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Updated:  October 17 ,  2006  at  11 am

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Agrippas Gallery, 12 Agrippas St, Jerusalem, 02-6233257:
Yaakov Aloni - Sculptures (till Wednesday, December 28)
"The Middle" - Orna Milo, paintings (till Thursday, June 9)
Yemima Ergas - Recent paintings (till Wednesday, May 18)
Eilat Arif and Yossi Galanti - Photographs (till Wednesday, February 9)
"Intimate" - Gallery regulars (till Wednesday, January 19)
"Semiosis" - Doron Livneh, new works (till Wednesday, December 8)
Vered  Aviv - Mixed media works (till Wednesday, November 17)
"Nudes And Shadows" - Sidon Rotenberg, drawings (till Wednesday, 27 October)
Dvorit Ben Shaul - New works (till Wednesday, June 30) 
Joel Kantor - Jerusalem, photographs (till Wednesday, June 9) 
Many Salama - Recent works (till Wednesday, May 19)

Altogether 8 - Ceramic Art Gallery and Co-operative, 11 Yoel Salomon St., Nachlat Shiva,
Jerusalem, 02-6247250:
Permanent exhibition of new ceramic sculptures, Judaica ritual objects and pottery by 8 ceramic artists
Sunday-Thursday: 9:30am-7:30pm; Friday: 9:30am-2pm

Anadiel Gallery, New Gate, Old City, Jerusalem, 02-6282811:
Zoe Leonard - Recent conceptual works

Antea - A Women's Artspace at Kol Ha-Isha, Kol Ha-Isha (Woman's Voice), 5 Ben Yehuda St., (third floor), Jerusalem, 
Phone: 02-6222455; Fax: 02-6256187:
"Frac - Tal" - Tal Ironi, photography (till Thursday, February 24)

"Accumulation Points, Action Readymade" - Carnit Brinker, Heli Cohen, Rahel Lazry, Yan Mok, Eti 
Sunday, Monday & Wednesday: 10am-2pm; also open during "Kol Ha-Isha" 
work hours and evening activities - 

please check by calling in advance.

Artnova, Moshav Beit-Nekofa,02-5335996, 02-5335997:
Permanent collection of works by Israeli artists
Saturday: 11am-5pm; weekdays: by prior phone call

Artspace, 5 Hatzefira St., German Colony, Jerusalem, 02-5662423:
"No Strings Attached - Gil Haller, paintings (till Tuesday, January 17)
"Cnnamon" - Farideh, recent works (till Friday, June 10)

"Song Of The Sea" - Carolev Berman,
"Leaves And Folds" - Naomi Bruckman  (till Friday, March 4)
Group Show - Abramowitz, Appelfeld, Areli, Balaklav, Bar-Am, Blayer, Livene, Rabin(till Tuesday, February 1)
"Paris Jerusalem" - Shalom Flash, paintings (till Frisay, December 10)
New Works - By Wolfson,  Sasson,  Balakav,  Rabin and Frank  (till Friday, October 29)F
Summer Group Show - Gallery regulars (till FAriday, September 3)
Dalia Nawi - Paintings (till Saturday, June 19)
"Happiness In Make - Up" - Roni Barot, paintings (till Thursday, May 20)
"Slow Etch" - Hadassah Berry (till Tuesday, March 16)
Noa Shay - Recent painting by graduate of Jss (till Thursday, February 12)
Jewelry" - Sara & Tamar Einstein
"Group Show" - of gallery artists
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Just Another Day - Orchards"
- Michael Kovner, paintings
Tuesday & Thursday: 5-7pm; Friday: 11am-1pm

The Jerusalem House of Quality,12 Hebron Rd., 93542, Jerusalem; Phones: 02-6735242; 02-6716777;

052-698575; Fax: 02-6726242
Avi Biran, winner of The Jesselson Prize for Contemporary Judaica Design for 1999, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
For Rosh Hashana: Honey Dipper:
"Land of Milk and Honey"
For Yom Kippur: Tzedakah (charity-alms) box with 
kapparah (atonement) fowl in mind
A gift to your synagogue: Rimonim 
(Torah finials)
Permanent exhibition at artist's studio.
Weekdays: by prior phone call

Avi-Yonah Gallery, 1 Yoel Salomon St. (next to Zion Square), Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem,
Phone: 02-6240212; Fax: 02-5611411:
"Art Inspired by the Kabbalah and Science" - Yael Avi-Yonah and Dov Lederberg, paintings
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-10pm
Yael Avi-Yonah Gallery, 44 Diskin St., Jerusalem, Phone: 02-5611411; Fax: 02-5611411:
"Art Inspired by the Kabbalah and Science" - Yael Avi-Yonah and Dov Lederberg, paintings
open on weekdays by prior phone appointment

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Mount Scopus Hebrew University Campus, Jerusalem, 02-5893333, 02-5893301 02-5450114:
"Homage To Yitzhak Rabin" - By Israel's best (till Friday, December 30)
Bezalel - Graduates exhibition, all departments (till Friday, July 30)

(see also: Morris Louis Gallery, Old Bezalel Building, 1 Bezalel St. - below):
"Group/Ungroup" - Naomi Talitman F
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-9pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

<>Bustan Gallery, 25 Keren Kayemet S't , Rehavia Jerusalem, 02-5617807:
Jacob Eisenberg - 1897-1966 early Bezalel artist (till Friday, November 19)
Jacob  Eisenberg 1897-1966 -  Etchings by student and teacher at the orginal Bezalel School

Cadim - Ceramic Art Gallery,4 Yoel Salomon St., Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem, 02-6234869:
Permanent exhibition of new ceramic sculptures, Judaica ritual objects and pottery by 15 ceramic artists including:
Ben Yosef,
Mark Yudell,
Naomi Bitter and her partner, the late Nora Kochavi, and Sara Pelly (Wartsman)

and Sara Pelly (Wartsman)
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-9pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

Daphna Naor's Space for Contemporary Art, 4 Yair St., Baka, Jerusalem, 
by prior phone arrangement only (entrance fee: NIS 15-20)

David Art Gallery, 10 King David St, Jerusalem, 02-6234915:
permanent exhibitions of paintings from the gallery collection by:
David Rakia,
Yakov Feldmann,
Dina Toledano,
Lea Zarembo and
Alexander Gurevich
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: end of Shabbat till 10pm

Davidoff Judaica Studio and Gallery,
18 Shlomzion Hamalka St. (at left of 'Israel Brothers' shopping mall), Jerusalem,
Phones: 02-6245269, 02-6236585, 052-595764; Fax: 02-6245269;
Hanukkia "The Seven Days of 
Creation Kiddush Cup"-Gold

Torah Crown


Permanent exhibition at artist's studio

David Yellin College Gallery, 7 Ma'agal Beit Hamidrasha St , Beit Hakerem,
Jerusalem, 02-6558111:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-8pm

Eden Art Gallery, 8 King David St, Jerusalem, 02-6244831:
Group Show - New gallery regulars
Yoel Benharrouche - permanent exhibition of paintings from the gallery collection
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-9pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 8-10pm

Engel Gallery, Hutzot Hayotzer, 02-6232397:
"The Bible - Miniature Art Exhibition"
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-4pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Etzion Judaica Center, Gush Etzion Junction
(15 minutes from Jerusalem by the 'Tunnels Road'),
02-9934040; E-mail:
Abel Pann  "King David"
permanent exhibitions:
Judaica arts and crafts in the largest gallery and 
shopping center for Judaica ritual and decorative objects in Israel
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Gallery in College, David Yellin College for Education, 
7 Ha'agal St., Beit Hakerem, Jerusalem, 02-6558137, 02-6558165:
Monday-Thursday: 5-8pm

