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Updated  December  17 , 2005 at  8 am

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CENTER AREA   (Bat Yam, Holon, Petach Tikva, Ramat Gan, Ramat Hasharon,

Rishon Lezion, Yahud, etc.)


Alon High School Art Gallery, 101 Ussishkin St., Ramat Hasharon, 03-5408360:
Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday: 10am-1pm

Amelia Arbel Art Gallery in Rishon Lezion, 7 Rotschild St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9696207:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 6-8pm; Saturday: 7:30-10pm

Artists' House, 6 Bilu St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9660024:
Monday: 11am-1pm, 6-8pm; Tuesday-Thursday: 6-8pm; Friday: 11am-1pm;  Saturday: 6-8pm

Artists' House, 75 Rotschild St (in the courtyard)., Petach tikva,:
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday: 5-7pm;  Saturday:11am-1pm

Artists' House, 16 Mohaliver St., Rishon Lezion,
"Togethr" - Shoshana Catz (opening Monday, May 28)
"Together" - Immigrant painters

Association of Painters and Sculptors, Rivak House Museum, Bat Yam, 03-5068645:
Jo Schwager, oil on canvas paintings
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm

Bambara - African Tribal Art Gallery, 20 Golda Meir St., Kiryat Byalistok, Yahud,
Phones: 03-5367625; 051-587999; Fax: 03-5360473:
Permanent exhibition of authentic African tribal art from the gallery's collection
Friday & Saturday: 10am-2 pm (or by prior phone appointment)

Chava Design Gallery, 40 Hamelacha St, Holon Industrial Area, :
Ayela Zarfati, Ami Derech and Dov Gansharov, Azri Tarzi, Reuven Givati - Soft - Hard works of(till Saturday, November 8)

Constant Gallery,42 Smadar St , Ramat- Gan  03-5754384:
"One By One In One" - Objects and installations by eight artists (till Monday, February 2) 
Sunday, Monday,Wednesday and Thursday: 4-7pm,  Sunday- Saturday: 11am-1pm 

Diamond Theater Gallery,3 Hayitzirah St , Ramat- Gan  03-7496159:
"Salt Of The Earth" - Artists from Tamar Regional Council (till Friday, April 30)

<>Ha'Chavah Gallery,  Ha'Nechoshet corner ,Ha'Melacha, Holon, 03-5596590:
Lilach Pincas - Recent work (till Saturday, July 2)
Etti Spindel - Ceramic landscapes (till Sunday, May 15)
"Africa" - Sarit Shani Chai, sculpture (till Saturday, February 19)
Architects Design Products - Group show (till Thursday, December 30)
"Bundless" - Reviva Regev, handmade paper (till Saturday, July 31)

"PlasticPlus" - Survey of industrial products from Sheinkin (till Sunday, January 18)

<>Hankin College Gallery, 109 Hankin St, Holon, 03-5598438, 03-6208430, 03-5595118:
Saadia Sternberg - Paper sculptures (till Sunday, January 2)
Liza Gros - Assemblage sculptures (till Sunday, December 5)
"The Momadic Library' - 150 one-off art books (till Wendesday, June 30)

Tomoko Fuse - Origametria, Japanese paper folding (till Sunday, May 2) 
Batya Lichansky - Drawings (till Sunday, May 2) 
"People Of The Second Aliyah" - Photographs from Yad Ben Zviarchive (till Sunday, May 2) 
Yoav Ben Dov, Israel Rabinowitz, Noam Rabinowitz - Recent sculptures (till Wednesday, June 30)
"Diffrent Faces" - Shoshi Chyat, paintings (till Saturday, January 10)

 <>Hankin Design Gallery, 109 Hankin St, Holon:
Gideon Friedman - Magic of glass in sculpture (till Sunday, November 7)
"Usuable Tea Pots" - Imaginative ceramics (till Thursday, July 15)

Michal Gamzu, Rina Horvitz and Racheli Yosef - Recent jewelry designs (till Tuesday, March 2)
Esther Peretz - Arad and Grisha Arad - Paintings, sculptures and mixed media - 60 years (till Sunday, February 1)

<>Holon Art Gallery, Beit Meirov Art Center, 31 Hertzfeld St., Holon, 03-6512244, 03-6516851:
"One Plus One" - Rafi Diagi and Rafi Vazana (till Wednesday, December 1)
"Requiem For Invisible Borders" - Work by 23 artists (till Monday, May 31) 

