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Updated: December  17, 2005 at  9 am
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SHARON AREA (Herzlya, Netanya, Ra'anana, Kfar Saba, etc.)


Ahuzat Beit Art Gallery, Ahuza St. corner Yerushalaim St., Achuzat Beit Retirement  Ra'anana, 09-7705050, 09-6050511, 09-7610240, 09-7718982:
"It's Sign That You Are Young" - Caricatures (till Monday, May 30)
"No Place Like Home" - Group show with 25 participants (till Friday, March 25)
"Love In The Golden Age" - 20 photographer participating (till Thursday, September 30)

Orna Ben-Shoshan - Recent paintings (till Sunday, May 30)
"Clowns" - Works by 14 artists (till Tuesday, March 30)
Zivit Shion - In.2.e.t.v.2 intuitive art (till Tuesday, February 24) 
"Intimacy" - Shwebel
"Fiddler on the Roof" - Haim Topol, litographies after drawings of Israeli presidents and prime-ministers
all week: 10am-9pm

Alkavas Gallery, Amfa Building, 3 Sapir St., Herzlya:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-8pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

Artists Residence Gallery, 7 Yodfat, Herzliya, 09-0510601, 09-6344877:

Borochov Gallery, 26 Shenkin St, 09-7496159:
"A Different Place" - Photos by Arik Ramot, (till Thursday, June 3) 

Artists' House, 7 Yodfat St., Herzlya, 09-9510601:
"Soul SAnd Dance" - Betin Amir, paintings (till Thursday, January 27)
Chaviva Tsemach - Glass works (till Wednesday, February 25)
"Punctum" - Klaus illi, Inga Fonar cocos, installation (till Tuesday, January 14)
"Extinction 2" - Orah Ayalon, sculptures
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Journey - Burden, 1996-1999" -
Naomi Bitter and her partner, the late Nora Kochavi,
ceramic sculpture
Sunday-Friday: 11am-1pm; Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: also 5-7pm; or by phone appointment

Basis Gallery, 4Hadassah Neurim, Bet Yanai; 09-8663190:
Sasha Okun - Paintings (till Monday, December 12)

Cultural Center
, 4 Raziel St., Netanya ;

 <>Elizabeth Gallery, 3 Habanim St., Ra'anana, 09-7710253:
"Anniversary Show" - 21 years (till Tuesday, February 15)
Dinah Enoch, Moshe Leider, Yitzhak Tarkay - Paintings (till Thursday, July 8)

Rubin, Tobiasse, Nikel etc - Works on paper
Contemporary Israeli Art
Sunday & Monday: 10am-1pm, 2-7:30pm; Tuesday: 10am-1pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-1pm, 2-7:30pm; Friday: 10am- 2pm

Eshkol Fis Gallery, 92 Yehuda Hanassi St, 09-9569608:

Gallery on the Cliff, 19 Hamaapilim St., Shaked Promenade, Netanya, 09-8997445, 09-8335423:
Michael Kovner, Jan Rauchwarger, Lea Nikel - Recent works (till Tuesday, June 15) 
Rozi (Rosalind) Shaham,Karin Burstein,
"City Mouse, Country Mouse" - Yoav Chanan, photographs 
"The Fifth Angle" - group exhibition of Israeli artists in their fifties, including: Dita Liron, Liana Gross,
Monday-Thursday: 5-9pm; Saturday: 5-9pm

Go - Gen  Gallery, 22 Eshel Avraham, Ramat Hasharon :
"Humanimal" - Paintings by Vanounou

Granit Gallery, 15 Hakfar St., Rishpon, 09-9567767:
Monday-Thursday: 10:30am-4pm; Friday: 10:30am-2pm; Saturday: 11am-5pm

Greendag Gallery, 9 Hamanofim St., Herzliya Pituach, 09-0519979:
Young art at affordable prices

Hechal Gallery, 4 Raziel St., Netanya, 09-8621130:
"The Sun Continues To Shine" - Judith B. Gerstl, Memorial wall
Varda Rotem - Sculptures

High Touch Gallery, 16 Galgeli Plada St., Herzliya Petuach 09-9558429:
"As If The Abundance Will Never Cease" - Works by 15 artists, mixed media (till Wednesday, April 20)

<>Joy Art Gallery, 68 Ahuza St.,Eliav Center, Ra'anana, 09-7441370, 052-4401446:
more information at:
Sunday- Friday: 10am-1pm, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 4:30pm - 7pm

Kalmania Art College Gallery,  Beit Berl College, Kfar Saba 09-7478701:
"Apfelsine" - Eilat Zohar
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4pm

Lul Hangar,  Moshav Bazra, 09-7480692:
Ariel Kerem, nature photography

Miklatok Art Gallery, Kibbutz Maabarot, 09-8982558, 052-923192:
by prior phone arrangement