Guild of Ceramists, 27 Yoel Salomon St., Nachalat Shiva, 
Jerusalem, 02-6244065:
"Ceramics" - Permanent exhibition of sculptures, 
Judaica ritual objects and pottery by 11 artists including:
Anna Carmy  Boris Katz and Max Epstein
Sunday-Thursday: 9:30am-7:30pm; Friday: 9:30am-2pm

Gvanim in Rehavia Art Gallery, 43 Aza Rd., Rehavia, 02-5666802, 02-5635582:
"Naive Art" - Jojo, Shalom from Safed, Haim Harbon and others
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

Hadassah Barry Gallery,23 Hutsot Hayotser 02-6723264:

Hatzuf,15 Hebron Road:
"Bezalel in Pollen" - group photography exhibition by Bezalel graduates
Saturday: 1-8pm

House of Quality Gallery, Derech Hebron St.:

ICC Jerusalem Convention Center, Binyanei Ha'uma, Jerusalem, 02-6558558:
current exhibitions:
Penny Wagner - Photography
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Judaica Art Fair" including:

Avi Biran:
"Our Matriarchs Shabbat Candle Holder"

Dan Givon: "Mezuzah" - Raphael Prize for Design - Bezalel Academy of Arts

Judith Yellin: 
"Mountains of Eilat" - 
1997, Collage, 70x100 cm

Sara Ben Yosef

Amnon Israeli

Ruth Barkai - Zohara Harel - Ida Michaeli
"A Whole World In Colour" - Painters of the Ilan Home for the Handicapped, Gilo, Jerusalem
Permanent exhibitions:
Naftali Golomb, collage paintings; David Rubinger, photographs; Dina Rekanati, sculptures;
Zelig Segal, Judaica works; Danny Wasserlauf, photographs; Lily Foran, sculptures;
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-5pm and during shows at evening; Friday: 10am-1pm

Jerusalem Artists' House, 12 Shmuel Hanagid St., 02-6252636, 02-6253653:
Web site -
"New Works 2002 - 2005" - Sasha Okun (opening Saurday, October 21 till Sunday. November 26)
"Jerusalem Through A Private Lens" - Group photographiy show (till Sunday, December 18)
"Scrched II" - Smadar  Goffen, paintings and treated photographs (till Sunday, December 18)
"White Flour" - Lubna Nawatha, ground coal, installation (till Sunday, December 18)
Sagit Zaloof - Namir - Photographs from the Nidbach series
(till Sunday,June 19)
"What Smells Bad To A Giraffe" - Avi Mayer, sculptures (till Sunday,June 19)
"Loud And Clear" - Akim Jerusalem, paintings (till Sunday,June 19)
"Identity" - Iane Sassoon Elnekave, installation (till Sunday,June 19) 
"Conti/Newity" - Dina Toledano, paintings (till Sunday,June 19)      
"From The Nidbach 12 Series" - Mora Dimerman (till Sunday, May 15)
"Twenty Of Seventy" - Zvi Tolkovsky (till Sunday, May 15)
"By His Students" - Homage To Zvi Tolkovsky (till Sunday, May 15)
"Light And Sights" - Boris Lekar, paintings (till Saturday, December 18)
"Woman" - Naomi Gafni, mixed media (till Saturday, December 18)
"Circles In The Sand" - Pamela Silver, paintings (till Saturday, December 18)
"Create A Space" - Group  exhibition (till Saturday, December 18)
"Guidings Lights" - Rakia,  paintings (till Saturday, December 18)
Andrei Kurzawski, Henryk Starikiewicz, Sonia Rammer, Alicia Swiation, Mikolai Polinski - Five painters from Poland  (till Sunday, 14 November)
"Maachaz" - Nechemia Bezzubov, paintings  (till Sunday, 14 November)
Marek Yanai - Head in watercolors (till Sunday, 14 November)
Beba Yannay - Works on paper (opening Saturday, September 4, till Sunday, October 10)
"Patch Work" - Eran Sachs sound, Alon Cohen Lifshitz space, Marcelo Lauber photography  (opening Saturday, September 4, till Sunday, October 10)
"Family Setting" - Ayelet Ginosar - Cohen, paintings   (opening Saturday, September 4, till Sunday, October 10)
"The Zoo Project" - Keren Shavit, photography  (opening Saturday, September 4, till Sunday, October 10
New Members Exhibition 2004 - Alex Goldberg, Ruti Kaplansky, paintings, relieves (opening Saturday, September 4, till Sunday, October 10)
"Picnic" - Rachel Hagigi, installation (opening Saurday, July 17, till Sunday, August 15)
Dodo Shenhav - Oil paintings (opening Saurday, July 17, till Sunday, August 15)
'Chiken With Plums" - Anat Chohen Ahdut, paintings (opening Saurday, July 17, till Sunday, August 15) 
"Painting Is Life" - Hedi Kendel, paintings 1912 - 2003  (opening Saurday, July 17, till Sunday, August 15) 
"Moments Of Light' - Dalia Gilhar, watercolors (opening Saurday, July 17, till Sunday, August 15) 
"Pilgrim" - Richard Gere , 20 years of photography in Tibet (opening Saturday, June 5 till Saturday, 
July 10)
"Exhibition in the memory of Zipi Peisachovitch" - Zipi P eisachovitch, 1980 - 2003, paintings (opening Saturday, June 12, till Sunday, July 11)
"Third Dimension" - Elizabeth Cohen, ceramic design (opening Saturday, June 12, till Sunday, July 11)
"Distress" - Group exhibition, Leah Zarembo, Michael Yahilevich (Jerusalem), Pavel Feinstein (Berlin,  Pjotrv Sapegin (Oslo), Katerina Konilov, Inna Entina (Moscow), Tatyana Yanovskaya (Toronto)  (till Sunday, May 30)
Mira Heroni Levine - Recent Paintings (till Sunday, May 30)
Yoav Shavit - Industrial designs from the Nidbach II series (till Sunday, June 5)
"Cats And Angels" - Leora Wise, etchings (till Sunday, June 5)
"Rashida" - Daniel Shoshan, paintings  (till Sunday, April 18)
"Mother's Home" - Shula Keshet, paintings (till Sunday, April 18)
"Universes" - Joseph  Dadoune, video installation (till Sunday, April 18)
"Persona" - Smadar Gonen, photographs (till Sunday, April 18)
 Chedva Shmesh - New installation 
"Autosuggestion" - Ido Dror, photographs (till Sunday, February 29)
"Gauze" - Anat Barel and Hanna Ben Haim Yulzari, installation (till Sunday, February 29)
Hedva Shemesh - Video installation  (till Sunday, February 29)
"Contemplating Nudes" - Maureen Fain, aquarelles (till Sunday, February 29)
"Shulchan Aruch - Magdalena Hefetz and Ruhama Weiss,installation (tillSunday, January 18)
"Eden" - Rina Peled, new works (tillSunday, January 18)
"Wolves" - Lena Seidel (tillSunday, January 18)
"Nidbach" - Efrat Sandler and Itamar Jobani (tillSunday, January 18)
Noga Shatz - Individual Mass
"Traces - Contemporary Israeli Drawing" Massive show of 150 drawings,printings at three venuse
(till Monday,January 7)
Forg - One of the top contemporary German artists of the iternational art scene. The exhibition will be representative show of 
his work such as architecture and the window motive.
next exhibition:
"Linked Landscapes" - Liat Polotsky, small oil paintings
"Surprising Summer",
 2001, oil on canvas,
25x15 cm
"Yizrael Valley",
2001, oil on canvas, 
22.5x17.5 cm
highlights from former exhibitions:
"A Day Is Coming - Apocalyptic Paintings", oil on canvas,
Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann
"Journey - Burden, 1996-1999" - Naomi Bitter and her partner, the late Nora Kochavi, ceramic sculpture (curator: Sophia Dekel)


