednesday, March 30)
"Good Intentions" - Karni Ness, photographs (till Thursday, March 10)
"Albert einstein" - Exhibition marking 50th anniversary of his death (till  Wednesday, August 31)

"Third Blennale For Israel Ceramics" - 03 participants
Ori Reisman - Aretrospective
"Living In The Shade" - Simcha Shirman, photographs
Rali Avrahami - photographs, contantiner award
"Ziw, That Night" - Jonathan Leaman
"The Magic Of The Circus" - For the whole family
"Sugar People" - Works in sugar from Europe, South America and the Far East 
"Local Marriage' - 130 years of Ketubot (marriage certificates
"Foreign Station" - Yoav Wexler, photiographs 
"Cut Wonders" - 200 paper cuts from China
Shimon Korbman - Photographs of old Tel Aviv 
"Judges And Kings From The Bible" - On postage stamps
"The Mystery Of The Bosphorpus" - Postcards from Istambul 1895-1914
"Jerusalem Through Ottoman Eyes" - Photographs, 1900s 
"Money From Gold" - Gold as a means of payment
"Armenian Ceramics Of Jerusalem" - Homage to the potters, new book, postage stamp issue and a Festival Table by Marie Balian (till Sunday, October 19)
"Judges And Kings From The Bible" - On postage stamps
"Espresso Made  In Italy" - Italian coffee machines 1901 - 1962
Rafi Wolloch - Photographs, Eretz Israel
"Photo Geva" - Prints from Kibbutz Geva 1921-2001
"Mascit" - A local fabric
Perfume Bottles From Europe - 1800- 1950
"Candid Shots Of Urban Tel Aviv" - Photographs
"Women Wear Gold" - Jewelry from Central Asia, North Africa and Yemen
"On Blue Background"  - The Safed Post office 1870 - 1948 stamp and post
"On A Blue Background" - The Safed Post Office 1870 - 1948
"Second Biennale For Israeli Ceramics" - Traditional and cotemporary crafts
"Women Wear Gold" - Jewelry from central Asia, North Africa and Yemen
"Photographs" - Candid shots of urban Tel Aviv
"Hidden palaces - Historical survey of wall and ceiling paintings
"Jerusalem Photographs" - Natalie Stein
"Hamsa" - Ethnographic items
"Story Of Bread" - tchings from the Poiliane collection
"People Of The Bread" - Special exhibition dedicated to the year of the Bread
"Glory And Honor" -The Israely sovereignty ceremony 1948-1958 (opening Monday, April 16)
"Hot Glass, Cold Glass" - Swiss designers, Monica Guggisberg and Philips Baldwin (open Tuesday,January 9)
 "Israel Among the Nations, Shall the People Dwell Alone?", - ancient and contemporary Judaica art works, including:
"The Interest" - (till end September)
Avi Biran, winner of The Jesselson Prize for Contemporary Judaica Design for 1999, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
highlights from former exhibitions:
Avi Biran

"Our Matriarchs" Shabbat Candle Holder

 sterling silver, 4" x 4" x 4"

"Mosaic Of  Ravenna" - Exhibition of replicas
"Christian Motifs On Holy Land Coins"
Sunday, Monday, Tueday & Thursday: 9m-3pm; Wednesday: 9am-5pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm

Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, 6 Tarsat Blvd, 03-5287196;
"Hula Valley" - Gal Weinstein, installatio
"Black Paintings" - Masha Zusman
"The Endless Solution" - Sigalit Landau, installation
"Irises And Daffodils, Dragonflies And Butterflies" - Glassware of emile Galle Gertner collection
"Prizes In Art And Design - From the Ministry of Science, Culture and contemporary art