Edwin Salomon -  paintings
Sunday-Thursday: 5-8pm; Saturday: 11am-1pm <>

Holon Theater Gallery, Yad Lebanim House, 11 Kugel Ave., Holon, 03-5037779, 03-5023001, 03-5027300, 03-5023005:
"Homage To Rabin" - Dan Kedar, permanent installation
Zvi Tadmor - Studio, paintings (till Tuesday, December 27)
Dan Porges - Photographs (till Thursday, March 3)
"2004 The Year That Was" - Caricatures by 30 Israeli political cartoonsts (till Saturday, April 2)
Yehuda Gedaliyahu - Drawings in iron (till Sunday, January 2)
"Color Stains" - Jacqueline Kozinsky, watercolors (till Sunday, December 5)
"Donna Grazia" - Iriit Shani, drawings (till Saturday, November 6)
"Insideb Out" - David Shamai, wall mural (till Tahursday, August 26)

"Moments" - Lior Ziv, photographs (till Monday, May 31)
Penny Ben Ami - Paintings, 1990 - 2003 (till Thursday, February 12) 
"Bread And Love" - Avraham Katz - Oz, paintings, (till Tuesday, January 13) 
Tamar Golan - Paintings
"Meeting the World" - Dan Riesinger, paintings
"Croatia, the Enchanted Garden" - Yoel Strug, 25 photographs from post-war Croatia
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4:30-7pm; Friday: 10-12am; Saturday: 11am-1pm

Interdisciplinary Center for Art and Science, 16 Yermyiahu St., Holon, 03-5591787, 03-5668792:
"Beyond the Borders" - photographs by Israeli and Palestinian youth
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10am-1pm; Monday & Wednesday: 4-9pm

Iosef Constant Sculpture Gallery, 42 Smadar St., Ramat Gan, 03-5754384:
"Protected Housing" - Two installations (till Monday, January 10)
Ehrlich, Zimbalista, Shaham, Preminger, Hoffman, Morag, Chohen Feffer - Sculptures and installations (till Tuesday, November 30)
highlights from former exhibitions:
Sunday-Saturday: 10am-1pm; Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: also 4-7pm

Israeli Design Gallery, 109 Hankin St., Holon, 03-5026588, 050-638580, 03-5027222,  054-715337:
"Combs" - Esther Halperin, design and function (till Sunday, May 15)
"Embroidery And Clay Sculpture" - By Ethiopian immigrants (till Sunday, March 13)
"Sunday-Thursday: 5-9pm; Friday 10-1pm

Mofet Gallery, 13 Herzl St., Ramat Gan, 03-6720223:
Sunday-Thursday: 9-12am; Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: also 3-7pm

New Gallery, 3101 Arlozoroff, Holon:

New Immigrants' Center of Arts, 36 Mordei Hagetaot St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9466257:
Sunday-Thursday: 10:30am-7:30pm

Ora and Uzi Avrahami Gallery, 5 Ein Hakore St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9641606:
Sunday-Thursday: 6-8pm; Saturday: 11am-1pm, 6-8pm

Petach Tikva Municipal Gallery, Town Hall, Petach Tikva:
"Feeling the Color" - Naomi Videna

Shenkar Gallery,  Ahhad Ha'am St., Ramat Gan, 03-6110039:
"370 In The Shade" - Design show by faculty members (till Monday, January 31)

Steinberg House for Culture & Art, 21 Givat Hatachmoshet St., Kyriat Sharet, Holon,
03-5598438, 03-5500012, 03-5000012, 054-757078:
Chedva Zloter - Recent paintings (till Wednesday, June 15)
"Women In Mind" - Show of women's art only (till Tuesday, March 30) 
" Open And Hidden" - Abad Abadi - Painting
"East Meets West" - Abad Abadi - Paintings
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm

Studio Gallery, 11 Harkon St., Ramat Gan, 053-533241:
"First Glance" - Madi Avishai, paintings (till Wednesday, Maech 10)

Thelma Yellin School Gallery, 5A Borochov St , Givatayim, 03-5753777:
Graduates - Of the Thelma Yellin School (till Friday, May 28) 
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday &Thursday: 8:30am-1pm; Tuesday: 8:30am-1 pm, 4-6:30pm; Saturday: 5-8pm

The New Art Workshop, 5 Shaul Hamelech St., Ramat Eliahu, Rishon Lezion, 03-9617477:
'Actuality" - Work by young artists
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-3pm; Tuesday: also 5-7pm


Aharon Kahane House & Museum, 147 Rokach St., Ramat Gan, 03-7523348:
Nava Choresh - Ceramic art
"Artificial Horizon" - Hadas Rosenberg - Nir, ceramic art (till Saturday, April 10)