"Horse Talk" -  Henia Abramsky, sculpture "Bezalel 1926 - Paris 1997" - Moussia Toulman (curator: Yemima Ergas)

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; Saturday: 11am-2pm

Jerusalem Municipal Art Gallery, 17 Jaffa Rd., 02-6256937, 02-6251849:
new exhibition:
Alex Goldberg - Jerusalem portraits, oils (till Friday, March 19) 
04.11.03-27.11.03 - "Empty Dream" exhibition - Liat Polotsky
highlights from former exhibitions:
"Around the World in Black & White" - Mordehai Mokiess, photography
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Jerusalem Print Workshop, 38 Shivtei Israel St., Musrara, 02-6288730,02-6288614:
"Drawing Aspects In Print" - Group exhibition
New Prints - By Alima, Kremer, Efrat and more (till Sunday, 21 November)
Jacob Pins - Woodcuts for Michael Kolhaas by Heinrich Von Kleist (till Wednwsday, September 1)
"Jericho Rose" - Larry Abbramson, recent prints 
"Printing Color" - New groupmexhibition (till Friday, March 5)
"Retrospective View" - Asaf Ben Zvi, Moshe Gershumni, Michael Gitlin, Michael Gross,
Moshe Kupferman, Joshua Neustein, Joyce Schmidt, Yehiel  Shemi "Running Words" - 
On writing in prints by six artists
Sharon poliakine - Etchings
"Traces - Contemporary Israeli Drawing" Massive show of 150 drawings,printings at three venuse
(opening  Thursday, November 22 till Monday,January 7)
"Recent Print" - By Gilad Efrat, Sharon Poliakine, Larry Abramson, Alex Kremer, Maya Cohen Levy,
"The Print and the Poem" - artist's books exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-3pm

Kibbutz Maale Hahamish Gallery,a Art Kibbutz Maale Hahamisha, 02-5343047:
"From Pontius Pilatus till the Pope" - noam Lahav, oil paintings and prints
Saturday: 10am-2pm

Line Art Gallery, 44 Aza St, 02-5661930:
"Last Works" - Gorge Kvisers
Sunday-Thursday: 4-8pm;  Friday- 11am- 1:30pm

Mayanot Art Gallery, 28 King George St., 02-6250916:

Morris Louis Gallery, Old Bezalel Building in Town, 1 Bezalel St.:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm

Municipal Artists' Studios & New Gallery, 17 Jaffa St, beneath the bleachers of the "Teddy" soccer stadium, Jerusalem, 02-6792968:
"Family" - Works by Tal, Harel, Moshenzon, Adar, Rauchwerger and Kaufman (till Friday, August 27) 
"France Terre D'accueil" - Group show of international artists (till Friday, May 14) 
"Spread" - Chen Shapira and Noam Rabinowitz, installation (till Wednesday, Mrch 10) 
"The Garden Of Eden - Group show, Gussin, Lev, Luzansky, Polonski, Walkowitz- Koznatsova
"Dousing Rousing" - Works after Blake by Max Epstein, Katya and Boris Oicherman
highlights from former exhibitions:
Zahara Schatz (1916-1999):
"Idol Worshippers", plastic welds
Miriam Neiger :
"The air, may it never run out", installation
Ariane Littman-Cohen:
Installation - olive barrels, olive pits and red light bulbs

Sunday-Thursday: 4-7pm

Morel Derfler Gallery, Musrara 2, 22 Shivtei Israel St. (3rd floor), Musrara Community Center, Jerusalem, 02-6380362, 02-6280934, 054-632952:
"Life In A Death Trap - Eyal Yehuda, Suse Bauer, drawings and paintings
"Musrarmix # 3" - Group effort, various media (till Monday, May 31)
"Home Land 2" - Creative efforts of joint Israeli/Palestinian students (till Tuesday, February 17)
Special Photographs - By children in special ed classes
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

 <>Moshav Shoeva Gallery,  Moshav Shoava., 02-5340287:
Dalit Tiar - Ceramic sculptures (till Saturday , March 5)
"Twisted Vision" - Shlomit Bauman, Ariel Miodosar,digital art (till Sunday, June 20) 

New Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, 02-6792968, 02-6792966, 02-6410553:
Emmanuel  Santos -  Observances, photographs (till Thursday, October 28)
Yuval Danieli, Tzila Liss, Ami Wallach - Kibbutz artists

Nora Gallery, 9 Ben Maimon St., Rehavia, Jerusalem, 02-5632849:
Pamela Silver - Paintings - (opening Saturday, March 25 till Saturday April 22)
Efrat Zehavi - Photographs (till Saturday, December 24)
"Fused Space" - Talia Trainin, mixed media (till Saturday, June 11)
Linor Hanoch Schmeidler - Photographs (till Saturday, April 30)
"Winter 2005" - Group show marking 25th anniversary of Nora's death (till Saturday, February 26)
"Archaic Stories" - Orna Hodra atzor, handmade paper (till Saturday, January1)
"Rosh Pina" - Olga Kundina, paintings (tillSaturday, December 4)
"The Way Of A Ship In The Midst Of A Sea" - Summer exhibition (till Saturday, September 4)
"Sea And Shre" - Group show (till Saturday, September 4) 
Meira Axelrod - Works from 1925-1945 (till Saturday, June5)
Eli Shvadron - Recent paintings (till Saturday, May 1)
"Unlimitrd" - Rachel Shachar, paintings (till Saturday, March 27)
Eight  German Artists - Special event, all media (till Saturday, February 14)
Gyla Zinger - Unseen drawings 1898 -1969
   New exhibition

highlights from former exhibitions:
    "Conversations With Kafka" - Jacob Porat, paintings
       opening address:    Prof. Nurit Govrin

  Mark the picture
for more informatin

highlights from former exhibitions:
Amnon Barzilai, prints
Sunday-Thursday:  4-6pm; Saturday: 11:30am-2pm

Poli-Art Gallery, 1 Hasoreg St., Jerusalem, 02-6248616:
Permanent exhibition of Art and Antiques:
19h century English and 
French antique furniture, sculpture, 
clocks and pewter ware
Calev Politi, oil paintings - 
Jerusalem landscapes 
and surrealism
Late 19th and early 20th century oil paintings by English and Dutch painters
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

 Schatz Art Gallery, 4 Schatz St., Jerusalem, 02-6252432:
"Jerusalem - The Magical Holy City" -Riki Rothenberg, works

<>School of Photography Art Gallery, 9 Ha'ain Het St., Musrara, 02-6286519:
"Forty Nine" - Choli Raz, photographs (till Tueday, January 17)
"The Wardrobe" - Aria Azene (till Thursday, March 3)
"Don't Be Afraid" - Efrat Shvili (till Sunday, February 20)
"There Are No Black Flowers" - Photographs (till Sunday, January 30)
"Special Photography" - By students in special education courses (from Monday, 27 September ,till Monday, 15 November)
"Natures Mortes" - Six artists remember deffer (till Monda, 15 November)
"Photography And Society" - Media and violence, (till Thursday, June 24) 

