“Over many years, Abel Pann (1883-1963) was regarded as the foremost Land Of Israel Painter.  This view was shared by the Jewish community throughout the world and by the general public in pre-State Israel where reproductions of his works were hung in almost every home”. This is how Yigal Zalmone, Chief Art Curator of the Israel Museum, describes Abel Pann.

During your next visit to Israel, do not miss a unique opportunity to enjoy the long awaited retrospective exhibition of Abel Pann originals and lithographs at the ETZION JUDAICA CENTER, including works from the family’s private collection. The Pann Family has chosen to hold this exhibition specifically at the Etzion Judaica Center, in the heart of  Gush Etzion. The artist’s son, Eldad, whose childhood face is portrayed in Abel Pann’s famous painting “King David”, was killed fighting in the heroic battle in defense of Gush Etzion during the 1948 War of Independence.

At the Center, related items such as catalogues, reproductions and lithographs will be sold.  (These items can also be ordered via E-mail.)