Sunday & Monday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Tuesday: 10am-1pm; Wednesday & Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm; Friday & Saturday: 10am-1pm

Babylonian Jewry Museum, 83 Mordechai Ben Porat, Or Yehuda; 03-5339278, 03-5339279,
03-6955367, Fax: 03-5339936:
email:   (more information at:
"Judica" -Objects from Baghdad Jewish community used in India  (till Monday, November 1)
"12 Years' Anniversary of the Museum" - Letters from Israel to Babylon Since 586 B.C.; Exile andRepatriation;
Babylon as a Spiritual Center; Zionism and Allyah; The He'halutz Movement and more
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursday: 8:30am-3:30pm; Tuesday: 8:30am-7pm; Friday: 8:30am-1pm
(guided tours can be reserved by phone for any other time)

Ben Ari Museum in Bat Yam, 6 Struma St., Bat Yam, 03-6591140:
"Happening In The Forest" - Osnat Rabinovitch, installation (till  Thursday, March 31)
Beno Kalev - Works from his collection (till Saturday, March 27)

"Sailing" - From the Zionist Ethos to a personal Quest, group show  (till Sunday, March 30)
Sunday & Monday: 9am-1pm; Tuesday & Wednesday: 4-7pm; Saturday: 10am-2pm

Bet Ha'Shoah Museum, 7 Massada Lane St., Bat Yam, 03-6570364:
"Light Without Shade - group show (till Wednesday, September 15)
"The Circle Of Line" - Mikahail Moshiashvili, paintings (till Tuesdauy, June 15)
"The Heart Remembers" - Group show, Holocaust subjects 
"From Heart Of Hearts" - Group show, paintings (till Wednesday, May 3) 

Bibble Museum, 16 Rothschild St., Rishon Lezion:

David Lewkowski Museum of Jewish Art, Yad Lebanim Memorial House, Maale Habanim St., Ramat Gan, 03-6770468:
"Light And Color" - Dina Ben Yaakov, Yosef Ben Alexander , works in glass
Sunday-Thursday, & Saturday: 1-6pm

Holon Museum,  , Holon, 03-6208430:
Yoav Ben Dov, Israel Rabinowitz, Noam Rabinowitz - Recent sculptures (till Wednesday, June 30)

Israeli Children Museum, Peres Parkad , Holon, 03-5505504:
Experience Museum - Feelings, thought, sense, special museun for children at age 4-12 years.
Sunday-Thursday, Saturday: 3-6pm; Holiday: 10am- 6pm

Man and Animal Museum, National Park, Ramat Gan, 03-6315010:
"What's the Noise" - exhibition on the theme of earthquakes

Levkovsky Museum of Jewish Art, Yad Lebanim, Ramat Gan,:

Maria & Michael Zetlin Museum of Russian Art, 18 Chibat Zion St., Ramat Gan, 03-6188243, 03-6390277:
Seven Painters From St, Petersberg - Zetlin Museum of Russian art 
Mari and Mikhail Zetlin collection - Of Russian Art
Vadim Stepanov - Symbolist paintingsholon
"Russian Artists from 1900" - Permanent exhibition from the Zetlin collection
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm; 4-6pm; Tuesday & Saturday: 10am-1pm

<>Petach Tikvah Museum of Art, 30 Arlozoroff St., Petach Tikah 03-9286300, 052-3327637:
Shutz, Gechtman, Adar - Bachar, Forester, Chen, Fenichal, and Achitov - All media (till Wednesday, July 16)
"Time Depot, group show of contemporary art (till end of March)

<>Ramat Gan Museum of Russian Art, 18 Hibat Zion St., Ramat Gan, 03-6188243  03-6753591:
Kazuo Ishii - Calligraphy by Japanese brush painter (till Tuesday, February 15)
"Kokeshi Dolls" - Japan foudation traveling exhibition in Yahiel Nahari museum of Far Eastern Art

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm, 4-7pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm

<>Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, 146 Aba Hillel Silver St., Ramat Gan, 03-7521876, 051-698073, 03-7521846:
Anat Strul - Paintings
(till Saturday, December 30)
Ben Lam - Activity photographs (till Saturday, December 30)
Daniel Tchetchik - Landscape photographs (till Saturday, December 30)
A Synagogue For All - Installation space (till Saturday, December 30)
Shlomo Vitkin - Retrospective of paintings (till Saturday, December 30)
"Artic 7" - AICF scholarship winners (till Mnday, June 20)
"Cube Play" - Rafi Peled
"Homage To Bialik" - Roni Somek
"A City Born From Love" - Sergio Lerman
Sergio Lherman - Architectural illustrations
Rafi Peled - Sculptures
Roni Somekh, drawing and poetry on Bialik
Asad Dar - Persponal photographs
Photographs - By 14 graduates of the WIZO college, Haifa