"Please Smile" - Photgraphs from Mathesie Studio archive Berlin (till Thursday, April 29) 
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

Taamon Cafe-Gallery, 27 King George St., Jerusalem, 02-6254977:
"By Line and Brush" - Adi Sand, painting
Jonathan Ofek, sculpture
highlights from former exhibitions:
rosenfeld.jpgPinchas Rosenfeld, photography
Sunday-Thursday: 7am-midnight; Friday: 6am-4pm

<>Teddy-Gallery, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, 02-6792968, 02-6410553:
"Identification marks" - Debbie Kampel, Abba Richman, Rakefet Viner - Omer (till Thursday, January 12)
"Sacrifice" - Oshrat - Helen Ben Tor, Asad Azl, Yosefa Drescher (till  Thursday, May  26)
"Playground" - Interactive group exhibition, Abu Hussein, Levy, Lifshitz, Goren, Itzcovitch, Weiss, Grossman, Keydar,and Lauber (till Friday, March 18)
"Remember Where You Came From" - Antro Aum (till Thursday, December 16)

The House in Musrara, 9 Ha'ayn Het St., Musrara, 02-6276289, 02-6275182:
   Sunday-Wednesday: 9am-2pm, 5-7pm; Thursday: 9am-2pm; Friday: 8:30am-noon

<>The Jerusalem Center for the Performing Arts, 20 Marcus St, 02-5605757, 02-5617167:
new exhibitions:
"Portraits In The Gallery" - Yyonne Livay, paintings (till Saturday, January 7)
Yaffa Shemer - Wall carpets, weaving art (till Friday, December 23)
"Seeing It Big" - Amnon Gadol, reworked pictures (till Sunday, December 11)
Yotam Jacobson - Reserves photographs (till Thursday, December 15)
"Lanscapes And Still Life" - Robert Rosenberg , paintings
(till Tuesday, December 6)
Bar - Shalom - Photography and movement (till Tuesday, December 6)
Anat Gofer - Embroidery and metal works (till Tuesday, December 6)
Hellen And Asnat - Works in iron (till Tuesday, December 6)
"Palm Mania" - Tova Balma, paintings (till Tuesday, December 6)
" Woman - Brand" - Liora Kolton (till Sunday, April 24)
"Pomegranates And People" - Naomi Bachrach Pilacci, acrylics (till Wednesday, April 27)
"On Trees And Stones" - Yafit Kamar , paintings (till Sunday, April 24)
"Jerusalem" - Group show from Raanana (till Wednesday, Apriul 20)
Dina Sterling - Paintings (till Monday, March 21)
"Gvanim" - Nir Shelo, paintings (till Monday., February 21)
Oded Shamir - Stone sculptures
(till Tuesday, February 22)
 Yael Zadwin - Photographs (till Tuesday, February 22)
Gad Tik - Mixed media paintings (till Wewdnesday, January 26)
"Eye Of The Hawk" - Ehud Aviran, photos (till Wednesday, January 19)
"The Way" - Nira Sidi, photos (till Monday, January 31)
"Maps Etc" - Mishorer , fabric art (till Saturday, January 22)
"Hallelujah" - Avi Gold
berg, photographs (till Saturday, December 25)
"Nepal" - Sandford T. Colb, photographs (till Wednesday, December 22)
Emil Bohbot - Paintings (till Saturday, January 1)

"Enlightenment" - Zeev Dekel, photos (till Thursday, December 23)
"Reliefs" - Merav Nachimo (till Thursday, December 23)
"Denunciation" - Maureen Fain, paintings (till Thursday, December 23)
"Art And Vietnam" - Nava Levy (till Thursday, December 23)
Gerrick Zilberman - Illustrative theme paintings (till Sunday,October 31)
Sahar Pick - Retrospective of works by challenged painter (till Sunday,October 31)
"Five In One Apartment" - Group show by challanged artists (till Sunday,October 31)
"To See Beyond" - Amatsia Ra'anan, photographs (till Sunday,October 31)
"Foreign Ministry" - works by employees and retirees (till Sunday, 24 October)
"Trees" - Chava Kafri, photographs (from Sunday, 24 October till Tuesday, 23 November)
"Dialog With Still Lifes" - Tami Gutman, paintings (from Sunday, 24 October till Tuesday, 23 November)
Nurit I, Shani - Works from 1991-2004 (from Sunday, 24 October till Tuesday, 23 November)
"Amatsia Ra'anan - To see beyond, photographs (till Sunday, 31 October)
Gideon Miller - Houses, oils  (till Suterday, 23 October)

<>Yehudit Levin-Ginat - Works from 1943-2003 (till Suterday, 23 October)
Park Hyun Jin - Recent works (till Sunday, September 19)

"Sky And Sea" - Elisheva Enzer, landscapes, oils (till Sunday, September 19)
Rena R. Bekin - Recent works (till Sunday, September 19)
Eli Preis - Genre drawings (till Sunday, September 19)
"Journey To The Magic Village" - David Harel, oils (till Sunday, September 19)
"Happy End" - Osnat Shelo Kollek, still photos (till Saturday, July 31)
"Before We Forget" - Shlomo Rotem, paintings (till Wednesday, July 28) 
Ester Zylber-Katz - Stone Sculptures (till Wednesday, July 28) 
Bubi Hartman - Moixed media (till Wednesday, July 28) 
"Sham-Maim" - Yair Cohen, Photographs of air and sky (opening Monday, June 21; open till Saturday, July 27)
Graduates - Works from several Jerusalem art schools (till Thursday, June 17)
Artists Association - Group show  (till Thursday, June 17)
Felix Widder - Paintings 1874-1939 (till Sunday, May 23)
Beersheva Artists Association - Group exhibition  (till Saturday, May 22)
Group Show - Invarious media by golden age club (till Saturday, May 22)
"Conditions" - Avi Hatam, paintings (till Saturday, May 22)
Tal Neeman-Sabo - Pastel drawings on paper (till Saturday, May 22) 
"My Life In Color" - Shuli B. Wolf, (till Saturday, May 22) 
Etti Spindel - Landscapes, installation (till Thursday, April 22)
"Biotransformation" - Shamai Giller, paintings (till Thursday, April 22)
"Awakening" - Erez Biton, photographs (till monday, April 26)
"Destroyed House" - Bela Berg, oil paintings (till monday, April 26)
"Homage" - Kati Paldi, sculptures (till monday, April 26)
Galila Levy - Paintings (till monday, April 26)
"Jerusalem - el Aviv" - Edna Kotev, mixed media (till monday, April 26)
Dan Carmeli - Photographs of nature (till Thursday, April 22)
"Rhetroical Revolution" - Shlomo Az-Ari, paintings (till Tuesday, March 23)
"Fruit Of The Harvest" - Livneh Weinbach, oil paintings (till Tuesday, March 23)
Yael Eilam - Photographs (till Tuesday, March 23)
"Hands And The Deed Of Hands" - Pnina C. Gagnon, paintings (till Tuesday, March 23)
Lea Berger - Stone sculptures (till Tuesday, March 23)
Uri Dushi - Paintings and sculptures (till Monday, February 23)
"Old Pink" - Leora Cheshin, abstract photoigraphs (till Saturday, February 21)
Sima Ariam - photographic portraits (till Sunday, February 22)
Dan Carmeli - Photographs of nature (till Wednesday, February 25)
Ronit Regev - Posthumous show of assemblges and collages (till Wednesday, February 25)
"Desert Sounds" - Malachi -Shmuel Engel, watercolors (till Thursday, February 19) 
Miriam Grushko - Paintings, portraits (till Sunday, January 21)
Yael Wargen - Photographs (till Sunday, January 21)
"Nahala" - Dvora Weiss, mixed media (till Sunday, January 21)
Dan Porges - Photographic portraits of musicans (till Sunday, January 21)
"Eroded Land" - David Boskovitch, paintings  (till Sunday, January 21)
Rika Shelo - Acrylic paintings (till Sunday, January 21)
Sara Wasserstrum - Stone sculptures (till Sunday, January 21)
"TouchingThe Past" - Photographs of Jewish life in Hungary by students of the Lauder- Yavne School
"highlights from former exhibitions:
Edna Hirsh