"Afterglow" - Ori Gersht, photographs
"Hidden Palaces" - Historical survey of wall and ceiling paintings
Philip Ranntzer - Four installations
Avner James Ben-Gal, Ohad Meromi, Gil Marco Shani - Three installations
"Works And  Inspiration Sources Of Designer" - Charels, Ray Aims (Opening Thursday, March 1)
"The Black Land, On To The Light Fields" - Dalia Amotz
Monday, Wednesday & Saturday: 10am-4pm; Tuesday & Thursday: 10am-10pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Nahum Gutman Museum, Book House, 21 Shimon Rokah St., Neveh Tzedek, 03-5161970;
more information (in Hebrew) at:
Ira Iann - Special showing of recovered oil 
"The Bible" - Gutman paints, historical survey
From Nahum Gutman's Donkey - To Messiah's Donkey, the donkey in Israeli culture
Nahum Gutman - Paintings and drawings from the war of independence
"Inchanted Orchard" Nahum Gutman (opening Saturday, May 5)
"Nahum Gutman Visits the Land of Evil"
permanent exhibition: Nahum Gutman's works from the twenties to the late seventies
Sunday-Wednesday: 10am-4pm; Thursday: 10am-7pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

Ilana Gur Museum, 4 Mazal Dagim Alley, Old Jaffa, 03-6837676, 03-6836699:
Works by Ilana Gur and other artists from the private collection - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-4pm; Saturday: 10am-8pm

L.A. Mayer Museum Of Islamic Art, 2 Hapalmach St,:
more information :
"Along The Silk Road" - Embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan

<>Reuven Rubin Museum, 14 Bialik St., 03-5255961, 03-5253402:
"Many Faces" - Jean David, all media
"In Day Gone BY"- Group video art
"Then And Now" - Photos opposite paintings (till Tuesday, Marech 22)
Permanent selection of Reuven Rubin's oil paintings (1920s  to early 1970s) from the museum's collection

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-2pm; Tuesday: 10am-1pm, 4-8pm

Rokach House, 36 Shimon Rokah St., Neveh Tzedek, 03-5162531, 03-5100655:
Aviv York - Illustrative paintings of Tel Aviv
"Historic Site - Meeting the Life of a Hundred Years Ago" - objects, photographs, video, etc.
"Sculptures That Speak Womanese" - Lea Madjaro-Mintz, soft sculptures
Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm or by prior phone arrangement during the weekdays

Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech St., 03-6957361, 03-6961297, 03-6077020:
"Old Masters" - The Bible in 16th - 19th century art
"Prizens In Art And Design" - Ministry of education, calture and sport 2004
Stephen Balkenhol - The task of solitary man, artists book 2003
"Leaf On A Tree " - Alexander Calder  
"Dreaming Art/ Dreaming Reality"-  Gottesdiener Art Prize wiinners, first decade
"Face To Face" - Avraham Hay,photographic Israeli artists
Timothy Green Field-Sanders - Photographic portraits