Naomi Liss Maiberg - Recent photographs
Amnon David Ere - Figurative paintings
"Anamorphosis" - Rina Negrin , recent works
"Anchor" - Meir Rakotch,photographs 
"Italian Design" - Industrial Classics from the Piaggio Museum (opening Tuesday, May 18) 
"The Ti
Corneieitelbaum Family" - Group show
Ora Abrahami - Small landscape paintings
Museum collction - 15 years of collecting
"Corneille" - Drawings and prints by a founder of Cobra
le - Drawings and prints by a founder of Cobra (till Saturday, January 31)
Ziv Koren - Photos essay on wonded solder (till Saturday, January 31)
Yehudit Matzkal - Autobiographical photos and book (till Saturday, January 31)
Yehoshua Front, Dror Ben - Ami, Aliza Orbach - Painting and photographs 
"Home Sweet Home" - Ben-Bassat, Leibman, Simon-Tov and Shafrir 
Miri Nishri - Photos and installation
Daphna Margolin - Sculptural installation
ighlights from former exhibitions
Michael Kovner

"Annual Award Exebition" - Ministry of Sport and Culture
Rafi Peled - Sculpture
Sasha Okun - Paintings
Roni Dreen - Objects
"Painting is the essence of life" - Shoshana Finkelstein
"The World Of Lorca" - texts, paintings and drawings
new exhibitions :
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday: 8am-1pm; Saturday:10am-1pm

Rishon Lezion Museum, Hameyasdim -Traffic Circle at Echad Hame Corner, 03-9641621:
"Previous Garments"- Forty years of israely fashon
"horsePower" - Communication tool at old settlement
"Ruler House  Restore"
Sunday- Friday: 9am-2pm;  Monday: 9am-1pm; 4pm-7pm; Each First Saturday 10am-2pm;

Shenkar Gallery, Yeda Am A St 03-6110038:
Petar Lubarada - Yogoslavian painter 1907 - 1974 (till Wednesday, March 31)

Yad Lebanim Museum Complex, 30 Arlozorov St., Petach Tikva, 03-9223450:
Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday: 4:30-7pm; Saturday: 10am-1pm; 4-7pm
Sunday-Thursday by previous phone arrangement: also 10am-1pm

<>Zetlin Museum of Far Eastern Art, 18 Chibat Zion St., Ramat Gan, 03-6188243:
Kazuo Ishiei - Calligraphy by Japanese guest artist (till end February)
"Moscow, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" - Historical documents of the 20th century

"Inspired Place" - Safed artists paint
"Incense And Rice" -  Art From Vietnam
Alexander Pregel - Paintings from 1930 to 1960
"Kokeshi Dolls" - Japan Foundation traveling exhibition in Yehiel Nahari Museum of Far Eastern Art
"Rusian Artists" - Permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-1pm ; 4pm-6pm; Tuesday,Saturday: 10am-1pm;


Beit Rishonim, 24 Gordon St , Givataim, 03-6739383:
"Nature in Color" - Moshe Tzoref

Beit Kanner, 7 Rothschild St, Rishon Lezion , 03-9674203:

Center For Libyan Jews, 4 Hagolan St, Or Yehuda:
"Memories From Libya" - Eric Salerno, photographs (till Saturday, January 1)

Central Library, Bar Illan University,
Group Show - A Multitude of colors in the stories

<>Diamond Theater, 3 Ha'yizirah St , Ramat Gan, 03-6122776:
Orna Sorsky - Paintings (till Tuesday, March 15)
"Strange Bed" - Liora Rosenman, paintings Tuesday, November 9)
"India My Love" - Sudhir Kasliwal, photographs

Eshkol PaYis  "Ohel- Shem", 118 Rokach St , Ramat Gan, 03-6121712:
"Smile And Surprises" - Ilana Rviv, intifada 2005
"Chat" - Karmely Berg, installation (till Wednesday, December 22)

Sunday-Thursday: 10am-7pm

Eshkol Gayis, 24 Ben Gurion St , Petach Tikva, 039232281:

Givataim Theater, 40 Remez St., Givataim, 03-7325340:
Enchanting Taiwan - Photographs
Hyun - Jin Park - Painting love within
Nobuya Yamaguchi - Elements, sculpture
"Desert And Storms" - Marto Slato - Weis Azevedo, Franchetti Pardo

"Spanish Figurative Art" - Group show
"Beyond The Horizon" - Kim Tkatch, paintings
"Voices" - Franz Ringel, expressive paintings (till Tuesday, March 30)
"Reflections" - Austrian contemporary artists including Hundertwasser
highlights from former exhibitions:
Miriam Neiger
"Cold Pressing",
50x70 cm,
oil on canvas
Sunday-Thursday: 10am-6pm; Friday: 9am-noon

Habama Center, 20 Hacarmel St, Ganei Tikva, 03-6352666:

Heychal Hatarbut, 16 Jabotinsky St, Rishon Lezion:
"The Human Condition" - David Boskovich, paintings (till Saturday, January 10) 

Heychal Hatarbut, 5 Hamacabim St, Petach Tikah 03-9125200:
"Open Space Of Hope " - Sonia Gurfein (opening Thursday 18 August, till Monday 26 September)
Sunday-Thursday: 9-12am; 5-7pm

<>Israel Center For Digital Art, 16 Yirmiyahu St, Holon, 03-5568792:
"Digital Art" - Third year (till Wednesday, July 16)
"War And Art" - International artists (till Saturday, January 1)
"Video Art" - Group show including international artists

Adam Berg - Video installation

Libyan Jews Center, 6 Hagolan St.,Or Yehuda, 03-5388106:
Alberto Cavallari and Daniele Giovanardi - Paintings

<>Masorti Community Center, 4 Hachaish St., 03-7662485:

Merkaz Habamah, 20 Hacarmel St., Ganei Tikvah,  03-7375777, 03-7375778, 03-5299187:
"Revolving Doors" - Dalia Sharon, interactive art (till Tuesda, June 28)
"Sweet Clothes" - Bat Ami Hellerman, objects (till Saturday, January 15)

"Balcony Opposite Balcony" - Nahum Katz, photographs (till Thursday, September 30)
Etti Mor - Paintings and sculptures (till Monday, July 5) 
"Homage To Hanoch Levin" - Tzipi Tzegla, paintings (till Sunday, January 18)

<>Mishkan L'Omanut Meirav, 34 Hartsfeld St., Holon:
"One Person Shows" - Smadar Gofen, ShuliWole, Uri Doshi, Nechama Shulman (till
Tuesday, November 2)
Itamar Siani - Paintings without frames (till Monday, April 26)

Mishkan Steinberg, , Holon:

Museum of Man and Environment, 16 Sharet St., Petach Tikva, 03-9245708:
"One Out Of Five" - Senses, games and computers
"Hocus Pocus" - Optical illusions
"Perpetuum Mobile"
"A Journey to the Heart of Life"
Sunday, Monday, Wednesday &Thursday: 8:30am-1pm; Tuesday: 8:30am-1 pm, 4-6:30pm; Saturday: 5-8pm

Ne'eman Towers ,
20 Michal Ne'eman St., Ramat Gan , 03-7411432:
"Foot And Mouth Artists" - Works by 14 painters (till Monday, January 341)

Rishon Lezion Cultural Center, 16 Jabotinsky St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9484848, 03-9450366:
"Sunday-Thursday: 10am-9pm; Fridy- 10am-1pm; Saturday-8-10pm

Shenkar College for Textile Sciences and Fashion, 12 Anna Frank St., Ramat Gan, 03-7521133, 03-618213, 03-6110144, 03-7522156:
"Poster Degign Winners" - Bar Doctiyar, Shiran Rockaway, Rabin Memorial
End Of Year - Graduates of Shenkar collge (till Friday, July 30)
Annual Graduates' Exhibition - textile design and interior design

<>Sheraton City Tower Hotel, 14 Zisman St., Ramat Gan, 03-5754945:
"Spirit Of The City" - Sali Ariel, paintings (till Friday, December 3)
Sarit Guar - Paintings, benefit exhibition

Steinberg Center, Holon, 053-576312, 03-5582635:
"Puppets" - International festival, tow shows (till Monday, August 30)

Yad Lebanim Memorial House,20 Ahad Haam St., Rishon Lezion, 03-9657111:
Graduating Class Meeting - Student exhibit (till Friday, January 30)
Monday- Friday: 10am- 2pm

Yad Sara,124 Herzl  St., Rishon Le'zion, 03-6444430:
Alter Kacyzne - Photographs ofd Polish Jewry, 20th and 30th 

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