"Identity Card - Israel 2000" - group exhibition of Jerusalem artists showing their artistic identity card, including:Miriam Neiger stein.jpg"Prelude" - from "Flowers, Landscapes and People" - Derek Stein, watercolors
Sunday-Thursday: 5-9:30 pm; Saturday: end of Shabbath till 9:30 pm

The Little Gallery, 
(next to Mexico Independence Hall), Hebrew University, Mount Scopus campus:
The Palaces of the Hashmonaim in Jericho - finds from archaeological excavations
Sunday-Wednesday: 10am-5pm; Thursday: 10am-8pm

The New Gallery, Tedi Malcha Stadium, Jerusalem 
unday-Thursday: 4-7 pm

Vision / Neil Folberg - Fine Art Photography, Contemporary and Vintage, 18 Yosef Rivlin St., Nachalat Shiva,
POB 2101, Jerusalem, 91020,, Phone: 02-6222253; Fax: 02-6222269:
Aliza Auerbach - Photographs (till Friday, July 2)
next exhibition:
Julie Ganzin - Color photographs (opening Wednesday, July 7 till Thursday, September 30)
"Not For Sale" - Photographs by the greats, Adams, Strand, Bret Weston (till Friday, February 27)

"highlights from former exhibitions:
  " No Ordinary Land"
"Garapata Beach", California,
1954 - Brett Weston
"Banias Waterfall",1988 - Neil Folberg
highlights of former exhibitions:
"Tulips with Pitcher", 1997 - Masatomo Kuriya
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm


Gallery: 27 Yoel Salomon St., Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem, Phones: 02-6221620, 02-6221621,

Artist's studio; Hutzot Hayotzer, studio 28, Phone: 02-6282077; Fax: 02-6271454:
Permanent exhibition of modern Judaica silverware and design by Yaacov Greenvurcel
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm

YMCA, King David St. (opposite King David Hotel), Phone (Dalia Gilhar): 02-6413487:
"highlights from former exhibitions:
oil on canvas
"At Pua's place"
oil on canvas


Agnon House, 16 Klauzner St., Talpiot, Jerusalem, 02-6716498:

"Al Hatefer" Museum, 4 Heil Hahandasa St., 02-6261248
"Jerusalem as a Parable" - conflicts in Jerusalem, Israel and the world
"A Hour of Grace" - dialogue between the poems of Yehuda Amichai and the photographs of Didia Ben-Lulu
permanent exhibition:
Multimedia shows depicting conflict situations in the human variety of Jerusalem
Group visits: Sunday & Monday: 10am-5pm; Tuesday: 2-8pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-5pm; or by prior phone arrangement

<>Bible Lands Museum, Museums Avenue, 25 Granot St., POB 4670, Jerusalem,02-5611066:
"Sweet As Honey" - Special exhibition of frescos, mosaics, coins and more presenting the sources of honey in the ancient near East
"Glories Of Ancient Greece" - Jewelry and a marvelous array of attic and corinthian vases from the Borowski collection
"Roman Fresco Room" - On view by request only,
"Let There Be Light" - Oil lamp from the holy land, outstanding examples depiciting the symbolism of the cultures of this region from biblical times through the Islamic period
"The Mystery Of The Ancient Oil Lamp" - Hanukkah fete, (till Wednesday, December 15)
"Dragons,  Monsters And Fabulous Beats" -  Mythological  creatures from antiquity
 Glories Of Ancient Greece" -  Jeweelry and a marvelous array of Attic and Corinthian vases from the Borowski collection
"Enduring Images" - 19th century Jerusalem through lens and brush (roman freso room)

"Dragons, Monsters And Fabulous/ Beasts" - Mythological creatures from aniquity 
"EnduringImages" - 19th century Jerusalem through lens and brush
"The Human From Divine" - Ancient figures from neolithic to classical
"Three Kings Of Israel" - Tapestries
"Glories Of Ancient Greece" - Jewelry and vases from the Borowski Collection
"Bible Pictures" - Ileza Witner-Grinwald, loom
"The Human Form Divine" - spectacular anthropomorphic antiquities from the collection of
Elie Borowski (till Thursday, November 30, 2001); Permanent exhibition of ancient artifacts from the 
dawn of civilization to the early Byzantine era, tracing Biblical history
through the cultures and civilizations of the ancient Near East;
Sunday-Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30am-5:30pm; Wednesday: 9:30am-9:30pm; Friday: 9:30am-2pm; Saturday: 11am-3pm
(daily guided tours in English and Hebrew) entrance fee: NIS 12-23

Chamber Of The Holocaust museum and Memorial Mount Zion, King David's Tomb, Jerusalem, 02-6715105
Sunday- Thursday: 9am-4pm; Friday: 9am-1:30pm

Herzl Museum, Har Hazikaron, POB 92, Jerusalem, 02-6511108:

<>Museo U Nahon di Arte Ebraica Italiana - Museum of Italian-Jewish Art,
27 Hillel St., 94581, Jerusalem, 02-6241610, 02-6249179 ;
  "Decorative Items From Italy" - Corolla (till Friday , February 18)
"The Jews Of Rome" - 100 years of the great synagogue, history and ethnography (till Wednesday, July 14) 

Ben Israeli Danieli - Glass and metal sculpture
"Architecture In Italian Hanukkiot" - Nearly 500 years of Hanukka lamps
"Light" - ancient candelabra
"The Tadeschi Parochet" - the earliest dated Parochet (curtain for the Holy Ark) from Italy, 1572
"A Venetian Fantasy" - Sivan Faradgi, photographs of the Venice Carnival and illustrated Megillot Esther inspired by
the comedia del'arte
Permanent exhibition of Italian-Jewish ritual objects
Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 9am-5pm; Monday: 9am-4pm; Thursday: 9am-1pm; Friday: 9am-noon (entrance fee: NIS 10-15)

Museum for Islamic Art L.A. Mayer, 2 Hapalmah St., Jerusalem,
Phone: 02-5661291; Fax: 02-5619802:
more information at:
permanent exhibitions:
"Along The Silk Road" - Embroidered textiles from Uzbekistan
"A Voyage of more than 1,000 years documenting the development of Islamic Art from its beginning
till the end of the 19th century":
Islamic Art - Miniatures, Glass, Ceramics, Jewelry, Embroidery, Chess sets, Carpets
Islamic Weapons Collection
Ancient European Clocks
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-3pm; Tuesday: 10am-6pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm

Music Center, 29 Hamaayan St., Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, 02-6414250:
"music And More" - Abraham Afik, paintings