"Mole" - Hilla Lulu'lin, multimedia
"Leaf On A Tree" - Alexander Calder, stabile
Yoav Barel - Works by painter 1933-1977
Rembrandt - 100 orginal etchings
"An East West Symbiosis" - Reuven Kadim (Berman), patterns
Avraham Eilat - Suspicious symptoms, drawings 1974-2004
Rose C'estlavie - On flowers in contemporary art
Shimon Mizrahy - Reflections photographs
"Marilyn Monroe" - Photographs from the collection of Leon and Michaela Constantiner
"Borrowed Secenery" - Nelly Agassi, ionstallation by winner of Gottesdiener Prinze
"The Digital Flaneur" - Sven Pahlsson, models and animation
"A Point Of View" - Anew prespective on the collection
"Material Into Image" - Israeli sculpture in wood
"Building,Tama" - The Herta and Paul Amir architectural competition
Francisco Goya - Los Caprichos, the full etching cycle
"The Show Must Go On " - Sculptures, amalgamating objects 
Sionah Tagger - A restrospective
"From Neoclassicism To Romanticism" - European paintings 1750-1850
"Special Display" - Takashi Murakami, two works
"Young Israeli Art" - The Jacques and Eugenie O'Hana collection
Albertoi Giacometti - Works on paper
"Israli Art" - Discount Bank collection
Adi Ness - Photographs 
"Affirmative Action" - Theme show from the Museum collections
Avraham Soskin - Aphotographic retrospective of early Eretz Yisrael 1881- 1963
Meir Pichhadze - Art as an Autobiography.
David Wakstein - Explosion, paintings and mosaics 1995 - 2003
Impressionism and post-impressionism in the Jaglom and Mayer collection
20th-century art in the Mizne -Blumenthal collection
Wolloch Collection of modern sculpture
The Color Of Water" - Exhibition for the hole family
"How Many Is 1" - Deganit Stern Schocken, Jewelry designs
Ahlam Shibli - Photographs by Gottesdiener Pritzewinnewr
Arie Aroch - Arestrospective
"How Many is one" - Deganit Stern Schocken, jewelry designs
Izhar Patkin - Host Culture - Homage to Arie Aroch
Liliane Klapisch - Paintings 1948-2001
"Time Space And Metaphysics" - Mordecai Arnon
"Panorama Of Constantinople" - Rare17th - century drawing
Picasso - Paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures
"The Color Of Water" -Exhibition for the hole fami
"Artists In Focus, The Of Shadow" - Israeli art from the museum collection
" From dawm To Sunrise" - Sharon Poliakine, etchings
"Running Words" - On wriing in prints
"In Print" - Contemporary British art from the Paragon Press
"The Height Of The Popular" - Group show of outsiders art
"Portraits" - From antiquity to the present paintings and sculptures
"Recent Acquisitions" - Giacometti, Calder, Dine and contemporary Israeli photographers
Ori Gersht - Afterglow, photographs (opening Wednesday, May 15)
Miri Segal - Installation by Gotesdiener Prize winner
"Vanity fair" - Patrick Raynaud, installation
"Desert Scrolls" - Enzo Cucchi, new paintings
"Recent Acquisitions" - Uzi Zucker Fund purchases
Barry Frydlander And Hana Shahar - Photographs by winners of the Constantiner Prize.
"A Hebrew Symbolist" - Ze'ev Raban, Retrospective of more than 100 works,  (from Ftiday, October 26)
"Allegro/ Allegro Non Troppo" - Boaz Tal, recent photographs  (from Ftiday, October 26)
Impressionism and post-impressionism in the Jaglom and Mayer collections
20th - century art
Mizne - Blumenthal collection
Wolloch collection of modern sculpture
Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin - New works in the sculpture garden
"Self Portraits" - Ofer Lellouche
"Return Of The     Real" - A selection from the Daniel Hechter collection.
Adi Ness - New works (opening Saturday. April 14)
"Weapones Exhibition" - Israeli Art from the Museum and other collection
"Alfa Omega" - Eduard Monk
"Slowly slowly" - Bianka Eshel-Gershoni
"Volumes And Lines" - Moshe Shtarenshus, sculptures, drawings
Adi Ness - Photographs by winner of Gottesdiener Prize
"Retrospective" - Yochanan Simon  (from Wednesday, April 4)
"Illustration... That's The Story" - Art for the entire famaily (from Wednesday, April 4)
and permanent exhibitions of Israeli and contemporary art from the museum's collection
"Collection" - Jaglon and Mayer - Impressionism and post-impressions collection
Mizne-Blumenthal - 20thcentury art
Pierre Bonnard - Loan show of paintings by a modern master
Wolloch - Modern sculpture
Helmut Newton - Photographs by noted German fashion photographer
"Exposure" - Recent acquisitions from the Doron Sebbag Collection
Tiborcity - Design and andesign
  moday, Wednesday & Saturday: 10am-4pm; Tuesday thursday : 10am-10pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

The Antiquities Museum of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, 10 Mifratz Shlomo St., Old Jaffa, 03-6825375:
Archaeological Finds from Excavations in Jaffa and the Neighbourhood
Coins Exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm


6B Studio, 39 Ahad Ha'am St, Tel Aviv  03-5669982:
"Mostra' -  Shai Tegnern, Photos (till Wednesday, June 30)

A.A. Silve Art Studio, 10 Tushia St, Tel Aviv  053-688550:
Friday, Saturday: 12noon-4pm

Amiad Center,
12 Amiad S't Jaffa, Tel Aviv :
Uri Lifshitz, recent paintings (till Saturday, November 13)
Asia House, BWeizman / King Saul Blvd, Tel Aviv :

"Show Your Wound" - Group exhibition, photos, video, film and paintings (till Tuesday, July 29)

Auditorium Sheen, Beit Yad Lebanim 63 Pinkas St, Tel Aviv  03-6041707:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-2pm

Architect House, 15 Hmigdalor St, Jaffa Tel Aviv  03-5188234:
"Dwelling Unit"
Sunday,Monday,Wednesday: 9am-4pm; Tuesday,Thursday: noon-7pm;

Apropos Cafe, Beit Hana, Tel Aviv:
"Man's Soul" - Tami Epstein, paintings

Art Bar, Sheratn Moriah  Hotel, Hayarkon St, Tel Aviv 03-6050511:
"Happiness, Small Monents" - Fuji, photographs spoinsored (till Sunday, February 29) 
Gili Pundik - Paintings

Art Club at the Time Tunnel Club, 43 Yehuda Halevi St. (corner Allenby St.), 03-5667474:
goldeneye.jpg Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann

"Golden Eye"


The opening event of the Art Bar at the Time Tunnel  club will be the exhibition of Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann and the celebration of her new poetry book: "Images Reproduced".
The program includes performances of music, theater, movement and video by Doron Polack Tara
group and other artists.
The exhibition will be open each evening from 6 pm to 6 am  (in the morning)
More information: 03 - 5667474 (Dan)

Art Space, 19 Derech Menachem Begin, Beit Hadar, Tel Aviv, 03-5602495:
Micha Bar Am - Photographs of colleagues at work

Artist's Studio,
17 Florentine, Tel Aviv, 03-6813051:

Yitzhak Mevorach, personal statement in an alternative space (till Sunday, February 1)

Artists Wall, 42 Mazeh, Tel Aviv, 03-5282299:
Anat Aviv - Recent  paintings (till Thursday, June 30)

Avni Institute of Art & Students' Workshops, 7 Eilat St. & 3 Koifman St., Jaffa, 03-6817080, 03-6700489:
Beersheva Tel Aviv - Direct line 2, art works by Kaye college (Negev) students (till Sunday, August 15)
Year End Exhibition - House workshops (till Monday, August 23) 
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Azriali Watchtower, Azrieli Center The Round Building 49 Floor, Tel Aviv:
"Sham-mayim" -  Yair Chohen, photographs more information at:  http:// (till Friday, April 30)
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 9:30am-6pm

<>Bauhaus Center, 155 Dizengoff St, 03-5220249:
"Kishkes Of The White City" - Stacey Piltzer, paintings (till Monday, February 7)     
"Architects Paint Bauhaus" - In honor of UNESCO (till Sunday, August 15)

"M. Arie In Tel Aviv" - Drawings and sketches

Beit Amot Hamishpat, 6 Shaul Hamelech St.:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-7pm; Friday: 8am-1pm

<>Beit Ariela Municipal Library, 25 King Saul Hamelech St, 03-6910141, 03-6910146
"Clowns, Fools And Jesters" - Illustrators Association
"Clowns, Drinkers And Pranksters" - Illustrators association
Ygal Tumarkin, Tuvia Beeri - Prints

"Landscapes And Houses" - Etchings and serigraphs

 Beit Chelouche,  32 Chelouche St, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv 03-5171012:
"View And Bye" - Benefit sale of paintings (till Saturday, December 4)
"A Journey Of Color" - Sara Ginor-Geiger , acrylic paintings (till Thursday, November 4)
"One House, One Family" - The Chelouches in 50 photos
"The Madonna Of Sauasages" - Vadim Stepanov, surreal tableaux (till Wednesday, June 30)

