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Updated: December  17. 2006 at 9 am

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NORTH AREA (see also Haifa area )


Armon Gallery, 26 Hanadiv St., Zichron Yaakov:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 10:30am-2pm

Ar-Tel Gallery, Zichron Yaakov:
Ovadia Alkara, selected works

Art Gallery, Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud 04-6369818:
Friday and Saturday only

Art Studio Hadera, 45 Haalon St., Hadera, 04-6325169:
"Under One Roof"- Gini Yehirl, Adlan, Rivka Ben Yaakov
Monday-Thursday: 5-8 pm

Artal Gallery, 65  Hmeyasdim St., Zichron Yaakov  04-6290224:
Israeli, Paris - Paintings and Sculptures
Sunday,Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Monday,wednesday 10am-7pm;Yuesday 10am- 1pm; Friday 9:30am- 2:30pm
Saturday  by prior phone call

Beit Gabriel at the Kinneret, Tzemach, Jordan Valley, 04-6751175:
"Syrian - African Rift" - Larry Abramson, muxed media (till  Saturday, January 21)
Moshe Hausman - Works (till Saturday, February 26)
Arieh Dahan - Photographs from Morocco (till Wednesday, June 30)

"To Draw Animals" - Yehudit Yelin-Ginat
Varda Berger - Watercolor
"Peachy Dandy"

Oil on canvas
76x102cm (30x40in)
March '95
In the private collection of
Jacob Holtzman - Jerusalem

Monday-Saturday: 10am-9pm

<>Beit Yigal Alon, Kibbutz  Ginossar,  04-6721495, 04-6727700:
<>"Body In Struggle" - Gad Ulman, Batya Elisha, Aviva Beigel (opening Saturday, December 30, till Saturday,
 February 24)
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Ein Hashofet Gasllery, District Hall, M.A.Megido 051-266440:
sunday-Thursday,saturday: 8:30am-4pm, Friday: 8:30 am-1pm.

Gallery at Ramat Hagolan Wine Cellars, Industrial Zone, POB 183, Katzrin, 04-6962001:
"The Inner Pink" - Tamar Sorkin
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Gallerina Gallery, Bat Shlomo colony 04-6399735:
"Creation" - Tomer Migal
Friday, Saturday: 10am-5pm;

General Exhibition Hall,50 Sonia Sachs,  Safed 04-6999304:
Seefa Reis, recent works
"Blue Skies of Safed" - Exhibition by artists of Safed

Givat Haviva Art Center Gallery, Kibbutz Giv'at Haviva, 04-6309287, 04-6309262:
"Art by Croatian Artists"
Sunday: 9am-5pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; Saturday: by prior phone call

<>Haim Atar Art Gallery in Ein Harod, Kibbutz Ein Harod Meuhad, 04-6531670:
"My Painting Demands" - Henry Shelesnyak, photography, painting , film retrospective
(till Sunday, May 28)
"In Between" - Joshua Borkovsky, photographs (till Sunday, May 28)
Arela Horvitz - Drawings and cuttings (till Tuesday, March 1)
"Soft Corner" - Uriel Meiron, Daniel Bauer, Yoav Miller, Yael Rubin, Sharoin Poliakin (till Tuesday, March 1)
"Local Salon" - Shai Alony, photographs

"Look Like But Not Real" -  Rivka Potshbozki, video
"The History Angel" - Group exhibition
"Beloved Country" - Eretz Israel Landscapes from the beginning of the 19th century
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4:30pm; Friday: 9am-1:30pm; Saturday: 10am-4:30pm

Kabri Gallery, Kibbutz Kabri, 04-9952252, 04-9952351, 04-9952311:
Avital Cna'ani - Recent works (till Saturday, August 7)
"Facing Off" - Osnat Ben - Shalom, figurative paintings (till Saturday, June 26) 
"Sea And Land'; - Oamar Derbas and Ron Amir, photographs (till Saturday, March 6) 
"Tmonut Machzor" - Avi Ifergan 

Kibbutz Beit Hashita Art Gallery, Merhav Club, Kibbutz Beit Hashita, 04-6536095:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 8am-1pm

Kibbutz Giv'at Haim Art Gallery, Kibbutz Giv'at Haim Ichud, 04-6369351, 04-6369820 :
Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 11am-3pm (or by previous phone appointment)

<>Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaut Gallery, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaut, 04-9933742, 04-9933773, 04-9933792, 04-9933869:
Asi Meshulam - Two Shows
Alima - Four seasons etchings (till Sunday, March 6)
Moshe Kupferman - Prints (till Tuesday, November 23)
<>"Friends Kupfermans" - Paintings owned by Kibbutz members 
Michal Chelbin - Photographs (till Saturday, March 6)
"Station:" - Moshe Kupferman, new works (till Sunday, February 16)
Moshe Kupferman - Three new works from the series The Facture and Time, permanent installation
Friday: 7-9pm; Saturday: 12am-1pm (or by previous phone appointment)

Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra Gallery, Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, 04-9857111:
"Suction Cups" - Yael Barlev