Pontifical Biblical Institute Museum, 3 Emile Botta St., Jerusalem, 02-5633073:
Monday-Saturday: 9-12am

Rockfeller Archaeological Museum, Sultan Suleiman St., East Jerusalem, 02-6282251:
  "West Meets East" - 
"Image and Artifact" - Exhibition marking sixty years of the museum with an exhibition of 80 rare objects and 

20 aerial photographs of ancient sites
"The Story of Early Man in the Land of Israel" - Display of items relating to the life and beliefs of early man, 
since his migration to the Land of Israel from Africa some 1.8 million years ago
"String Art" - artworks from iron wire
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-5pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-2pm; entrance: NIS 17

The Bloomfield Science Museum, Ruppin Blvd.,Jerusalem,  02-5618128;
(more information at:
"Look Again" - Light, Place, Time, Background and Zoom
"Sensing and Sensors" - operating technical instruments by senses
"In the Light of Electricity" - exhibition
"Discovering Levers"
"Catching Air"
"Why Buildings?"
"The Science of Toys"
Monday-Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-8pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 10am-4pm;
entrance: NIS 15-22 (family: NIS 64)

<>The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Ruppin Blvd, Jerusalem, 02-6708811:
  new exhibitions:
"In The  Beginning" - Prehistory  and the origins of Myth
"Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus" - Saints in European art
"My Distinguished Parents" - Satue of couple from ancient Egypt, 2450 BCE, from the Met
 "The Giustini Stele" - Classical Greek gavestone 460,BCE, from the Saatliche Museum Berlin
"From Far And Wide" - A taste of the Lejwa collection of 20th century art
"The Beauty Of Sancity" - Masterworks from every age
"Sacred Beauty" - Treasures of judaica and Jewish ethnography
"Vanishing Point" - Hidden beauty in contemporary art
"Camera Sacara" - Capturing the soul of nature
"Beyond The Eye Of The Beholder" - Ideal of beauty in Africa and Americas (till end December 2005)
"Sanctus,Sanctus Sanctus"[ - Saints in European art
"A Retrospective" - Michael Sgan -Chohen
" Splendors of imperrial Japan" - Meiji masterpieces from the Khalili collectionF
"Japanese Pleasures" - Actors and courtesans in woodcuts from the Pins collection (till Saturday, December 18)

"New Exposures" - Recent acquisitions in photography (till Saturday, December 18)
"Henry Moore Revealed" - 85 sculptures and drawings (till Saturday, December 18)
"Fusion" - Architecture+ designin Japan (till Saturday, December 18)
"The Aleppo Codex" - Awandering Bible, written in the 10th century, Tiberias, newly installed in the Shrine of the book
"Coin Of Coins" - Aworld premier, struck in Sicily in the mid 5th century BCE
"Turkish Delights" - Treasures from the land of sultans and kings, Topkapi Palace and other museums 
"Modernism In Israeli Art" - Rubin, Gutman, Paldi etc..
"Sports And Art" - Objects and special installations honoring the Olympic year
"Spice Boxes From Southern Germany" - A Jewish - Christian Encounter. 
Jan Rauchweger - Retrospective, 1979-2003 (till Tuesday, June 15)
"Arabesque" - Islamic art from the Israel museum collection
"Old New- Land" - rom the early days of Israeli art
"Abel Pann Paints The Bble" - Vivid description of Biblical figure
"Nedko Solakov" - Visiing artists from Bulgaria
"A Moveable Feast" - Sukkahs from around the world
"Spirit Hunters" - Central African Art from the Lawrence Gussman cpllection
"Evisioning The Temple" - Scrolls, stones and symbols
"The Jewish Wardrobe" - Samples of festive clothes from the dept, of Ethnography
"First Light" - Power stations in Palestine 1920-1939
"Weegee's Story" - A photojournalist in the 1940s
"Plant, Vegetable, Minerals" - Still life by European Masters
"Matters Of Taste" - Youth wing explores food and art
"First Flowers Of Israeli Art" - Floral motifs by renowned Isreli painter
"Talking Bead" - From the Museum African Art collection
"Vews ii" - Israel Art from the collection and elsewhere
"6000 Year Old Nobelman" - Finds from the Cave of the Warrior in the Judean Desert
"Time Space And Metaphysics" - Mordecai Arnon
Constantin Guys (1802-1892) - Works on paper
"Weegee's Story" - Anew York phptojournalist of the 1940s
Jacques Lipchitz - Drawing and sculpture
"Mountain Jews" - Customs and daily life in the Caucasus
"Passages" - The life cycle in Jewish societies, a renewed presentation of the Jewish ethnography wing
Interchange - 20 German and Israeli artists
Emanuel De Witte - Woman playing a Virginal (1660)
Egyptain Mortals And Scred Animals - Miniature manuscripts from Vienna
"Design In Italy" - 100 classic objects (1945-2000)
"North African Lights" - 120 Hanukka lamps from the Schulmann collection
"Food" - Youth Wing explores food and art
Marc Chagall - Modern Masterworks On Paper
Jacob Epstein (1880-1959) - 70 works by the pioneering American born - British sculptor
"Double Dress" - By Nigerian / British Artists
"Who's Afraid Of Contemporary Art" - An exhibition of works drawn from the museum's collection
"Play Ground Of The Gods" - The  Ballgame in Precolumbia Art
"Handled With Care" - 300 years of glass from the museum collections
"Sitting Pretty" - Acentury of Chari Design
"Playground Of The Gods" - The Ballgame in Precolumbian art
Moshe Kupferman - Four decades of work leading Israeli painter
"MoreThan Meets The Eye" - The Gaze in European art
"Prizewinners" - Group show  of this year's Israeli winners of Ministry of Science grants
"Art Of Africa, Oceania, And The Americas" - Selection of gifts from the Lawrence Gussman Collection of African Art,
shown alongside Precolombian Art including ancient Peruvian featherworks, Taino pieces from the Caribbean, and, 
for the fiest time, a colonial oil painting from Peru.
"Showing Off" - 300 paintings, sculptures, drawings and design objects from the first half of the 20th century -
 (Featuring more than 300 important works from the Museum's collections of 
paintings and sculpture, drawings and prints, photography and design.)
"Love At First Sight" - Israeli Art from the Schwarz Collection
"St. Peter In Prison" - An early masterpiece by Rembrandt
"Present Tense 5" - This exhibition from the Contemporary Art collection includes newly acquired works by artists such as
"It's time. ongoing exhibitions:
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-5pm; Tuesday: 4-10pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 10am-4pm (entrance fee: NIS 15-30)

The Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem, Tower of David, Jaffa Gate, Old City, POB 14005,
Jerusalem, 02-6274111, 02-6265333, 02-6265310:
"Beyond The Blue" - Ofra Zimbalista, outdoor sculptures
Dale Chihuly, glass installations by the world's most famous glass artist
open also on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 8-11pm
Frieda Klapholz Avrahami - puppets after people in Jerusalem streets in the seventies
"The History of Jerusalem" - since the Canaanite period to now
and permanent exhibits
Sunday-Thursday 9am-5pm;  Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: 10am-4pm (entrance fee: NIS 30-40)
Free guided tours - English: Sunday-Friday at 11am
                               Hebrew: Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:30am
                               German: Tuesday at 2:30pm