"They Were" - Sonia Gurfein, paintings
"The Models" - Ivan Schwebel, recent paintings (till Thursday, May 6)

Beit Daniel Congregation , 62  Bnaeil Dan St, 03-5551375, 067-633399):
"Biblical Computer Art" - Herbert and Rebecca Uram (opening Tuesday, July 3)

Beit Kahana, 147 Rokach St, 03-7523348:

Beit Halochem, 49 Shmuel Barkai St, Afeka , Tel Aviv,  03-6461646:
"Tzilurim" - Esther Perets  Arad, Grisha Arad, photos and painting (till Sunday, January 23)
Sunday: 4-10pm ; Monday-Thursday: 8am-10pm; Friday, Saturday: 8am-6pm

Beit Hatefutsoth,  Tel Aviv University Campus,  03-6405956:
Zion Ozeri - Photographs, South American Jewish life 2002 - 2003

Bible House,
  Rothschild Blvd, Tel Aviv, 052-3876798:

"Growth And Still Life" - Sculptures and photographs (till Monday, February 14)
"Jewish Art" - Baruch Nachshon, symbolic paintings (till Sunday, January 25)

<> Braverman Art Projects, 81 Yehuda Halevy St ,Tel Aviv,  03-5666162:
Uri Nir - Plantation, objects video photos (till Friday, December 2)
"Manpower" - Ben Ben Ron, recent paintings (till Sunday, May 15)
Jacob Mishori, recent works (till Friday, February 11)

Center for Jewelery Technology, 45  Urim, Tel Aviv, 03-6882967:
"Unique Jewelery" - Permanent collection of special design
daily exept Friday: 8am-4pm;

<>Center for The Performing Arts, King Shaul Blvd, Tel Aviv, 03-6927707, 03-6208430:
"Beyond Gravity" -Michelle Bokser, sculptures (till Saturday,January 7)
Miri KAafri - Photos of hats
(till Saturday, May 7)
Chaya Idelman - Action paintings (till Saturday, May 7)
"Wild Animals" - Zmira Hindes, Warten Berg, paintings (till Saturday, December 11)
"Art Of The Doll" - Group exhibition (till Saturday, November 6)
"Journey Diary" - Yehiel Shaked, photographs (till Saturday, November 6)
"Color In Motion" - Tzipi Landau, abstract paintings (till Saturday, November 6) 
"Mirrors" - Anne Ginsberg - Hopkin, photographs (till Tuesday, August 30)

"Moments" - Ruth Peled Naye, bronze (till Tuesday, August 30)
Vered Pichai - Linnberg, Leopard Woman - Paintings on synthetic fabrics (till Wednesday, June 30) 
Shosh Ben-Dov, Nili Barkan-Golan - Paintings and sculptures (till Wednesday, June 30)
Sara Insler - Pantings (till Monday, May 31)
"Soldiers Photograph Color" - In Memory of Amir Kera (till Monday, May 31)
Nehama Freiman - Ceramic sculptures (till Monday, May 31)
Ita Gertner - New paintings (till Saturday, May 1)
Nurit Sobol, Smadar Shiftan - Fantastic realism and reliefs (till Thursday, January 8)

Cervantes Institute, 7 Shulamit St, Tel Aviv, 03-5290632, 03-5163938:

Cimbalista Center of Jewish Heritage, Tel Aviv University:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4pm

Cinemateque Lobby,  Carlebach St., 03-5176364:
Ayalah Kariv - Printings (till Monday, August 30)
"Hyper Realism" - Arik Ramot, photographs (till Wednesday, May 5)
Ilan Sapira - Photographs of children of foreign workers
Cinemateque Tel Aviv, 2 Schprintzak St., 03-6917181:
Sunday-Saturday: 9am-midnight

Crosel Theater, 36 Pinsker St., Tel Aviv  1-800-387373, 058-731291:
Gery Shapira - Oil paintings