Kofy Anan Gallery, Bental Mountain, Marom gulan :

Photographs from Syria Tourist sites
Permanent exhibition
Military equipment show- In the reconstructed bunker from kipor day
Sunday-Saturday: 9am-4pm

Laor Gallery, Safed Artists Colony, 04-6924958:
Lana Laor - Oils and sculptures 
By Appointment

Machanaim Gallery, Kibbutz Machanaim, 04-933782:
current exhibition:
highlights of former exhibitions:

"Between What There Is and What There Isn't"
- Lee Orlev
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 7-9pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

Mitzpe Hayamim Art Gallery, Mitzpe Hayamim Hotel, POB 27, Rosh Pina, 12000, 04-6999666, 04-6930530, 04-6994555 :
"Birds" - Zeev Levinger, paintings (till Friday, December 31)
Tzila Friedman - Drawings (till Friday, December 10) 
"Jerusalem Children Paint Pain And Peace" - Jewish and Arab youngsters (till Sunday, October 31)
Ronen Milner, Ohad Milner - Paintings and sculpture by father and son (till Wednesday, August 25)
Zmira Foran-Tzion - Mixed media works (till Saturday, July 17)
Lisbeth Biger - Sculpture, Jerusalem stone (till Wednesday, June 2)
Shosha Talik - Figure paintings (till Wednesday, April 14)
highlight from former exhibition
Orna Ben-Shoshan

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-6pm; Friday: 10am-3pm; Saturday: 11am-2pm

Semgallery, Moshav Megadim  04-8575214:
"Fields" - Margalit Bassan, fiber art (till Saturday, January 7)

Tel Hai Yard Gallery,Tel Hai, Upper Galilee, 04-6951333:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-4pm; Friday: 8am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

<>Um El Fachem Art Gallery,Albatan, POB 30010, Um El Fachem, 04-6315257:
"Magic Pencil" - Children's book ilustrations (till Saturday, November 20)
"It Is Possible To See All" - Group show of photographs

"Mythologies" - 20 Israeli artists (curator: Farid Abu Shakra)
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 4-6pm; Saturday: noon-6pm

Yad To Guards Gallery, Kibbutz Yagur, 04-9848172:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-3pm; Friday:8-11:30am

Yifat Art Gallery, Kibbutz Yifat, 04-6548834:
"She Has Birds In Her Head" - Esther Fried
Sunday-Thursday: 8-12am; Friday: 7-9pm; Saturday: 12am-2pm, or by prior phone arrangement

Mark Yudell - Fine Ceramic Art in Sculptures and Murals, 2 Hashnayim St., Karkur,
37066; Phones:04-6379303; 050-947698; Fax: 04-6272089:

Permanent exhibition at artist's studio.
Weekdays: by prior phone call

Vera Alexander - Studio and Gallery, 130a Keren Hayesod St., Safed, 04-6921289:
Paintings by Vera Alexander and the late Stefan Alexander
open by prior phone call


Bar-David Museum of Jewish Art, Kibbutz Baram, 13860, Phone: 04-6988295, 04-6988205 Fax: 04-6987505:
Gallery Collection - In the enterance (till Saturday, December 10)
Ben Gal, Gueta, Wonkovsky, Segal, Patel, Rabinowitz, Reeb, Rantzer, Shani - Recent works (till Saturday, April 30)
Alexander Bogen - Pasintings (till Saturday, May 28)
"Around The Table" -  Works from the museum collection (till Saturday, February 5)
"Around The Table" - Works from the museum collection (till Saturday, February 5, 2005)
Women Creator" -  From the Museum collection
"Sign Of The Fish" - The fish in israeli art
"My Heart Is In The East" - permanent exhibition
"Judica" - Permanent Exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4pm; Friday: 10am-2pm <>

Ein Harod Museum of Art, Kibbutz Ein Harod, 04-6485701, 04-6486038, 04-6486306:
"The Pile" - Larry Abramson, recent works
  (till Saturday, December 10)
Chas Tzinovich - Generative paintings  (till Saturday, December 10)
Tchechik Eilon - Recent work  (till Saturday, December 10)
 Michael Gross - Drawings (till Thursday, January 26)
"Karni Checkpost" - Nurit Gur Lavie, paintings
"Keren Kayemet And Photography" - Historical shots 1903-2003
(till Sunday, December 12)
<>Azriel Kaufman - Recent works (till Sunday, December 12)
"Donna Grazia And The Seals Of The Sages Of Tiberias" - Uri Mazar

