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Updated: December 17 , 2005 at  11 am

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Avraham Baron Art Gallery at the Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, 08-461111:
Yehudit Meir, David Fine - Sand and stone (till Friday, March 25)
Farid Abushakar - Installation of small sculpures

"Molds Of Their Homeland" - Identity of Asam Abu Shakra and Tsibi Geva
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 9am-1pm

Beeri Art Gallery, Kibbutz Beeri, 08-9949270, 08-9949512:
Friday: 7:30-9pm; Saturday: 10am - 2pm or by phone appointment

Home Gallery, Ashalim, Ramat Hanegev 09-6579704:
Margalit Kitay - Clay sculptures

Tzi'urim Art Gallery, Kibbutz Urim, 08-9920111, 08-9920420:
Ionina Lamdan - Sculpture Park (permanent exhibition at entrance of Kibbutz's industrial area)
Friday: 7:30-8:30pm; Saturday: 11am-2pm


Arad Museum, 23Ben Yair St., Arad, 08-9551516: 08-9972269:
Evyatar Stern

"On a Thin Rope" - group exhibition, including Ety Abergel and Evyatar Stern (curators: Hali Govrin and Miri Taragan)

Monday- Friday: 8am-12am;  Monday,Wednesday: 6pm-8pm;  Saturday:10am-2pm; 6pm-8pm;

Joe Alon Center - The Museum of Bedouin Culture, next to Kibbutz Lahav,
D.N. Negev, 85335, Phones: 08-9913322, 08-9918597, 08-9918697, Fax: 08-9919889;
(more information at:
"South Palam Trees" -  Group theme show
Permanent exhibition of rare Bedouin household objects
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-5pm; Friday: 9am-2pm

<>Monarch Museum, 16 Hagedud Haivri St., 08-8545188:
"In The Beginning" - Mixed media works (till Friday, April 15)

<>"Paint Me A Hug" -  Ronit Snaper (till Friday, April 15)
"Inside, Out" - Group show (till Wednesday, March 30)
"In The Beginning" - Mixed media works
(till Friday, April 15)
"Paint Me A Huh" - Ronit Snaper (till Friday, April 15) 

<>Open Museum, Industrial Park, Omer, POB 3001, 08-6492692, 050-642189, 050-6930530:
  Tania Preminger - 24 large stone sculptures (till Friday, September 30, 2005)
"The Joy Of Color" - Moshe Rosenthalis, paintings (till end March)
"Visual Memories" - Yisrael Hadani, sculptures (till Thursday, September 30)

"Angussim" - Zvi Lachman, 15 outdoor bronzes
"An Internal Look" - Eldad Rafaeli, photographs (till Friday, October 15, 2004) 
Contemporary Chinese Art - Prints and paintings
A"Boundaries Of Sculpture" - Between Art Sience and Technology
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-4pm; Saturday: 10am-5pm

Other Spaces:

Artists House, beersheva And The Negev, 5 Havatselet St, Omer
"Four Corner Of The Country" - Group show, mixed techniques (till Sunday, January 4)

Beersheva Municipal Libriary, 7 Hamesharim St, 08-6234201:

<>Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Kreitman-Zlotowski Building, 08-6461765, 08-6461753, 08-6461802, 
08-6274514, 055-436044:
"Displaced" - Paul Celan, Vienna 1947/48
"From The Mouth Of The Tigris River" - Sara Nissim, special carpets (till end April)
"You Are A Canon" - The Soldier in contemporary Israeli art, 60 works (opening Tuesday, March 30)

Avner Katz - Lino cuts and drawings
Yair Barak - Photographs
Pablo Picasso - Facsimile studies for Guernica
Reuven Kadim (Berman) - Recent digital images (till Wednesday, January 21)
Farid Abu Shakar - Paintings (till Wednesday, January 21)
Ilana Ravak - Fabric art (till Wednesday, January 21)
Ilin Collection Of Modern And Applied Art - Including more than 100 works, many important surrealist pieces 
Reuven Kadim - Here, from the Tigris to the Pillars of Hercules, digital prints (SAmuel and Milada Ayrton Univ Center)
"Black Coffe In The Morning" - Michel Kishka, caricatures 
"Sunsets In Edom" - Ilana Ravak, fiber art 
"Marked Landscapes" - Works by 20 painters, photographers and installation artists
Liat Mandel - Photographs
"Primavera" - Dov Heller, prints
Ilin Collection Of 20th Century Art
Yoram Neder - Shekhawati II, paintings from India
Yochai Bar - On - Prints
LahavHalevi - Digital prints
Zvi Nahor - Photographs, 1960-1990
Contemporary Chinese Art - Prints and paintings
Anat - Shaul - Paintings
"Ground Zero" - Meyerowitz, Photographs
Moshe Gershuni - Recent paintings
Daniella Sheinman - Variations on Venus, paintings
"History Of Medicine" - Permanent exhibition -Medical School.
Ilim Collection of Modern and Applied Art, - Permanent disply
"Hide Art" - Mario Del Kort
Miri Yorkam - "motherhood" - paintings
Inaugral show of new gallery in Haifa's refurbished German Colony.
"Ilim Collection Of Modern And Applied Art" - Permanent display
"Art Meeting Science - Scientific Themes Presented By Art Works" - Permanent exhibition
Sunday-Thursday: 9am-7pm; Friday: 10am - half past noon

Bet Williams, 053-935726:
Permanent exhibition
Ilana Ofer - Sculptures,
Saturdays or appointment

BFrench Institute, 6 Eliahu Hakim St, 08-8312333:

Events Center, Kibbutz Ein Gedi:
"Viewed naturally" - Rachel Dan, ,Watercolor exhibition (till Sunday, June1)

 LMitzpe Rimon Inn, Mitzpe Rimon, 1-800-284284, 08-6588691:
Sunday-Thursday: 8am-5pm; Friday & Saturday: 8am-6pm

Medical School - Ben Gurion University in the Negev, Beersheba
History Of Medicine - Permanent exhibition

Mishkan For Art Studies In The Negev, Kay Colleger, Beer Sheva:
"Desert Landscapes" - Mike Dvorkis, mixed media works (till Sunday, February 1)

The Hangar, Arad:
"The Bird House" - Dorit Yaakoobi, major installation

Urban Library, K12 Derech Hameshachrerim, Ber Sheva:
Sunday-Thursday: 1-7:45pm; Saturday: 10:30am - 1:30pm

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