Dada School of Photography, 6 Kompert St., Florentin 03-5186539:
highlights from former exhibitions:
Sarah Knoller, photography



"Home and Yard Inventory - Part1" (1998)

Sunday & Monday: 4-10pm; Tuesday: 10am-4pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 4-10pm; Friday: 9am-1.30pm

Daniel House, progressive jewish center 62 Dan St, 035442740:
Sunday, Tuesday,Thursday: 10am-8pm; Monday, Wednesday: 4-8pm; Friday: 9am-1pm, 4-8pm

Defenseattorney House (Beit Hpraklit), 10 Daniel Frish St, Tel aviv,
Miki Gans, Udi Gans - Paintings
Sunday-Friday: 9am- 8pm

Design Colledge, 153 Sderot Jerusalem St, Pola Ben Gurion House Jafa, 03-6827995:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm, Friday: 10am-1pm

Display Windows,  Ramat Aviv Mall., 064-562483:

Dizengoff Center, Basement, 03-5495023,  052-301148:
"Holocaust Day" - Exhibitions in several  locations 

Dungeon Club, 14 Kikar Keduymim, Old Jaffa, Tel - Aviv, 064-418080:
"Zionut" - Anew look at Zionism (till Sunday, May 30)

<>Doxa, 11 Montefiori St., 03-6055650:
All week: 7pm-midnight 

Dvir In Yafo, 53 Yehuda Hayamit, 03-6811797:
"Room Service" - Hila Laviv and Tami Amit (till Saturday, March 20)
"Half Board" -  Eli Petel and Adam Rabinowitz, installation (till Saturday, February 7)
Saturday:10am- 1pm or by appointment

Foyer, Centert For The Performing Arts,  King Saul Blvd., Tel Aviv:
Avital Bar-Yishai - Installation 9till Saturday, March 1)

Frankfurt House, 23 Kitsis St., Hadar Yosef:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-7pm

<>Fresco, 221 Ben Yehudam St., Tel Aviv. 03-5466461:
"Urban Jungle" - Photographs (till Monday, May 30)

Goethe Institute, Asia House, Weizmann St., 03-6917266:

"Paintings" - Yehudith Ullmann
"Ductus - Illustrations to Signatures of German-speaking Jews"
Monday-Thursday: 9am-9pm; Friday: 9-12am

Hamigdal Basement,  3 Daniel Frisch St., Tel aviv 03-6919680:

Hamigdalor, 13 Hamigdalor St., Old Jaffa, Tel aviv 03-6817601:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4:30 pm; Friday: or by phone appointment

Heinrich Bell Foundation, 24 Nachalat Beniamin St., 03-5167734:
Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am-4pm; Monday & Thursday: 10am-8pm

Institute Francais in Israel - Art Gallery, 38 Geula St., 03-5103848 , 03-5170116:
"Soft Light" - Amit Berlowitz, photographs
Ita Gretner - Wall Painting
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-9:30pm; Friday: 9:30-12:30am

Israeli Association for Photographic Art,12 Esther Hamalka St., 03-6055063:
Wednesday: 7-9 pm; Saturday: 10:30-12:30am

Israeli Industrial Tv Center Art,22 Israelish St., Jcs Bulding, Tel Aviv:
"The Art Of Advertising" - Tamir Wexler, Phtography exhibition, (opening Sunday, May 30)

Italian Cultural Institute(Language Center), 9 Shimon Ben Shatach  St., Jaffa  03-7329902, o3-5234544:
"Roma Pittoresca" - Mauro Rossi, watercolors
Gadi Castel Castelboloneis - Photographs

Kalisher Five, Kalishr 5 St. 03- 5120114:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-2pm,  5-7pm ; Friday: 10am-3pm;

Kardan House, 148 Petach Tikva Road (in the lobby), 03-6083505:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday: 8am-1pm