<>Ticho House, 7 HaRav Kook St. (off 9 HaRav Kook St., close to Zion Square), Jerusalem,
02-6245068 02-6231138 ;
"Wilson And Wilson In The Holy Land" - Stereographs and engravings 1882
"Second Biennale Drawing" - Aviva Uri

<>"Alice In The Holy Land" - Painters from the Olihant Circle 
"Emily Gray-Hill" - Paintings of Jerusalem and the Judean desert by 19th century traveller, on loan from the
University of Liverpool (opening Friday, February 15)
"Traces - Contemporary Israeli Drawing" Massive show of 150 drawings,printings at three venuse
(till Monday,January 7)
Anna Ticho - Drawings of women 1930-1950.
Luciano Morpurgo - Photos of Palestine,1927.
"Truly Fake" - The Life and Times of Wilhelm Moses Shapira, Fraud Extraordinaire
Permanent exhibition of works by Anna Ticho
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 10am-5pm; Tuesday: 10am-10pm; Friday: 10am-2pm; Saturday: end of Shabbat till 11pm

Wohl Museum of Archaeology, 1 Hakara'im St., Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem, 02-6283448:

Yad Vashem Hlocaust Martyrs & Heroes' Remembrance Authority,
POB 3477, Har Hazikaron, Jerusalem, 02-6751611
(more information at:
"No Child's Play" - Creativity and play during the Holocaust
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-2pm
Free guided tours in English: Sunday: 10am & 2pm; Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10am (free entrance)

Yitzhak Kaplan Old Settlement Yard Museum, 6 Or Hahaim St., Jewish Quarter, Old City, 02-6284636, 02-6276319:
"Between Ruins and Glory" - two ancient Ashkenazy synagogues in the Old City of Jerusalem
Relics and photographs of pre - 1949 Jerusalem
Permanent historical exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; Friday: 10am-1pm; other hours and groups by prior phone appointment


Aaci, 6 mane, 02-5322207:
"Howard Clapsaddle" - Pockets of Silenmce, desert photographs (till Thursday, July 22) 

Amcha, 23 Hillel St., 8th floor, Jerusalem, 02-6250745:

"Pomegranates" - Rina Lev, panda, acrylic and mixed-media works
Sunday: 1-4pm; Monday: noon-4pm; Tuesday &Wednesday: 8am-4pm; Friday: 8-11am

Ammunition Hill Memorial Site, Shderot Eshkol, 02-5828442:
"The Campaign for the Liberation of Jerusalem in the 'Six Days War'"
"Uzi Narkis" - photographs from the campaign for the liberation of Jerusalem in the 'Six Days War'
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8am-1pm

Anglican International School, 82 Neviim, 02-6720160:
"Graduates" - Senior art exhibition

Arena Between Area (Hazira Habain Tchuni), 4 YAD Hacharutziml, 02-6733818:

Artists' Studios, 16 Yad Harutzim St., Talpiot Industrial Zone, 02-6259673:
Sunday-Thursday: noon-6pm; Friday & Saturday: by prior phone arrangement

Augusta Victoria Church, Mount Scopus (on the road to the Mount of Olives), Jerusalem, 02-6273665:
"The Sankt-Gallen Monastery Culture, Switzerland"
Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm

Babette's Feast, 8 Ramban St., Rehavia:
Sunday-Thursday: 6:30 pm-1:30am; Saturday: end of Shabbat-1:30am

Barberg, 4 Koresh St., 02-6257797:
Michael Litvak, acrylic paintings on wood, paper and canvas

Beck Science Center, 8 Hartum St. Har Hotzvim, Jerusalem, Phone: 02-5871441; Fax: 02-5713738:
"Changing Dimensions" - Artworks inspired by computers, science and technology
Special exhibit: Sculpture by Rodin
Special exhibit: Thirty works by Leonardo da Vinci showing the scientific and techological curiosity of the
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-6pm; Friday: 9am-1pm (entrance fees: adult - 20 NIS; child - 10 NIS; special fees for classes and groups)

Beit Hakerem Community Center, 137 Herzl Avenue, Beit Hakerem, 02-6423257:
Miriam Levy - Paintings (till Wednesday, June 30) 
"Faces Among stone and Trees" - Yvonne & Ram Levy, painting and sculpture
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-8pm; Friday: 8am-noon

Beit Midrash Ellul (the small room), 8 Bustanai St. (corner Kaf Tet BeNovember St.), 02-5619436:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm;

Belgium House,Faculty Club On The Edmond J. Safra Campus, 
Hebrew University Givat Ram Campus 
02-5660192 / 8 ; 02-5664383:
Eva (Hava) Jungreis, aquarels and drawings

Bezalel Acadey, Hatzofim Mountain Mt Scopus Campus, 8 floor  Jerusalem 02-589333:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm;

Bezalel Art Department, Hatzofim Mountain , 6 floor  Jerusalem 02-5893317:
David Wakshtain and painting team
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm;

Binyanei Ha'omah,:
" Tabernacle of Peace – Homage to Zechariah” Ilana Raviv Painting
Tabernacle of peace

has been installed for permanent display at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, Israel.

The painting, which measures 7 ft high by 26 ft wide, is displayed at the main entrance to the convention center.

In 1987, the President of the City Council of New York, Mr. Andrew Stein in conjunction with the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York, asked Ilana Raviv and New York artist Knox Martin to paint the long canvas surrounding the public Sukkah, named "Tabernacle of Peace" סוכת שלום that was to be built on East 14th St. in Manhattan, commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the State of Israel

Additional information about Ilana Raviv is available at:

"Learning" - Group show, 100years of the Histadrut Teacher (till Wednesday, July 9)

Bloomfield Library, Hebrew University, Mount Scopus:
Egon Erwin Kisch - Czech photographer

Central Zionist Archive, 4 Zalman Shazar Avenue, 02-6204800:
"With Herzl to Jerusalem" - photographs and fragments from Herzl's private diary
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8-12am (no entrance fee)

Community Gallery at Matan, Sara Bat Yitzhak Yaakov Rennert Center, 30 Rashbag St., Jerusalem, 02-6798688:
"Mata Students and Teachers - Yad Rachel" - group exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-7pm

Create-A-Space, 13 Ha'uman St., Talpiot, 02-6786965:
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Friday: 11am-4pm

Crusaders Hall, St. Catherine Monastery, near Casa Nova, Betlehem

Del'Arte Bar-Cafe, 28 Hillel St.:
Shay Hamburger, ten colourful works combining wallpaper, stickers and prints
open: 24 hours a day

Eshkol Pais Building, Maale Adumim:

Gaffen Wine Center, 24 Emek Refaim St, Jerusalem, 02-5619617:
Paul Harrison Taylor - Sculptures

Galerie de l'Alliance Francaise, 8 Agron St., POB 1389, Jerusalem, 91013, 02-6251204, 02-6257167:
Monday: 10-12am; 4-7pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 4-7pm; Friday: 10-12am

Gerard Bechar Center, 11 Bezalel St., 02-6251139:
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-4pm, 4:30-7pm

Gefen, 6 Hazvi St., 02-5830247:
"State Of Siege" - Doron Goldenberg, large scale photographs (till Friday, January 30)
Goethe Institute, 15 Sokolow St., 02-5610627:
Monday-Thursday: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Hadassah College, 37 Haneviim St., Jerusalem:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm

Hahaverim Shel Sergio, 3 Simtat Bahuri Yavetz St:
"Bird Dreams" - Giuliana Piscino, oil on canvas (till Monday, June28)