<>Mishkan Omaniot Art Gallery, 19 Hashomer St., Ra'anana, 09-7464036:
"Journey To Realism" - Reida Mishory-Isseroff, paintings
"At The Beginning Of The Circle" - Edwin Salomon, paintings (till Monday , February 28)

Mofet Gallery, 4 Eliezer Yaffe St., Ra'anana, 09-7451067: 09-7482915, 09-9504625:
Doron Harsita Eshel - Sand paintings (till Sunday, March 6)
"My Jerusalem" - Seymour Rosen, photographs (till Sunday, July 4)

"Arum 2002" - Miriam Arbel, paintings (till Sunday, January 5)
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 7:30-10pm; Saturday: 7-10pm

Municipal Cultural Center, 33 Yerushalaim St., Kfar Saba, 09-7649225:
Group show of artists who immigrated from South America

<>Municipal Gallery Kfar Saba,12 Geula St., Kfar Saba, 09-7415649: 09-7649303:
"Luego De Pelota" - Dalia Meiri, installation (till Thursday, February 2)
"Reliefs" - Tamir Dubrovsky (till Monday, June 20)
"Objects From The Past" - Group show (till Thursday, January 13)
"India In Mixed Media" - Bernardo Skolnik, Dorit Magal (till Sunday november 21)
"Black Eyes" - Ben  Farag, Photographs

Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 6-9pm; Saturday: 11am-1pm

Municipal Gallery Netanya, Hamaapilim St., Shaked Promenade, Netanya, 052-465066:
Sunday-Thursday & Saturday: 10am-1pm; 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

<>Municipal Gallery Ra'anana, Yad Lebanim House,147 Ahuza St, Ra'anana, 09-7610564, 09-7610565:
Tamara Morgenstern - Pop art paintings and graphics (till Saturday, December 31)
" Mickey Mouse Revisited" - Idit Antebi, Animated
(till Saturday, December 18)
"Small World" - Models by the Israel Miniaturists' Club (till Saturday, December 18)
"Jewish Mysticism and me" - <>Nelson Romerro, installation (till Saturday, October 23)
"Musical Chairs" - Lilianne Milgrom, photos, video and mixed media (till Saturday, July 3)

Rachel Nadbi - Paintings (till Wednesday, March 31)
"The Magic Circus Show" - Mirel Goldenberg, sculptures (till Saturday, May 1)
"It's Not Him" - Leo Ray, paintings  (till Saturday, May 1)
"Drawing,Old And New" - Group show by 24 locals (till Saturday, February 21) 
Izhar Cohen - Installations (till Saturday, January 3)
 "Celestial Nights" - Neil Folberg's  exhibition will open in Raanana on Saturday evening August 30th, 2003 at 20:30, In the presence of: Mr. Zeev Beilski - Mayor of Raanana, Adv. Nati Lamm - Deputy Mayor of Culture, Youth and Sport. Curator: Orna Fichman 
The exhibition is open to the public from: 
Sun.-Thur. from 9:00 to 19:00 
On Fri. from 9:00 to 12:30 
And Sat. from 11:00 to 13:00
Ofri Marom - Paintings
visiting hours: 6-11pm

Nova Gallery, 4 Hacfar, Rishpon, 09-7749995:
"What Is Hide Behind My Back" - Ori Raz
Tuesday,Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: by phone appointment

Peer Midrasha Gallery, 28 Gordon, 09-7478710:


Studio 6, 6 Rishon Lezion St., Netanya, 09-8331352;
new exhibition:

highlights from former exhibitions
Anat Grinberg 
Park of colors


---------------------------------------------------permanent exhibitions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dita Liron  -
"Untitled" -
oil on canvas
Liana Gross - "Untitled" -
oil on canvas
highlights from former exhibitions---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Touring the Land of Israel"
 Itzu Rimmer - oil on canvas

    Moty shoshan


Aric Schneider
Mixed media


"An American in Netanya" 
Haim Yuner

Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-8pm; Friday:10am-1pm; Saturday: 5-8pm

Symbol And Logo Modern Art Gallery, Matnas Kadima, 09-8991446:
Dan Reisinger - Graphic designs (till Thursday, March 25)

The Studio, College of Art Studies, 179 Achuza St., Raanana, 09-7714460:
"Bread Scupture" - Ilan Shinar
Sunday: 10am-1pm; Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 5-7:30pm

Toot Gallery, 54 Ussishkin St, Ramat Hasharon, 09-5404040:
"Between Black And White" - Marcelle Klein, ceramics (till Thursday, February 5)

Tzuk Gallery, CHamapilim St, Shaked Promenade , Netanya 09-8603141:

Yad Lebanim House, Kfar Vitkin, 052-266005:
Monday & Wednesday: 5-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 10:30am-2pm;  4-6pm

Yad Lebanim House, K6 Hashachar Hod Ha Sharon:
highlight from former exhibition
Igor Polsky - Sculptures