Kibbutz Artists' Workshop, Hamigdal building (in basement), 3 Daniel Frisch St., 03-6919680:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Kibbutz Seminary, 149 Namir Road, 03-6902301:
Photography and posters exhibition - Kibbutz Seminary 60th Anniversary
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-6pm

Medical Center, 40 Enstain St., Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv, 03-6401222:
all week:10am-9pm

Minerva Bar Gallery, 98 Allenby St., 03-5666051:
"Bluebeard" - Amikam Toren, recent paintings (curator: Naomi Aviv)
Sunday-Saturday: 8pm-midnight

Mieirov Mishkan L'Omanut, 31 Hartzfeld St., 03-6516851:
"Recycling" - Art and industry (till Friday, August 16)

Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Tel Aviv, 03-6042210 :
"No Space" - Alex Kremer, recent paintings (till Sunday, March 14)

Montparmasse 54, 54 Ben Yehuda St,  03-6200541:

Moshavim Movement House, 19 Leonardo da Vinci St,  03-6086342:
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-7pm; Friday: 8:30am-half past noon

New Central Bus Station, 116 Levinsky St, 03-5372096:
"Shelter 209' - In memory of Dan Zakheim
"One Day Only" - Performance art (till Thursday, May 13)

 Noga, 3 Ruhama St, Jaffa. 054-621211
"Holocaust" - Ariel Yannai - Shani, photographs (till Saturday, June 4)

Notzar Theater, 39 Sderot Yerushlayim St, Jaffa.

Old Jaffa Crafts College, 28 Yefet St. 03-6344877:

Omanit - Naamat Jewelry College, 63 La Guardia St.:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-8pm

Opal Contemporary Art, 57 Rothshild St. 03-6202807:

  Picture Theater, 8 Soncino St.:

 Pollak KaThelisher School of Art, 5 Kalisher St., 03-5165534, 03-5165535:
"The Fifth Year" - Ten graduate students show their works (till Friday, January 16)
Annual Graduates' Exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

<>Ramat Aviv Shopping Center (Mall), 40 Einstein St, Tel Aviv 054-4860597:
5th Dimension" - <>Eva Ariela Lindberg, tuplip paintings (till Tuesday, May 3)
Michal Goldberg - Three series of abstractions (till Sunday, February 29) 

Reading A House, Power Statation - Chevrat Hashmal, Tel Aviv  03-5753777:
Tuesday-Thursday: 4:30-9pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

<>Restoration And Art Studio, 17 Ben Yehuda, Tel Aviv  03-5272297:
"Magic" - Behinde the scenes
Sunday - Thursday: 10am --7pm;

Salame 23, 23 Salame St, 03-6821759:
Monday-Thursday: 6-10pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Salon Mazal, 3 Simtat Alomonit St :
Baruch Rafic - Photographs (till Saturday, February 28)

Schein Auditorium,Yad Lebanim House, 63 Pinkas St., 03-6441707:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-2pm

Sderot Chen, Dizengoff to Nevi'im St,:
Siona Shimshi - Outdoor poster photographs

Sea Bar, 30 Yirmiyahu St, 03-5467077:
"Street Scenes" - Sarit Gurah, paintings (till Saturday, June 5)

Seemann Contemporary Art, 24 Kibbutz Galuyot St, 03-6819295:

Shaar Zion Library, Beit Ariela,Shaul Hamelech Bd., 03-6910140:
Ruth Zarfaty illustrates, paints and sculptures Teddy Bears and other things - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 9-noon

Sheraton Moriah Hotel - Art Bar,SHayarkon St, Tel Aviv :

Shopping Mall - Ramat Aviv :
"Virtual reality - Uri Kaufman (till Thursday,. February 27)

Shorashim 2,  Kikar Habima, Tel Aviv, 03-6202685:
"Paris Tel Aviv" - Works by Sara (Sylvia Savin) Matodi and Lilian Danino (till Monday, November 15)

Simtat Theater, 8 Mazal Dagim S't  Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv:03-6812126:
"Borders" - Iris Zohar, photographs (till Tuesday, November 30)