Harav Kook House, 9 Harav Kook St., 02-6230025:
"Infinity in Space" - 18 giant paintings (exhibited at the "Open Cardo", Jewish Quarter, Old City)
"The Museum of Psalms" - Moshe Zvi Berger, paintings 
illustrating verses from the psalms
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-3pm

Hebrew Union College, 13 King David St, 02-6203333:
Edna Miron - Wapner - Dialogue with ancient , rubbings and paintings inspired by the Tel Dan and Mesha Stelae

Hebrew Youth House, 105 Herzog Blvd., 02-6789441:
Sunday-Tuesday & Thursday: 7:30am-11pm; Friday: 7:30am-3pm; Saturday: 9pm-midnight

Heichal Shlomo, King George St., Jerusalem
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-5pm

Holyland Hotel, Bait Vegan:
all week: 8am-11pm

Indigo, Yad Harutzim St. (3rd floor), 02-6736179:
(by prior phone appointment)

Interamericana Argentina House, 3 Antebi St., 02-6257996:
Exhibition of students of Hanna Shvili
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Jerusalem Cinemateque, Jerusalem:

Jerusalem City Hall, Zahal Square, 9 Safra St.:
"Lions Of Jerusalem" - Leslie Naveh, artworks
Louis Sokolovsky, paintings
outdoor sculpture exhibition in Daniel Square:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-6pm

Jerusalem House Of Quality, 12  Hebron Road St, Jerusalem 02- 6717430:
Sunday-Thursday: 5pm-8pm; Saturday:1pm-4pm

Jerusalem Studio School, Jerusalem 02- 6719525:
"Jerusalem" -  Landscape painting marathon, (till Sunday, May 24) 

Jewish National And University Library, Edmond J. Safra Campus,
The Hebrew University Givat Ram, Jerusalem:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-8pm; Friday:9am-2pm

Joint Israel, Givat Ram Campus, 02-6720157:

Jung Yiddish, Yiddish Book Center, 52 Yermiahu St., Romema, 02-5001395:
"A Scratch on an Apple" - Ilit Azoulay and Miriam Akon, photography
Monday: 6-9pm; Wednesday: 10am-1pm

Kav - Art, 44 Aza St., Jerusalem,:
Sunday-Thursday: 11am-6pm; Friday: 11am-1pm;

Kerem Institute, 7 Avida St., Jerusalem, 02-6240450:
"Nature Masked" - Tzila Blum, photography
Tuesday & Thursday: 8am-2pm; afternoons by prior phone call

King David Hotel, Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem, 02-6292220 :
"Windows" - Avraham Gat, photographs

Mercaz Shimshon, 6 Shama St, Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem, 02-6715790:
 Jerusalem Photography Club - Jerusalem ohotographers a home and abroad 
(till Saturday, January 31) 

Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheatre, Sultan's Pool, Vale Of Hinnom, 
(the valley between Mount Zion and Yemin Moshe):
Sunday-Thursday: 3-8pm; Friday: 11am-3pm; Saturday: 7-10pm (free entrance)

Mishekenot Sha'ananim, 02-6292220:

Moshe Amiga's House, 2 Havered St., Abu Gosh, 02-5335433:
By prior phone call

National Library, Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem, 02-6585011:
"Albert in the Looking Glass Country" - exhibits from Albert Einstein's private archive
"An Austrian from Europe" - Stephan Zweig in books and photographs
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-6:45pm; Friday: 9-12:45pm

Nofim Tower, 20 Henrietta Szold St.:
all week: 10am-noon; 4-6pm

Noah's Ark Visitor Center, 20 Bblical Zoo:

Pedagogic Center for Teachers, 11 Narkis St., 02-6233888, extension 204:
"Combinations 2000" - embroidery, etc.
visits by prior phone arrangement with Rina Tzurel

Schoken Institute, 6 Balfour St., 02-5631288:
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-3pm

Studio Lina Nir, 12 Daphna St., Ein Karem A 32, 02-6415778:
Saturday: 10:30am-5pm

Synagogue of the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center, Ein Kerem Campus,
   The Synagogue is illuminated by a hanging lantern and by sunlight which streams through
the magnificent Chagall Windows by the great Jewish artist Marc Chagall.

Taruchet, 6 King George, First floor, Jerusalem, 02-6241372:
"Unstoppable Landscape" - Paintings by Anatoly Britinsky
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday : 2pm-7pm;

Targ Center, 29 Hama ayan St., Ein Karem, Jerusalem, 02-6414260:
"View to the Judaean Hills" - Dvora (Dvorit) Ben-Shaul, paintings
Open: during concerts days

The Biblical Zoo,The Noah's Ark Visitor Center, The Tisch Family Zoological GardensMasoa Rd., Manchat (next to the Malcha shopping mall), Jerusalem, 02-6750111:
"Me And The Animals" - Drawings and Monotypes by FayLipshitz
"Birds And Beasts" - Sandra Gruber ,drawings
"Feeling Good in Noah's Ark" - illustrations of Noah's Ark by Michel Kishka, Hanoch Fiven, Zeev, Eytan Kedmi and others
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7:30pm; Friday: 9am-4:30pm; Saturday: 10am-6pm

The Bothanical Garden,Givat Ram (next to the Supersol in Neve Granot), Jerusalem, 02-6794012:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday; 9am-2pm; Saturday: 11am-1pm

The Hebrew University School of Education, Mount Scopus campus:
"Bluish Light and Golden Stone: Contemporary Israel" - photography exhibition of Israeli sites
(free entrance)

The Khan Theatre, next to Railway Station
(close to King David and Laromme Hotels), Jerusalem
"Luigi Pirandello" - photographs of the life and art of Pirandello

The School of Visual Theater, 4 Yad Harutzim St., Talpiot Industrial Zone, 02-6733435:
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm

The Museum of Taxes, Customs Building, 32 Agron St., Jerusalem, 02-6703201:
Taxes in ancient times, in Hebrew sources, in Jewish communities in the Diaspora and in Israel - permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; or by prior phone arrangement

The Yellow Submarine,13 Harechavim St., Talpiot Industrial Zone, Jerusalem, 02-6566611:
Haim Mizrachi

Town's Heart (Lev Hair) Community Center, 42 Ohel Moshe St., Nachlaot, 02-6254277:
"Old-New, Black-White and Colour in the Mahane Yehuda Market" - photographs from the thirties and from now
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-8pm

University Botanical Gardens, 064-472435:
"Chapunga" - Contemporaryb Ston sculpures from Zimbabwe

Visitor Center, Biblical Zoo:
"Birds And Beats - Sandra Gruber, drawings

Yakar, 10 Halamed Heh St., Old Katamon, Jerusalem, 02-5612310:
"Self Portraits" - By contemporary Israeli artists (till Friday, January 28)
"It's Me" - Self portraits by contemporary Israeli artists (till Sunday, December 26)
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30am-4pm

Youth Center for World Cultures, 12a Emek Refaim St., German Colony, Jerusalem, 02-5664144:
 "In the Shadow of My Broken Hut" - Edna Daniel, paintings commemorating the destruction of the Temple

Yitzhak Rabin Guest House Jerusalem, 1 Nahman Avigad St., Givat-Ram, Jerusalem, 02-6490155, 02-6780101:
highlights from former exhibitions:
Orna Lutski -Sculpture 
Open: 24 hour's


Arts and Crafts Sale, Yard of Karmeli School, 22 Emek Refaim St., German Colony, Jerusalem, 053-490629; (with music and food)
every Friday: 11am-4pm


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