"Blues" - Ami Wallach (till Sunday, September 19) 
"Flat Land" - Avishay Eyal, nine series on paper (till Sunday, September 19)
"The Sages Of Tiberias" - Uri Mazar (till Monday, May 10) 
"Blue" - Ami Wallach  (till Monday, May 10) 
"Siamese Twins" - Ayelet Karmi, wall paintings (till Monday, May 10)
"Beauty Queen" - Meira Shemesh, posthumous retrospective (till Tuesday, June 15)
"Espaces D'sesrte's" - Anne - Marie Filaire, photographs (till Friday, April 30)
"A Mental, Metaphorical, Real Space" - The Meir Agassi Museum (till Saturday, March 13) 
Dov Or Nir and Jozian Vanunu - Installation, painting and text (till Sunday, January 18)
Yehuda Yaziv - Installation, paintingt, text (till Sunday, January 18)
Mirit Cohen Caspi - Installation (till Sunday, January 18)
Leonid Balaklav - Paintings
Leonid Balaklav - Paintings
Leonid Balaklav - Paintings
Osnat Bar-Or - Photographs
Ken Goldman - From within 100  years of photography
- Photographs of new olim
Jewish Russian Painters - Antakolsky, Leventan, Pasternak and more
Chaim Atar - Oil portraits
"Walls Of Paradix" - Rivka Potchebutzky, installation
"yotam" - Gideon Gechtman
"Facial images and other series" - Monica Hadari
"Tow Gardens Dialogu" - David Gross, Farid Abu-Sharaka
"A Day In September" - Guy Raz
"Paintings" - Galya Pillin Tarmus
Sunday-Friday: 8am-1:30pm;  Saturday: 10am-1:30pm

<>Eli Lemberger Museum of Photography, Industrial Park, Tel Hai, 04-6950769, 04-6950770:
"Life In The Periphery" - Ofir Hadad, Ilan Ya'aran, photographs
Alfons Himmelreich - Photographer on the roof
Yaakov Israel - A repressed landscape, photographs
"A Photographic Bridge" - St. Petesberg - Israel (till Monday, August 30) 

"Familly Documents" - Simcha Shirman, David Sari, Riva Segal, photographs (till Saturday, October 30)
David Perlov - Color photography (till Tuesday, March 30)
Classic cars exhibition
"The Bonafice House in Eretz Yisrael" - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-4pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

Frenkel-Frenel Museum, 16 Tav-Zain St., Artists' Quarter, Old City, Safed
Yitzhak Frenkel-Fernel (1899-1981) - exhibition, marking the painter's 100'th anniversary

Hecht Museum, University of Haifa, 04-8257773:
"Blessed Are The Poor In Spirt" - Leopold Krakauer, drawings
Extensive permanent exhibitions of archeology and European paintings

Isreaeli Museum Of Photography, Industrial parkTel Hai 04-6930530:
"APresence In The Landscape - Photographs by the American Colony group, Amiram Erev, Yosef Cohen and Hael Eilat

Ralli Museum, Rotschild Avenue, Caesarea, 04-6261013,  04-6261017:
Herman Braun-Vega, artist from Peru
"Contemporary Latino-American and European Art" - permanent exhibition
"Sculptures by International Artists" - permanent exhibition
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 10:30am-3:30pm

The Israel Bible Museum, P.O. Box 1396, Safed; 06-6999972; Email:;
more information at:

Uri and Rami Nechoshtan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov Meuhad, 04-6757737:
new exhibition:
highlights of former exhibitions:

"Principles of Those Present"
- Evyatar Stern
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; Friday: 9am-1pm; Saturday: 10:30am-3pm

Artists Colony, 22 Sonia Sachs  St., Safed, 04-6972017, 054-4358635:
Gallery Laor -  Oil Paintings and kabballistic jewellery
Ruth Shani, paintings on skill

<>Hotel Pastoral, Kfar Blum, 04-6836611:
"Couples From The Sky" - Yossi Eshbol, bird photos (till Saturday, November 27)

Kfar Pik, Southern Ramat Hagolan, 055-676939


 Moshe and Sara Arison Museum of the First Allyah, 2 Hanadiv St., Zichron Yaakov, 04-6212333:
"The Beginning of the New Jewish Settling in the Land of Israel" - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm; Tuesday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

Moshe Aharon Culture House, Derech HAtzmaout St:
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-1pm, 5:30- 8:30pm; Friday: 8:30-12am; Saturday: 6:30-9pm;

Museum Of Regional & Mediterranean Archaelogy, Gan- Hashlosha , 04-6586352:
more information see at the web site.

Neurim, Bet Yanai, 052-3667900:
"Childhood" - Student and graduate work (till Friday, September 24)

House Museum, Kibbutz Ein Harod, 04-6533284, 04-6531605:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-3:30pm; Saturday: 11am-3pm

<>Tel Hai Museum, Tel Hai College, Upper Galilee, 04-6943731:
"Living In Interesting Times" - A Decade of new Chinese photography
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-4pm; Friday: 8am-1pm; Saturday: 8:30am-2:30pm

The Memorial Museum of the Hungarian Speaking Jewry, Kikar Haatzmaut, P.O.B. 1168, Safed, 13111,
Phones: 04-6923880, 04-6925881; Fax: 04-6923880
Permanent historical exhibition; Exhibit of the Month
Open: Sun-Fri: 9am-1pm

The Old Yard Museum, Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, Phone: 04-6374327:
The Begginning of the Jewish Settling in Eretz Yisrael - permanent exhibition
Restoration of a Turkish train from the beginning of the century (two km excursion rail length)
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-4pm; Friday: 8am-1pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

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