Look at Igor Polsky Website
Sunday : 9-12am, 3:30-7pm ; Monday: 10-12am; Tuesday, Thursday: 3:30-7pm; Wednesday:10- 12am, 3:30-7pm

West Gallery, 1 Hazedef St., Herzliya , 054-5212642:
Beatch Paintings - (Till Sunday, December 12)


  <>Herzliya Museum of Art, 4 Habanim St., 46379, Herzliya,
Phone: 09-9551011; Fax: 09-9500043;

new exhibitions:
"Aniho" - Auto biography, video art (tillSaturday, December 24)
Video Zone 2 - Works by 14 video artists (till end of March)
"Video Zone 2" - Works by 14 practitioners (opening Saturday, November 20)

Santiago Sierra - Arrangement of Twelve Prefabricated parapets 2004, installation
"Embroided Action" - Group show (till end July) 
"Land" - Nati Shamia Opher, installation  (till end July) 
"Chic Point" - Sharif Waked, photographs (till end July) 
"Diana" - Hilla Ben Ari, paintings (till end July) 
"4 Scrolls" - Moshe  Kupferman, last works (till end July) 
"This Time Painting" - Large group show 
Ori Nir - Installation
Shirli Shor - Computer art
Paul Mcarty - Video art
"Rethinking Israeliu Symbols" - Works by Benron, Betzer, Bartana, Gur Arie, Netanel, Kenan, Sechori, Shlesinger, Sharett
(till Saturday, February 14)
Betzer - Three, two, one installation (till Saturday, January 31) 
"Linea Alba" - Angela Klein.
"Hidden Plan" - Emanuel Faytchevitz.
Stantiagi Sierra - Video work.
"Justine Frank" - Roee Rosen, reterospective.
"The Continuation Of Biological Life 2" - Pesach Slabosky
"Paradies In Video Zone" - Vedio Art
Aziz And Cucher - Passage
Gil Shachar - Hand made
Yuvan Shaul - Amalgam
Joao Onofer - Video
Gabriel Klasmer - Assassin
Efrat Shalemmer - Midland
Dana and Boaz Zonshine - Video installation
Jose Mauel Ciria - Wall project
Osnat Bar-Or - School
"Messenger Of History" - Group show with Boaz Arad, Gideon Gechtman, Michal Heiman,Haim Lusky, Sigalit Landau,
Michal Heiman, Haim Lusky, Sigalit Landau,
Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday: 4-8 pm; Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm


Bayit B'Kfar Hadarim,  Kfar Hadarim., Kfar Saba, 054-5399134:
Yaakov Novoggroder - Paintings (till Tuesday, December 7)

Bet Aharon, Near Netanya,
"Archaelogy" - Ceramics (till Tuesday, November 30)

Gallery of the University Center, Lesley College Israel Branch, Yad Harutzim St, F-10 Building Industrial Center
South Netanya, 09-8656501:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:30am-5pm

<>Hadassa Neurim, Bet Yannai, 09-8663004:
"Paradise, Hell" - Natalie Kuznetsov, collages (till Saturday, April 30)
"Stories And Silences" - Hanan Milner, paintings (till Saturday, January 29)
"On Life And Death" - Raya Bar Adon, mixed media  (till Saturday, December 18)
Emanuel Gelman - Sculptures and drawings (till Saturday, June 19)

"My Bronze Diary" - Oleg Gabrizon, artisic medals (till Saturday, May 22)
Leo Ray Students - Moving color, pintings (till Saturday, April 24)
Lena Boukingilts - Pupet, Ssculptures (till Friday, March 26) 
"Lithuanian Art" - From the Uzi Maslaton collection (till Friday, March 5) 

Kibbutz Ga'ash, in the Club:
"Jazz" - Harold Robin

Large And Small Center , 21 Ha'tasia Raanana  Industrial Area 09-7409509:
"The Family" - Maya Aharoni, photographs (till Friday, December 30)

Maires, Yohanan Hasandler, Hertzliya Pituach, 09-9564550:
Mali Languchki - Ttal look by interior designer (till Monday, March 15) 

Masoa - The Institute for Holocaust Studies, Kibbutz Tel-Yitzhak, 09-699997:
"6 Million Prosecutors - The State of Israel versus Adolf Eichmann" - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm

Orion,  98 Ussishkin Ramat Hasharon,  09- 5472554 :


Tiroche Auction House, De Shalit Square, Hertzliya Pituach, 46755;
Phones: 09-9509893/4; Fax: 09-9509895:

<>Weill Auditorium, 6 Hanuta St , Kfar Shmaryahu, 054-440355, 09-9569430:
Hava Kaufman - Paintings (till Thursday, March 3)

<>Ilial Ziv - Photographs (till Thursday, March 3)
"The Censor Gets Dresed" - Osnat Weiss, mixed media (till Thursday, January 20)

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