Soho Design City,  Dizengoff Center, 03-6212401, 03-6298970:
"Partially Furnished' - Art and design (till Thursday, June 24) 
Noli Omer - Installation art (till Friday, March 19)
Yossi Vasid - Drawings of a journey
"Soho" - Int'l. Design Center, group show (till Monday, January 12) 

Sokolov Journalists' House, 4 Kaplan St., 03-6966274:
"The Hope" - Moty Debi

Soommer Contemporary Art, :

Sumi-Art, 12 Pines St. (corner 19 Hachermon St.), Neve Tzedek, 03-5174777:
Sculptures and Jewelry - Permanent exhibition
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-3pm

Suraski Central Library, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, 03-6424020:
"Black & White Shadows" - Yaakov Herz, paintings
Monday-Thursday: 9am-10pm; Friday: 9-12:30am

Tam Cape, 17 Gordon St Tel Aviv:
highlight from former exhibition
"Urban View" - Dafna Gazit, photographs

<>Tel Aviv Center for Performing Arts, 19 Shaul Hamelech Blvd., 64367;
Phones: 03-6927700, 03-6927777; Fax: 03-6927733
Kasher Nechushtan - 1,2,3 Pickled Herring
Dan Poroges - Musical portraits (till Saturday, March 5)
Arkady Lipitz - Paintings
(till Saturday, March 5)
Israel Primo - Sculpture series (till Saturday, March 5)
Dan Porges - Photographs (till Thursday, March 3)
Monday-Thursday: 9:30am-8:30pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-9pm

Tel Aviv Photographic Society, 12 Esther Hamalka, 03-5270757;

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange,  Rothschild Blvd, 03-5677460;
"The Bulls Are Running" - Full scale scalptures

Tel Aviv Town Hall, (in the lobby), 69 Ibn Gvirol St.:
Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday: 8am-4pm; Monday & Wednesday: 8am-6pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

The Habitation Of Free Academic, 3 Derech Jaffa St, Tel Aviv, 03-5166032:
 Monday-Thursday: 1pm-7pm; Friday: 11am-2pm; Saturday:12am-4pm

The Art Of dESIGN, 27 Gordon St. 03-5240004:
Industrial design elements

The Heder, 11 Gottlieb St,Tel Aviv, 03-5222402: (more information at:
"The Spin" - Group show (till Saturday, December 10)
"Persona" - Lior Shvil, (till Friday, February 25)
"Cindarella" - Shira Avidor, paintings (till Friday, April 16)

"Luna" - Limor Rosenzweig, feminist photographs (till Friday, February 27) 
Sunday- Thursday: 1- 7pm; Friday: 11am-2pm

The Reading Historic Electricity Power Station:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9am-3:30pm; Tuesday & Thursday: 3-10pm

The Villa Art Center, 5 Shvil Ha'atad St., 03-5162836:
Sunday, Thursday: 1-9pm;  Friday:10am-4pm

Tmu-na Theatre, 8 Soncino St., 03-5629462:

Top Table, 34 He Beiyar St., Kikar Hamedina:

Tzavta, 30 Ibn Gvirol St., 03-6950156, 03-6950157, 03-6964594, 03-5287910:

"Stories About Orange Tree" - Orna Ben-Shoshan 

Vital Center for Design Studies, 12 Vital St., 03-6812715:
Sunday-Thursday: 3-9pm; Friday: 11am-3pm

Workshop , 1 Itamar Ben St, Avi Tel Aviv 03-6919680:
Annual photography exhibition - Kibbutz workshop students (till Friday,August 22)

Wizo France, 1 Shoshana Persitz St., North Tel Aviv Education Campus
Sunday-Thursday: 4-9pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Zoa House, 1 Daneil Frisch St, 052-540455:
"White" - Yaniv Nadal, photographs (till Saurday, May1)

Ziffer House, Rav Freedman St., (entrance from Yehuda Hamaccabi St.)
Moshe Ziffer, sculpture (marking 10 years since his death)

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